Over 60s training.

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Today at 07:27

 Broken Fences

Today at 10:06

Second grandchild arrived this morning - 9 days late - a girl, 8 lbs 6 oz, mother and baby doing well.


Pammie - I like the idea of a flowchart being included in a schedule.

NZC - I also like the "finish with dignity" advice. Very, very difficult to follow, however.

Aws - congratulations on the overall average beginning with 12, - very gratifying.  I like the pic. Where is it? (No, I don't mean On whose wall is the picture hanging, I mean Whereabouts in the country is the original scene).

Today at 13:03

Hearty congratulations on your new granddaughter. A good weight. Do you have a name yet? When do you think will you be going to see her?

Time to say an awesome run today!

I am not sure now I could ever finish a race with dignity. I am always seen grabbing onto the nearest rail, or hanging onto my knees, red face, sweat pouring from everywhere. Not a pretty site. But I have observed others who certainly have finished races with dignity!

All best with your new running schedule. What 5k time are you aiming for?

It seems you are still not sure whether the correct dress is ski gear or shorts! Some steady 4 min reps on the treadmill. Was that an old training session that we used to do a few years back which came out of runners world magazine? It seems familiar.

Another big jump in your training, but you seem to be thriving on it. Apart from your HR! The important issue being that your back is holding up well.

Sounds like a good time was had by all. The only negative from your well judged marathon pace is sun burn, that can't be bad! I had to smile at your description of your family after get race! Your daughter did well even if she didn't quite achieve what she wanted in the way of a time.
Today at 13:19
I made my way down to the local not flat football pitch. I had noticed that it had been mown very recently, so a good time to hit the grass.

A mile warmup to get there. After a couple of strides I then set about running (3 x 2 mins run/2 mins walk) x 3 with a 3 min active recovery between each set.

I wasn't at all sure I would be able to finish the session, but I just about did.

The 2 strides were ok, my Garmin says that I ran those at 6.16 mm and 6.01 mm. I am not sure that I believe my watch!

The 2 min run intervals were mostly .26 mile long, but there were 3 which were .27 mile. The fastest was 7.19 mm and the slowest was 7.52 mm. But there were several around the 7.30 mm. It would have been better if I had had my watch set for kilometres. But I couldn't be bothered to change it. Lazy me!

There were 8 x 2 min reps in total then knew I couldn't do a 9th so did 2 x 1 min reps. to finish.
These were .15 mile, 6.43 mm and 6.37 mm. I like running fast for a minute

I still have a bit of touch in my legs but not the fitness. Hence all the recovery 2 mins etc.

I did a mile cool down very easy, but it carried a high HR of 133.

Then I had a mile to walk home uphill.

Phew, but it is a lovely day.
Today at 14:05

Ceal - 'Tis said, "The longest mile is the last mile home". Well it used to be! Said, I mean.

Columba - Not exactly sure now, somewhere in Kent near the North Downs by the look. Forgive me, but it was 12 years ago and I can't find a photograph. It was in the days before my digi-cam and prints seem to go off on their own.


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Today at 14:09
It certainly was!

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