Over 60s training.

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17/04/2014 at 10:52

Kentish Oast

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17/04/2014 at 11:21

Chris - I'm trying to decide whether that's a report of a marathon or a marathon of a report. Let's just call it a marathon report of a marathon,or even a marathon marathon report. Whichever way, it's superb. I like the splits, they're very much like mine but must be somewhat better as I haven't yet cracked 6.

I hazard a guess that you have autopause set on your Garmin. That would mess up the timing at the tunnels because it thinks you've stopped when the signal doesn't get through. It happened to me once, so I now keep AP off, it doesn't really do much good anyway, except mess up the timing when you least want it to.

You're right there are two tunnels although the second is really just an over-sized underpass.

Well done, rill brill


17/04/2014 at 11:50

Chris - gosh, there's a lot of info there. JG certainly seems to be doing you proud. Very impressed by the lack of stiffness the following morning. And all that with a beastly cold!

Were you Paddington Bear in a former life? (the marmalade sandwiches). 

Out before breakfast this morning; before breakfast but after banana (henceforth to be known as BB but AB). Ran to the lake, did 7 of JG's cadence drills, getting considerably higher cadence than the last twice I did them, and an indeterminate number of acceleration-glides - again, "gliding" further than previously, probably because the acceleration was better. Felt really good. Maybe should stick to before-breakfast runs (not for the long run, though), or maybe it was nothing to do with that, just a feel-good day. 

Daughter has sent photo of Elinor aged 2 minutes.

17/04/2014 at 12:13

Columba, - congrats on becoming a grandma. Great that all is well with mum and daughter.

Like the Paddington Bear comment. Hehe and it sounds like your training is going well

Aws -  I like the marathon of a marathon report comment. LOL.

Ceal, suggested putting it on here as well as JG thread. It seemed too much like hard work cutting it down from the original. I really enjoyed the race, even if I didn't really RACE it. I had a wonderful day and came away completely unscathed. However, the cold has now turned into a chest infection. I think my coughing was doing Richard's head in and he packed me off to the doctor's this morning. I was officially pronounced to have a rattle in my lungs and am now on antibiotics.

Love the picture by the way.

17/04/2014 at 12:40

good day

very moving and emotional report - one can't help to be moved by so much support in a race.
It was a wise decision to concentrate on enjoying the occasion and getting round enjoying it seeing that your cough has now progressed to such a degree. The antibiotics will hopefully do the trick and also help prevent any secondary infection

Your splits were very good indeed - very smooth and consistent - an ideal way to get maximum out of energy resources and I love the detail which I will happily analyse away and file for future reference
I was going to make the Paddington Bear comment as well but Columba beat me to it.......................................

another convert to the BB club? It's my favourite time for running and it gets one's body used to normal race time routines as well. Seemed like it was going well for you today

17/04/2014 at 12:51

I was a bit shocked to find I had to do 15 min x 1min run/walk this morning but the Blessed Jules knows my body better than me so off I went to my golf course lap of about 0.3 miles out of sight of most folk

Run bits were - 

1:58 miles (9:34m/m) avhr 137 mhr 153
1:58 miles (9:34m/m) avhr 144 mhr 159
1.53 miles (9:51m/m) avhr 143 mhr 154
Quite pleased with the first two but deliberately throttled back the third to keep things under control a bit.

The slight hill on my laps is a bit bigger than I thought when one does it 4 times!! Garmin measures it as 16m so that is 64m of climb in each 1.5 miles which is getting  a bit severe for my delicate state of recovery 

17/04/2014 at 13:17


TS All coming together 

Chris Excellent  report It'll be  great  to read  back on  it in the  future

NRD part of schedule  but  just  did a 10 minute  fitness session  mixture of dance  and PT style  training without the  actual instructor That  got me out of breath

17/04/2014 at 13:37
Thanks for 'the report' and 'the after report' and the 'to come report! All very interesting, but I shall spend some time later this afternoon reading and digesting all the you have written. I hope the antibiotics do their job well!

Sorry I forgot you are a sept baby and of course even if I wanted to do London again then I would be looking at 2016, which I don't!!

Hope you enjoyed the Parlauf session!

Pleased to hear that you like our young Royals, I think they are well loved here too.

You sound very perky today. I hope it lasts.

I can see that a hill repeat is not really what is needed at this stage of your recovery. Yes, another big step up by Jules.

That sounded fun!

I thought your session looked familiar. I think we used to run the 4 mins at 10k pace, but I understand why now you ran them at 5k pace.

I had a long dentist appointment at 8.30 this morning followed by choir. Then I had 3 choices, no run, run easy, run/ walk. Whichever mode of running I chose it had to be a recovery run after yesterday's faster stuff. I don't want to run tomorrow because I think Stewart wants to do a long one on Saturday. I ummed and aarred and eventually decided to do a run/ walk. 4 mins run 1 min walk.

I ran for 45.51 mins, 4.41 miles av pace 10.24 mm, av HR 119.

Shown in K's

10.35 mm, HR 108
10.19 mm, HR 111
9.44 mm, HR 117
10.43 mm, HR 121
10.10 mm, HR 126
10.28 mm, HR 128
10.49 mm, HR 126

One can clearly see where I turned to run back uphill!
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17/04/2014 at 14:26

Ceal - Good  choice nice run

It was inspired  by  someones blog on Fetch  reminded  me what  I did moons ago. When I was in  college  about 1985 the sports teachers there devised an experiment before  each sports  lesson they would do a 10 minute PT type session Ideally  it  should  have  been  more but would have eaten into the lesson time

It involved the typical thing jogging round sports  hall and various  shouts  to do things loike  push ups, squat thrusts, sit ups and the like. I did  it  every weekday (twice on Fridays) lost about 5lbs wasn't over weight really got  own to 8st 2lb

This  fetchie  started them up again recently reminded  me  of what I did so I thought yeah i'll have  some of that

17/04/2014 at 16:12
I forgot to say, I have no plans to enter a race any time soon!

Sounds like a good nudge from a Fetchie.
17/04/2014 at 16:38
Another forget!!

You say you have a very good coach, not sure if those were your exact words, but close. Well, as a teacher you will appreciate my remark to you.

You are obviously a very good pupil!

Btw is your marmalade home made ?
17/04/2014 at 17:06

TS thanks for the supportive comments. One day I will get everything together and see what I'm really made of running-wise. Defo think I made the right choice, tactically, on Sunday as doctor gave me a heavy dosage of antibiotics and tutted at me racing In the state I was. He was interested in what it was like though.

Pammie, glad you liked the report

aws, thanks for the info re auto-pause. I bet you are right, will check

ceal - I searched long and hard for a different approach to keep me running and improving. I decided that I wouldn't know whether it worked if I kept cheating around the edges, a bit like dieting really. Anyway, I initially committed to doing RW as an experiment of one (me that is) for a year and see what I thought at the end. I have to admit that, as of now, JG has totally won me over. We'll now see if he can improve my running from its current low base. Can't wait to get rid of this cough and back to it. I am so excited now I have the time and brain space to commit fully. 

17/04/2014 at 18:35

TS - I bet that hill of yours was bigger the third and fourth times than it was on the first and second. There's a little man that comes around and pumps it up bit each time he sees you go by


17/04/2014 at 20:16

aws Though if he thought about it TS could  have ran it in the opposite direction

17/04/2014 at 20:51

Chris - well done - very solid report - you did everything to the letter! Your new program looks quite tough so soon after your marathon.

We had quite a storm here yesterday, but still got out for 4km with Mae. She didn't enjoy it one bit! Thought if Mick can go out in the snow, I can deal with a bit of wind - but it was scary - kept thinking a branch might break off a tree and land on my head!

17/04/2014 at 22:02

Ran an easy 3 this morning while it was still nice and cool but sunny.

Excellent report - thanks.

If you want a decent training run you could come over to T.Wells and run one of our summer evening handicap 10ks.

Nice to see you can still push at the boundaries, albeit gently.

17/04/2014 at 22:05

Thanks for posting your report, I really enjoyed it. Take care with that cough.

At least you have the excuse that the dog needs a walk, when people drive by me running in the deep cold, I can see from their expressions that they think I am completely out of  my tree.

Hills today. We have a tough 10k course that can make your eyes water a little. I managed my best ever average pace, 5:15 per km, very happy with that. I seem to be finally get something from all my squats etc.


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18/04/2014 at 07:33

Good morning

0454 13:07/M;
7.17M; 1:34:00.0; 13:07/M;
1 13:16.5 1.00 13:17
2 13:19.4 1.00 13:19
3 13:11.8 1.00 13:12
4 13:19.6 1.00 13:20
5 13:22.1 1.00 13:22
6 13:05.2 1.00 13:05
7 12:45.3 1.00 12:45
8 01:41.5 0.17 10:14
HR av145 max155

R/W. I am sort of pleased with that, all mile splits under 13:25 and one even under 12. Looking at the recent times for this run, apart from one that somehow went under 13 back in March, there's nothing to touch it since last July and things were different back then.


18/04/2014 at 11:33

Aws, did you R/W this then and it is your best since July.? What ratio did you use?

Mick, wish I could get back out on the hills ........ Cough, splutter.

NZC, apart from this cough I feel totally recovered from the marathon, thanks to R/W. People tend to think the Jeff G stuff is a bit wimpy but actually it is quite tough, lots of speed work and long runs. He's not let me down yet so I'm going to go with it. If I can stay uninjured and do all that training I can't but improve. Are there any decent full or half marathons in NZ in Feb or March? We are starting to put our itinery together for next yr and I'd love to fit a race in if I can.

TS I did feel a bit pathetic not going all out in the marathon last Sunday, but as you say, with hind sight it def was the right thing to do

18/04/2014 at 16:20

Chris - I've used r/w on all my recent runs 4:1min and I always start with a walk as I find it's easier to follow when you change from run to walk at 5min. I do minutes because I find shorter stretches too demanding to concentrate on. I tried halving it once but didn't like it.


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