Over 60s training.

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Today at 04:57
aws - nice pace run

Ceal - you definitely pack a lot into your holiday Stewart looked nice and relaxed which is good x

Moved up to week 2 of Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 DVD and I now know how unfit I am. Rest day from it today. Andre decided sleep was over at 4am this morning ((
Today at 11:45

Impey - any good seeing a physio with regard to exercise for your knees?

((Tracey)) - all very well deciding sleep is over by 4.00 a.m., but a pity the rest of the family also has to be roused at that time. My little grand-daughter has a clock which shows a moon from bedtime until 7.00 a.m., and at 7.00 changes to a bright yellow sun; she's very good about waiting for the sun before getting up. Would Andre respond to something similar? - at least as far as coming out of his room and disturbing other people is concerned. You've probably tried it (and lots of other things) already.

How does your marathon WAVA compare with your half-m and 5k WAVA?

Today at 12:36

Columba, well done with the Half. It is a long way to run in the sun. My half age grade was lower too for GNR. Your son did a nice time, as did the girlfriend.

Tracey/Columba - I wish I'd had clocks with moons and suns like that when my children were little. It didn't matter how much I blacked out the windows in summer they still got up with the lark.

JJ - it is so hard trying to not chase times though, isn't it.

Aws - glad to see the 13s in the run. Well done

Impey - you are doing the right thing by keeping moving.....as long as it is gently, as movement is the best way to stop joints seizing up. A  physio will probably say improve hip stability, that is all they seem to say these days.

Mick - can a bone dislocation be caused by over use, probably, yes. Mmm. Feels much better today. I have to do a short test run before seeing Adam tomorrow. I wish the stupid thing would hurry up and clunk back into place properly. I want to go to Chester.

Ceal - see last sentence. You are right I do want to do Chester, as long as it doesn't cripple me for 6 months. There is a lot riding on tomorrow's appointment with Adam. I'm certainly doing a good taper!!!


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133,921 to 133,923 of 133,923 messages
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