Over 60s training.

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Yesterday at 14:32
I hope the wind in your neck of the woods for your X country is not similar to what we are experiencing today.

Hiya Alsoran2
It is good to hear that you are still running at the ripe old age of 78 yrs. I find that very encouraging. I don't think aws does run any more. I am 75 now, approaching 76 this summer. The last time JJ posted he said he was only going to run for fitness, and that was the end of his postings!

Enjoy your couple of days off running. I sometimes do the same and certainly feel as if I reap the benefits by doing so.

It is VERY windy here today with extremely strong gusts. Approx 50 mph strength.

I was protected a bit down the trail, but between the trunks of the trees I was buffeted sideways many times.

I ran 4.4 miles, 43:22 mins, av pace 9.57 mm, av HR 128. I ran fast for the last half mile, paced at 8.47 mm, with a high HR which was what was after.
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Yesterday at 18:40

Ceal, no, for once this winter you folks down south have the worst of the wind today. It wasn't too bad here.

It was the NE Masters Cross-country Championships this morning. In most xc events locally the women run two laps and men of all ages run three, but for this all men over 65 run two laps with the ladies. It gave a total of 3.3 miles, a bit shorter than we're used to.

Not that I was complaining as it was quite a demanding course, with a couple of very steep banks on each laps, the sort where even the better runners were resorting to walking at times.I felt on pretty good form and really pleased my fitness is coming back after injury. I was second M65 behind my international-standard club friend, who was a distance ahead of everyone else in the age-group.

My time was 26:14 at an average pace of 7:55. Pleased enough with that given the hilly course.

I dashed home for a shower before going to the football to see Newcastle win and move out of the relegation zone.

Yesterday at 19:08
Good going, well done. I would always be pleased to find a shorter course rather than longer!!!! Fitness coming back must feel good. Your races will have helped too.
Today at 10:39

Hi ceal,

Your times (at your age) are amazing! You must be so regretful you didn't start running far earlier in life. Goodness knows what you could have achieved in your 20s! 

My silly mind plays tricks with me because, instead of running gear, I keep imagining a 75 yr old lady with a coat and hat and ordinary outdoor clothes zooming along the pavement at around 8 or 9 mins a mile...! And how utterly astonished other pedestrians would be to see you whizzing past them!! But seriously, you must be in a very small and elite minority (in the world!) by now.

I ran 4.42 miles yesterday, but this took me 58' 44", I'm afraid.

As for J J I just find it a little sad when I read the very first message he ever posted (in 29th January, 2003):

I want to be a very fast runner in the Over 60 age group. I would dearly like to make contact with anyone over 60 who runs substantially faster tahn my times posted below:

10k 47.25
10m 1hr. 21mins.
1/2m 1hr. 47mins.
If there's anyone out there that you know fits the description please ask them to contact this thread (or find me on the Mature Runners thread under General) so that we can compare notes."

You really can sense the enthusiasm and eagerness there! I hope he did well in races and improved his times and hasn't become disillusioned or disappointed with it all. There's no question that life is full of disappointments. My daughter now has two degrees yet still can't even get a proper job. Still, at 27, on the minimum wage and a zero hours contract...

Oh, another name I seem to remember seeing, but no more, is Impey.... but I won't ask you about him! Enough of going back!

Today at 11:24
I am giggling at the vision of myself hopping along the pavements to the amazement of others dressed in my coat and hat I am much slower than I used too be!!!! Much----

JJ did race well and very often, then due to other commitments and his wife being ill he didn't train much for a couple of years and I think he found it difficult coming back as an older person, but I don't think he would have been disappointed because he was a very positive person. He will be putting all his energy into his garden which he loved.

As for Impey, I think he started to suffer with a few aches and pains as a result of running and became disillusioned and as far as I know he doesn't run any more. I do catch up with him from time to time on Facebook. He has just celebrated his 76 th Birthday

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