Over 60s training.

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06/02/2016 at 14:32
I hope the wind in your neck of the woods for your X country is not similar to what we are experiencing today.

Hiya Alsoran2
It is good to hear that you are still running at the ripe old age of 78 yrs. I find that very encouraging. I don't think aws does run any more. I am 75 now, approaching 76 this summer. The last time JJ posted he said he was only going to run for fitness, and that was the end of his postings!

Enjoy your couple of days off running. I sometimes do the same and certainly feel as if I reap the benefits by doing so.

It is VERY windy here today with extremely strong gusts. Approx 50 mph strength.

I was protected a bit down the trail, but between the trunks of the trees I was buffeted sideways many times.

I ran 4.4 miles, 43:22 mins, av pace 9.57 mm, av HR 128. I ran fast for the last half mile, paced at 8.47 mm, with a high HR which was what was after.
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06/02/2016 at 18:40

Ceal, no, for once this winter you folks down south have the worst of the wind today. It wasn't too bad here.

It was the NE Masters Cross-country Championships this morning. In most xc events locally the women run two laps and men of all ages run three, but for this all men over 65 run two laps with the ladies. It gave a total of 3.3 miles, a bit shorter than we're used to.

Not that I was complaining as it was quite a demanding course, with a couple of very steep banks on each laps, the sort where even the better runners were resorting to walking at times.I felt on pretty good form and really pleased my fitness is coming back after injury. I was second M65 behind my international-standard club friend, who was a distance ahead of everyone else in the age-group.

My time was 26:14 at an average pace of 7:55. Pleased enough with that given the hilly course.

I dashed home for a shower before going to the football to see Newcastle win and move out of the relegation zone.

06/02/2016 at 19:08
Good going, well done. I would always be pleased to find a shorter course rather than longer!!!! Fitness coming back must feel good. Your races will have helped too.
07/02/2016 at 10:39

Hi ceal,

Your times (at your age) are amazing! You must be so regretful you didn't start running far earlier in life. Goodness knows what you could have achieved in your 20s! 

My silly mind plays tricks with me because, instead of running gear, I keep imagining a 75 yr old lady with a coat and hat and ordinary outdoor clothes zooming along the pavement at around 8 or 9 mins a mile...! And how utterly astonished other pedestrians would be to see you whizzing past them!! But seriously, you must be in a very small and elite minority (in the world!) by now.

I ran 4.42 miles yesterday, but this took me 58' 44", I'm afraid.

As for J J I just find it a little sad when I read the very first message he ever posted (in 29th January, 2003):

I want to be a very fast runner in the Over 60 age group. I would dearly like to make contact with anyone over 60 who runs substantially faster tahn my times posted below:

10k 47.25
10m 1hr. 21mins.
1/2m 1hr. 47mins.
If there's anyone out there that you know fits the description please ask them to contact this thread (or find me on the Mature Runners thread under General) so that we can compare notes."

You really can sense the enthusiasm and eagerness there! I hope he did well in races and improved his times and hasn't become disillusioned or disappointed with it all. There's no question that life is full of disappointments. My daughter now has two degrees yet still can't even get a proper job. Still, at 27, on the minimum wage and a zero hours contract...

Oh, another name I seem to remember seeing, but no more, is Impey.... but I won't ask you about him! Enough of going back!

07/02/2016 at 11:24
I am giggling at the vision of myself hopping along the pavements to the amazement of others dressed in my coat and hat I am much slower than I used too be!!!! Much----

JJ did race well and very often, then due to other commitments and his wife being ill he didn't train much for a couple of years and I think he found it difficult coming back as an older person, but I don't think he would have been disappointed because he was a very positive person. He will be putting all his energy into his garden which he loved.

As for Impey, I think he started to suffer with a few aches and pains as a result of running and became disillusioned and as far as I know he doesn't run any more. I do catch up with him from time to time on Facebook. He has just celebrated his 76 th Birthday
07/02/2016 at 17:27

Alsoran, ceal,
I too wondered what ceal could have achieved if she had started to run at a much younger age, but there is a school of thought that says you only have so many fast miles in your legs. Maybe it is better this way as ceal got to enjoy her success at an age when most people are sitting on the sofa just watching people run.

Well done, you definitely seem to be coming back strong.

My running is still going well but unfortunately I had to cut my long run short today as my calf knotted up. Next week is a planned down week for me as I have a 3 day Life Drawing workshop. I will give my calf the week off and just XTraing on the days I am not attending the workshop.

I have a 5k race targeted for April. It has suddenly got very competitive as two daughters plus boyfriends have also decided to run it with the main purpose being to beat me.
I have tried to explain that someone in their 20s trying to beat someone of 69 isn't much of an objective, but that is not how they see it. Beating the old man seems to have motivated them.

07/02/2016 at 17:37
You have made me laugh
07/02/2016 at 17:46

alsoran2, great to hear you're still running at 78. There must be so many people giving up running in their 70s for various reasons. I'm 67 by the way. I have a friend who's a good runner and now 71 who's going through a spell where he's disappointed with his running and feeling on poorer form that he'd expect even taking advancing age into account. I can't see him giving up though. It's just too much a part of his life.

Mick, you show'em!

I did another long run with my newer club this morning, the same route as last week. I felt the race the previous day in my legs and was glad to finish in the end. 30 miles for the week again though.

I'm sorry JJ and Impey don't post any more although I understand why. If they lurk at all I hope they'll pop on to let us know how they are.

07/02/2016 at 18:17

Mick - introduce them to the WAVA concept. - I have a higher WAVA than any of my "children", except for PT son whose WAVA is very similar to mine. But of course they all beat me hollow in a race.

Ceal, do say hello to Impey for me via Facebook (I don't "do" Facebook myself). Funnily enough, I can't even imagine you in a coat and hat, having only seen you in running gear!

9 mile run done. Yes, it rained. Yes, it was windy, indeed very windy. 

08/02/2016 at 10:55

Hi All,

I'm sorry there'll be no more beautiful watercolours from aws. I actually saved a few  and put them in a folder on my desktop so that I could look at them now and then. I love watercolour paintings, and landscapes particularly.

Although the lights are still at red at a pedestrian crossing I often dash across if it's perfectly obvious there's plenty of time to make the brief journey safely, but mostly, other people just stand at the kerb and wait; but if an elderly lady ran across at the speed at which ceal could do it I think the others waiting on both sides would be amazed! But I'm certainly not suggesting she should do that!!

I feel a lot safer running on the roads these days than driving though. Only recently I read about this tragic and horrific accident.: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-35473080  Many a time have I driven along this road.

I just know how incredibly easy it is to make a tiny mistake, a wrong split second decision, yet the consequences can be devastating and life changing, as we all know. I've never had an accident driving (since 1965), but I think my unconscious is now planting the thought in my conscious mind that one must surely be due, therefore... How to get rid of negative thoughts!

More about it: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-35471741


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08/02/2016 at 11:54

morning al

good to  see you popping in and still running - its a good sign when you still keep tabs on times
It's all about what the body can/will let one doe - the mind doesn't mater, it can be bent to fit!
It is unlikely I will ever run again, having not done so for 18 months, at anything like the standard I once did, even age adjusted!! Just running for 2 mins is beyond me and not so long ago 2 hours was a nice stroll. but there are limited things one can do at 0630 in the morning so I plod out there in my patheteic walk/run (occasionally) and pretend I am still doing it

It's even worse for me - I have g'kids who think it would be great to do a Parkrun with G'pa a wup him soundly - they don't even understand the concept of WAVA gradings

good stuff in the mud - and seeing a rare win! it must be spring...

nice to see that competitive gene working its way to the surface in your recent race

ice baths!!!  We just have to open the door for one of those - or at least a shower as it has been raining so much.
I think I would persevere with that physio if she can pinpoint your problem. A little good quality maintenance will reap big dividends

I expected you to take it easy between 400m sessions not go speeding on!!
The 400's are all you need for both speed/strength and stamina for an 800m race at short notice

We went to see the youngest g'daughters in their dance school display yesterday in the opulent surrounding so the Royal Hall. Packed house and a very high standard throughout. Tabitha was probably the smallest on stage in her section but if didn't stop her giving a very firm and decisive push to the much larger girl in front of her when she hesitated in moving off onto the next sequence of steps!!!!

08/02/2016 at 12:15

Hello all

Torque: Tabitha sounds a very determind lady

Columba: did you run Lliswery?

I am back running  again last week 39 miles so back on schedule today but storm Imoge had other ideas 55-80MPH phone lines down, trees down, roads closed and a tree fell from the woods outside our home on to next door garden lucky he moved his car!! so tree across road but council are out chopping tree up.So a 5 mile treadmill run which I hated but had to be done

08/02/2016 at 12:17
Yes, I do often skip across the road when the lights are red and an informed decision has been made. But you are correct it only takes a split second to make an error. I have read your two links and of the horrible consequences of the mistake. I think having an accident like that is something that most car drivers dread. Would one ever get over it, mentally, I doubt it.

The wind this morning was something else. There were a couple of vans down my trail clearing away fallen trees and debris from the storm.

I warmed up for a mile, 9.48 mins, av pace 10.06 mm.

Then I did 6 X 400 m's. Not pleasant in the wind, but I was on the most protected part of the trail and I had to be pleased that it wasn't raining too. It took approx 3 mins recovery between each one

1.58 mins, av HR 134, MHR 147
1.56 mins, av HR 140, MHR 157
1.57 mins, av HR 140, MHR 152
1.58 mins, av HR 138, MHR 154
1.59 mins, av HR 140, MHR 155
1.54 mins, av HR 142, MHR 156

I am proud of myself for doing the 400's during a heavy gale but not proud of the numbers!

I then ran/walked a 2.11 mile cool down in 22.06 mins, av pace 10.29 mm, av HR 132 I entered parts of the trail where the wind sounded really scary.

I am glad that's done. No running tomorrow, I am off to a friend's book signing in Eastbourne.
08/02/2016 at 12:26
3 of us posting at the same time. I nearly missed the posts by TS and Welshpoppy.

I did the 400's again today!!! It really hasn't been the right weather for intervals recently, all the weather seems to do is BLOW! Plus, my hamstrings are being worked hard by my Pilates and they easily go on strike! That's my excuse anyway. I know that you will run again Love your story about Tabitha. I remember Scarlet, who is also small and dainty giving one of her dancing group a shove with her elbow when she considering that she was doing something wrong!!

Good to see that you a back on track with your mileage again. A 5 mile treadmill run must be good for mental strength!!!!

I will remember to pass your message onto Impey when I next have a chat on FB. Well done on your 9 mile run in horrible conditions.
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08/02/2016 at 13:13

If I tried to convince my family that Age Grades were the best way to compare runs I know what the response would be.

I am lucky here as there are fewer accidents, I guess because roads are bigger, things are much more spread out and people drive slower. Most fatal accidents are caused by booze and happen late at night when I am tucked up in bed. On the estate where I live, I walk my dog everyday off the lead and rarely see a car.

"It is unlikely I will ever run again"

Unlike you to be so down. We are the same age and size so I need you to keep running. I no longer have any friends my age here that are still running and it is beginning to feel a little lonely. My running partners now are all in their 50s. 

Treadmills are tedious but ceal's suggestion a while back of varying the speed and gradient at intervals really does give you something to think about.
My biggest problem with the treadmill is it does change my gait so I try to keep it to an absolute minimum.

Off to the gym to XTrain while I give the calf a rest. Probably a 5k row followed by upper body weights and exercises.

The weather here is crazy warm, we have hardly any snow, the fields nearby are all clear.

08/02/2016 at 13:51


I thought I'd post again.  I was posting back in the autumn but at the end of November I developed a terrible back ache followed by a groin strain.  I rested till xmas then my legs began to ache like DOMS but with little to justify it.

In January I began having pains in my arms and shoulders and unsurprisingly had problems sleeping.

I then went to the GP and had loads of blood tests and six days later received a diagnosis of polymyalgia rheumatic and was prescribed steroids with lots of other pills to counter attack the side effects of the steroids.

I finally tried to run yesterday and did 0.67 miles in 7.19 minutes.  this seemed a great achievement but I still have some pain in my shoulders so I'm doing no upper body work.

I'm only 65 and the slowest on here but I'm impressed and inspired by every'body elses achievements and "I'll be back" 


08/02/2016 at 14:22

ceal - So you dash across roads too? I thought you might! Others, who don't know you, must be very surprised and impressed, I'd think. But as an outstanding runner you must be very well known and admired in your local area and club, if you are a member.

TS -Very sorry to hear you no longer go running at the speed or distance in the way you used to. Still, it seems you still go out and almost any kind of exercise is a good thing to do. And things may improve again.

Found a real enthusiast here:  https://canute1.wordpress.com/ I doubt I even have the energy to read all of this, never mind write it!


08/02/2016 at 15:12
Hello WD60
I am really sorry to hear of your medical problems. I hope you manage to banish those horrible sounding symptoms. Good on you for having a little run. I recommend that you don't try to run for longer than 10 mins for a while then when you feel confidence and know it feels right that you up the time to 13 mins and get used to that etc etc.

Thank you for the link, I have read quite a bit of it. Makes interesting reading. But there are a lot of words!!

I came to live here in East Grinstead after my world records, therefore, not many people know what I have done. Except neighbours of course. But I do get respect paid to me from the to time. I don't have the physic of a typical elderly lady. I am quite tall and I'm not grey. I don't have short curly looking hair, I wear it in a pony tail when running. I guess what I am saying is that I don't think, from a distance, that I look my age. Close up I do because one's skin, in a lady particularly, is a dead give away

Did you know that I broke my arm whilst on the Island of Grenada last May and the effects of the fall have caused me no end of problems since. I sort of fell, quite sharply, down a mountain!!!
08/02/2016 at 16:10

In running circles you must get a great amount of respect. Achievement in any field always gains respect.... that's why I've never been respected by anyone

Sorry to hear about your arm. I had no idea. It's the same story again, one little mistake you made, or momentary carelessness, maybe.... The whole fabric of life and living is fragile and precarious somehow. Oh, and I feel quite sure you'll look very youthful for your age!

I found that blog just by chance while looking up Ed Whitlock - erm, and that was while avoiding doing the dishes! As it happens, I know of someone else who writes long blogs of a very different sort and no-one ever seems to leave a single comment hardly. What a waste of time surely? But I feel she's maybe given up at last. Here it is: https://ealasaidbooks.wordpress.com/  Believe it or not, that's my daughter, but the last time I saw her she was 8 ! That was in 1979. Almost no contact whatsoever since that fateful day. I daren't even try, not in this life... I'd be far too scared. I lost her completely, and her little sister too. After successfully getting rid of me her mother then got what she really wanted so very much... her two little girls all to herself.. and for a lifetime! She succeeded completely! But I'm only telling you all this in private, you understand, ceal  Very off-topic, sorry! Won't stray off the long hard road of running again! And now I ought to go out and get some exercise. Lovely day here in Inverness.

08/02/2016 at 16:23
I haven't read your daughter's blog as yet. But wanted to comment on your story. My heart feels torn for what was taken away from you. Things can't get worse on that subject, don't you think that perhaps your daughters would love to meet you. They may have been fed unpleasant stories about their Dad but they are adults now and can make their own mind up ---------- if it was , me, which thank goodness it isn't, I am SURE that I would want to make some contact even if rejected. Rejection doesn't put you a worse place than you are now.

An idea, why don't you make a comment on your daughter's blog and see where that leads.

We all have lives along side our running. All of us and no doubt many of us have stories to tell too. But your story is heart breaking.

Now I am off to read the blog.
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