Over 60s training.

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11/02/2016 at 12:49

Tracy: Sorry to hear your news take care.

Torque-That is so uplifting to hear well done on your run

11/02/2016 at 13:17

Tracey, thank you for telling me a little about yourself. I'm just a gate crasher here who barges in about once a year...!

But I don't feel this is the time for talking trivia with you and only want to say that I hope that your whole situation at present doesn't stress you out too much. But the pain of grief is unavoidable, sadly.

11/02/2016 at 15:14
Good day,

1:26 mins for a 400. That is amazing all things considered, I know you will say you only did one of them, but even so that is seriously fast re my 800 race, I had thought that perhaps that I would start slower than my usual tactics and see if I have anything left near the end to pick up the pace and surprise someone. The start in a lane doesn't need elbows!

I hope you do watch "Simon's Story", it was beautifully done and very poignant. Not easy to watch but it was true to all the facts and wasn't judgemental nor was it mawkish. His mother, wife and friends all had their say. Just on the side, And of no Importance . Stewart and I are in the opening shot in the church on left of your screen!

I didn't obey your suggestion of a 2nd set of 400's today, you had better give me a punishment

I totally understand your Nicola remark!!! I have to say it if have to stop for traffic or whatever, I stop my watch and then restart again when running commences!! I hope you stay with us and don't disappear again.

I hope you are as well as you can be. xxxxx

Beautiful sunny cold day today. Perfect for a run. So after choir that is exactly what I did.

I ran 3.11 miles, 29.17 mins, av pace 9.25 mm, av HR 130, MHR 172. Not sure that I believe that, my watch may have slipped on my wrist hence incorrect HR, it has habit of dong that, sometimes when I run fast, which I was doing for that last 200 m's or so.

I took a minutes break then I ran/ walked (4:1) for 1.31 miles, 12:15 mins, av pace 9.19 mm, av HR 157 I ran quite fast for most of it because of the 1 min walks recovery and it was uphill,

The last .31 mile pace was 8.07 mm. av HR 152 so was pleased with that after the other 4 miles

As usual after my Pilates legs were tired.
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11/02/2016 at 18:41

Tracey - so very sorry to hear your news. I hope you and the whole family are getting all the support you need. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Alsoran - oh, that Nicola! - I should have realised!

TS - 400m in 86 seconds, that's really impressive! - You see, it's still there! 
I have not forgotten the crocus story .
It was the family that enthused me into running in the first place, - at least, two members of it who ran regularly and raced regularly. But it's true that since I started entering races, the others have joined in, to a greater or lesser extent. Things like Parkrun have helped.

6.3 miles today, in sunshine and rather chilly conditions but not too chilly. Included 3 kms "progression", - in, respectively, 7m 10s, 7m 3s, 6m 52s . At least I managed to progress!

11/02/2016 at 21:22

TS - With a time like that for 400m, with that level of fitness to be capable of that speed, it's hard for me to imagine there's a single thing wrong with you! Many people would be very envious. Not since I started running at around 45 yrs. of age, was I ever able to better 7' 30" for a mile and that was going all out at that time and not achieved very often, my usual speed being nearer 8 mins. or over. If only I could run anywhere near that now. Impossible. You've always been in a totally different league.

Columba - I mustn't stray into politics in any shape or form as I feel that would be the quickest way to make enemies!! But, in general, I find it extremely difficult to know who to be convinced by. Take the junior doctors at the moment: Jeremy Hunt puts forward his case for carrying out a Manifesto pledge and lays out the benefits, the junior doctors talk about their concern that patient care is being put at risk, an independent observer (but is he?) says it's basically all about money. In the end everyone can sound pretty reasonable and fair and the last speaker the most reasonable of all, yet they can't all be fully justified in what they say. Who is right or wrong exactly? Each says the other is factually wrong. I have no way of checking this conclusively. Or does it all depend on your viewpoint?
Providing conclusive proof of gravity waves must be easier than getting to the heart of some of these issues! And the EU referendum arguments and counter arguments will be the same. Although, surely a democratic country should have full sovereignty over its own laws and be free from outside interference? That much is clear to me. 
Often, not nearly enough details are provided to make a reasoned judgment in many cases. And then, you usually need background familiarity and knowledge of the whole subject area to make a properly informed judgment. But the political scene is very interesting just now, especially in America.

ceal - I usually just start my watch at the edge of my garden - run as best I can - do not look at it at all till, nearly an hour later, I get back to that same spot at the edge of the garden, then I press 'stop'! Maybe that's why my times are so poor... not putting myself under enough pressure! Sometimes I look at the half way mark, but that can be depressing.... but I want to be happy! I just consider the interruptions for cars as all part of the run and hope it all evens itself out over time.



12/02/2016 at 11:04

good morning

I think the crocus trembled as I went past - but it may have just been by excessive weight causing vibration
That was a good progression - and don't forget the last one was 18 seconds faster than the first which is a big jump.

Thanks for the adoration.
However it is all relative - I used to run HM's at substantially faster pace than that one 400m so my gruntlement is not easily assuaged.
Politics - I think I have almost got past the point of caring what is said by anyone - the spin years just exhausted my patience with listening to the distortions.
Similarly the doctors and pay/working hours. I would not have thought it beyond the wit of mankind for either of the parties to produce a spreadsheet identifying take home pay & hours worked for say year 1, 3, 5, 10 & 20 year seniority junior doctors under current and proposed options. The fact that neither side has leads me to speculate that they both have something to hide!!!

Gravitational waves are above my pay grade

Do an extra set as punishment
I watched Simon's story last evening on catch up.

That was a hard watch!!

 Beautiful and poignant portrayal of a family under immense emotional stress in difficult times. 

I could quite understand his desire to end a life where he was trapped in a spiral of physical deterioration and decay and getting progressively cut off from all forms of communication and with no hope of remission.

 But at the same time the hurt and anguish of his wife at his choice and of being left in such a manner leaving her thinking about what she could/should/maybe have done that would have given her a little longer with him was immensely distressing to watch. 

I thought the female Swiss doctor at the clinic summed it up very nicely in her discussion with Simon back in August when he first went there when she said words to the effect  that
“for you the decision is easy because afterwards you don’t have to live with it, but your family and friends do”.
I had expected a fairly neutral doctor but she came across as empathetic and caring on the choice made and how it impacted upon the family.

Puts my minor problems in perspective!!


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12/02/2016 at 15:12
Politics, a mine field. I don't understand the Doctors issues and Jeremy Hunt. I just know we are in danger of losing many of our precious doctors to other countries. I presume the government must have some hidden agenda that hasn't been revealed. Enough said!

I liked your words "I want to be happy".

Progression has to be good.

Thank you for watching the film of "Simon's Story". It was very powerful wasn't it. It was very carefully filmed portraying the honest and the beautiful poignant story of his family from diagnosis to death. I hope that it will be given an award it would be a great tribute to Simon and his family.

Cold day today, with overhead cloud. My hand felt cold as I ran 4.4 miles slowly, av pace 10.31 mm, av HR 115. This is only the 2nd time that I have actually ran 4 miles with no walking for a YEAR. It's not a struggle but I can only run it slowly without creating a high HR.
12/02/2016 at 21:25

ceal - I'm very surprised at what you say about running 4 miles with no walking. I thought you ran a variety of distances, including longer ones, regularly. So, instead, you must go in for a great deal of intensity training, walking to recover in between bursts of speed? Or fartlek?  I run that distance regularly but my running speed is probably not far off your walking! 
I have a lot of problems with cold hands in cold weather. Certain fingers can often break out into sores - hacks -  and become red and swollen just behind the nails. Not itchy like chilblains but just aching slightly all the time. The index finger of my left hand has broken skin just now. I remember that my father used to have really terrible-looking hacks, working as he did all day in a locomotive yard always in the open and covered in coal dust, right up to when he retired at 65. Often worked 7-day weeks and on days like Christmas for the extra money, and got a fortnight's holiday per year only. Then he ruined his retirement by jumping off a bus before it had quite stopped, fell and broke his femur. His leg was never the same again as it didn't seem to ever heal properly. So anyway, maybe my tendency to get hacks is hereditary. I really should put on the moisturiser cream I have but usually don't bother. Don't ask me why! 

I just walked, but extremely briskly, about 5 miles today. Scared there might be any icy patches if I ran down my usual little country road. I do not want to fall if I can avoid it.

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12/02/2016 at 21:42
The last couple of years I adopted a run walk strategy. Usually four mins run 1 min walk. It meant that I could run faster than I would for continual running which in turn allowed my legs to turn over faster. It didn't mean that I ran flat out at all, just at a comfortable pace, one that my legs respected. The recovery of such a run was much quicker than a continual run. However, during the last couple of years I have run continual distances some of the time and indeed distances up to 8 miles or more, but not recently. I only run now for pleasure having put in a lot of hard work leading up to my world records etc. That was 5 + years ago. I enjoy running but don't now particularly like the pressure I put on myself to compete.

But of course I now have a 800 race to prepare for with very little notice. Eiiik!

I used to specialise in 1500, 3000 and 5000. However, in the past I have done well in distances such as 10,000, half mara's and a couple of marathons. But found I was much more suited to the shorter distances. But I am definitely not a sprinter!

You definitely need to put a barrier cream on your hands, but then you know that do you wear gloves to run in?
12/02/2016 at 22:22

Ceal - when you were racing, I remember you said you used not to sleep at all, the night before a race.

Agree with Alsoran (and TS) about the impossibility of sorting out all the issues in disputes such as the junior doctors vs the government.
The government wants to spend less money, but every way it's trying to save, someone has a very reasonable sounding argument for continuing or increasing the funding.

3.55 miles "easy" today (too easy, to judge by the pace). I always wear gloves, this weather, even though I may take them off after half an hour or so. Tomorrow is a rest day.

12/02/2016 at 22:32
I didn't, nor did I sleep the night after a race.
13/02/2016 at 20:50
My mum is a fighter ????
13/02/2016 at 20:57

Couldn't agree more, our minor aches and pains fade away when you consider what some people live with every day.

The Canadian government are considering assisted suicide here but it has a long way to go before a decision will be made. There is little or no discussion here of the fact that many doctors already 'manage' the last days. In the case of both my parents and my FiL where I was directly involved, things were eased at the end with large doses of sedatives and painkillers.

The Canadian winter has finally arrived, -28c with a wind chill of -38c, not an outdoor day. 
I have completed my life drawing workshop but unfortunately I spent 6 hours standing in front of an easel each of the three days, not exactly the rest my calf needed. I tried running on the treadmill but quit after 500m as it started to knot up.
I still had a good workout though with 5k on the rower, a short spin and then exercises and rolling.


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13/02/2016 at 23:27

Thank you for explaining, ceal. Your present strategy sounds quite good as preparation for an 800M since it's not going to take all that much extra out of you to double your fairly fast 400s, but this time all being run as fast as you can. How many 70 - 75 year olds are there (and ladies only) who can possibly compete against you? Can't be too many!
You're at the final year of the age group, I think... thus the worst one, which will soon make you long and be impatient to reach 76.. so that you can smash new records for the 76 - 80 group! Then just think how many records you could break when you reach 80! (Not sure if I've got these age groups right though. Surely they don't overlap. Maybe it's 81?)

I managed 57' 52" for 4.43 miles today and that included 14 times having to wait a few seconds for cars to get past. About 3 mins. better than the other day when I couldn't even get below the hour. Today I did look at the halfway mark (my turning point down the road to Dores). It was 29' 51" - so I did better on the way back.
My methods are often to mix jogging and running, meaning that every so often, once warmed up after a mile or so, they are to run as fast as I'm capable of and try to widen my stride slightly for a certain number of steps, often counting to 70 or 80, or 100 or more, but sometimes just 50; so a little bit like interval training, but not really that, more an apology for it. But somehow just doing that makes me feel I'm still in touch with the world of running during these bursts of 'speed'... but only just... and even then I may be deluded! But it feels more like real running -  rather than shuffling

I don't wear gloves. I wear two warm socks on each hand like double mitts. I find them to be superior to conventional gloves. And I find it warmer for my fingers to be together rather than isolated as they are in gloves.

Tracey, I wish there was hope, but you make it sound that in spite of your mother's fighting spirit there isn't any and that makes it impossible to say anything that can be of any real comfort to you. Best wishes anyway.

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14/02/2016 at 19:04

Tracey - my Mum lasted for 3 days after the doctor had said it would be in the next 24 hours. She wasn't really conscious, though. Every now and then she seemed to say something, but you could never catch what it was, and she didn't seem to expect a response. 
Thinking of you and your family.

Alsoran, your method of running, mixing slowish with fast bursts, sounds like what's called fartlek. Your speedy bits probably are really speedy. I sometimes do short fast bursts, and a friend of mine said she'd seen me running and "you were going really fast!" - which must have been one of those bursts; trouble is, I can only keep it up for about 30 seconds. But it does feel good while it lasts. 

Today was a "long run" of 9.44 miles. It was cold; in particular, there was a cold wind; but lovely bright sunshine, which was making everybody cheerful, and I can forgive it everything for that!


14/02/2016 at 23:17

Columba, that wasquite a long run! And on a cold day too. Well beyond the need just to keep fit. Do you run on your own? Have you nice country roads to run on?
Lovely here too, especially earlier, but it snowed last night so, with the roads still having some snow even though it was melting, I just walked into town and back... after buying blueberries and chocolate. Fry's cream - 3 little bars for a pound in Poundland - couldn't resist it. Mind you, there's not a lot I can resist. But sadly, a lifetime's experience proves that I've never been irresistible myself... Nearly tempted to buy yet another book in "The Works" but considering I now have thousands still unread, somehow managed to resist that....!

Btw., fancy learning a little Dutch?? https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/dutch
Or maybe this is required since you only ran under 10 miles? https://www.coursera.org/learn/get-active 
Or what about this? https://www.kadenze.com/courses/major-mind-blowing-moments-in-the-history-of-western-art/info 
Or maybe something from here? http://www.derby.ac.uk/online/free-courses
Just joking, but all these courses (and lots more) are free and many will be very interesting, I'd think. 

15/02/2016 at 12:46
Mixing up one's speed with bursts of faster pace it good for one. Yes having ones' fingers together is certainly meant to be a better way to keep them warm. This action is highly recommended when skiing. But I like to be able to stop and start my watch when needed! I am 75 heading 76 but the master ages go in 5's. I am a year into the start of the 75 yr age group. The competition that I could have for an 800 in my age group is as you say, not too many of us. But there are some fast ones, certainly faster than me! Not difficult at the moment!

Respect earned again for your longer run in not particularly pleasant conditions.

I hope you hanging in there.

Have you had any interest recently in your home? Brrrrrr to your cold weather which has at last arrived. In the documentary about my friend, which TS spoke about, one of the consultants made it very clear that the end of life was allowed to be controlled with pain relief which may of course result in ending someone's life. What a shame that standing so long has had the effect of cramping your calf again. Did you enjoy and do well at your life drawing workshop?

Have you looked at what age grading your faster younger times would have given you?
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15/02/2016 at 13:00
We had a dusting of snow this morning, but nothing major at all, just very cold. I had intended to do some 400's yesterday but it didn't happen. We went to a 60th black tie party on Sat evening, and after my boogying my legs said NO. Also Stewart went off to India yesterday afternoon so we spent time together instead.

This, of course meant that I needed to do the 400's today. I made a major decision to go to the K2 track at Crawley. It is 12 miles away so it felt a bit of a drama! I can't imagine how I used to go to the track so regularly when we lived in Guildford, but of course the track was nearer to where we lived then.

It was extremely windy and cold at the track. I finished my session with no sweat, dry hair. This is unheard of! The head wind was on the back straight and bend. Horrible.

1 mile warm up, 9.28 mins,

6 X 400 with 3 mins recovery.

It was too cold for my HRM to work properly, I got silly figures.

1.49 mins,
1.48 mins,
1.49 mins.
1.48 mins,
1.49 mins,
1.47 mins,

2 mile cool down which I pushed a bit in order to get warm because I was still cold even after the 400's.

2 miles, 19.09, AV pace 9.34 mm.

I still baulk at the idea of running at that pace for an 800. ;-( it is all I can do to get round 400 m's.

I am glad I went to the track because it took me a few laps to get used to hogging the inside lane and not wandering away from the shortest line. Especially when the wind was trying to push me either towards or away from the fastest line.

Job done
15/02/2016 at 16:08

Tracey your mum surely is a fighter.  I'm thinking of you.

The steroids seem to be working as the last of the pain in my arms and shoulders have just about gone - but I can't to do weights or press ups without those muscles complaining. I had another little run yesterday 1.35 miles in 14.47 and later I went for a brick walk 4.1 miles in 65 minutes which seemed much harder than running.

15/02/2016 at 16:24
That certainly sounds like positive progression. Your time for 1.35 miles wasn't too shabby at all. I like the idea of a 'brick' walk!!!! And yes, I find that walking for longer distances harder than running too
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