Over 60s training.

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26/07/2016 at 14:56
Thank you John. X
27/07/2016 at 11:56
Good morning campers,

Temperature has dropped by about 10c, now it is pleasantly warm at 19c however, the humidity is high. We have had an itzy bitzy tiny bit of rain!

I ran/walked 3.9 miles, there were a lot of walkers around this morning.
27/07/2016 at 15:49

Managed a 30 minute run today. Have discovered a new (well it is to me) Parkrun course reasonably locally (in historic Portsmouth). Looks flat so might have a crack at it on Saturday...............................

27/07/2016 at 16:23

Good luck with the Parkrun on Saturday.

The polymyalgia is fighting back again.  I had blood tests on Friday that came back absolutely normal but over the weekend I developed stabbing pains in the back and on Tuesday this combined with pains in my arm that made it difficult to drive!

I went to see my GP yesterday who upped my steroids and will refer me to a rheumatologist as this is not normal.

I haven't run or cycled since Friday- hopefully the increase in steroids will help and I can get out again shortly.   


28/07/2016 at 11:26

Sorry about the moaning post above. The pain was getting me down.

With the the increased steroids I am feeling a lot less pain and am more optimistic about the future!

28/07/2016 at 12:29

WD60: While I always admire the strong, silent type I've no problem with a good old whinge every now and then. (My wife would confirm this and define 'every now and then' as 'all the bloody time'!)

Talking of which........my Achilles is playing up so might be just restricted to the bike for  few days.

29/07/2016 at 10:55

good morning

that's ok - I call it imitating Achilles sulking in a tent!
I felt similarly low when I had a occurrence of a back spasm last week
Don't have a drug test in the near future - yo may be banned from the Olympics along with half the Russian team (and probably some more who deserve to be banned!)

you can't ignore Achilles problems - unfortunately they don't go away.
It's a massive tendon but with very little blood supply which is why it is so difficult to get rid of inflammation as the waste products of inflammation do not get washed away by fresh blood in sufficient quantity.

just as well one was not camping here yesterday as truly came down - just as I had finished painting garden furniture!!
Fortunately it was fast drying water based stain in a fetching NT grey so no real harm done but another coat needed
Big choir!! Nice sound of a classic song
I thought you had gone blonde for a moment until I re read your directions
Was Stewart singing as well?

Fairly miserable week of running/not running/giving up which is most unusual for me.
Finally felt a bit better yesterday and ran 4 miles after stopping 2 min in and thought about chucking it in and this morning went a different direction to give me an easier start and ran 5.87 miles in 55 mins (9:25m/m) including 1 min walk start with avHR 130 and a max of 150 in warm, muggy conditions

9:33  109  124
9:21  131  140
9:08  131  137
9:18  134  138
9:09  135  142
8:32  141  150  (only 0.85 mile including the steepest part of Hipps Hill)

HR was surprisingly ok and the route cunningly disguised Hipps Hill as it was spread over the last two splits so it looks like I managed it easily - which I didn't as the maxHR testifies to!

Still over 90m of climb overall so it taxes unfit legs

29/07/2016 at 10:58

....forgot to say the first mile is mainly downhill as you can see by the HR - but what goes down must come up!!

29/07/2016 at 11:52



as you like cycling up hills I thought you might be interested in this -


if you have outgrown the ones around you

There was a nice programme on BBC4 last evening about Roger Bannister and the first 4 min mile.
Very evocative of the period and attitudes

29/07/2016 at 12:06

TS - many thanks. Take your point about the Achilles but I'm never quite sure when it is 'sorted'. I then 'test' it and then.....well you know the rest!

Thanks for taking the trouble to load the cycling thingy. It is very easy........to read! Less easy - aka 'impossible' - for the likes of me to do). My brother-in-law (aged 65) is a cycling nut who'd have a crack and that sort of thing. He was a couch potato until his late 50s and then fell in love with the bike. He's done all sorts of routes including many of the TdF challenges - one of which ended up with him wrapped around a tree on the descent of Mte Ventoux (or some-such).

However it didn't put him off. I am humble in the face of such madness and also that represented in the article!

You ran the best part of 6 miles with is highly impressive.


29/07/2016 at 17:43

Pain does indeed get one down, WD60 - and John, and TS - you feel as though the universe is against you. Glad the steroids are improving things for you WD60, they can be wonderful for certain conditions; I have a friend who suffers from (or with?) lupus, and when it's bad she says steroids have a quite magical effect.

Warned by TS, I looked up steroid injections for the knee and deecided I will probably say No Thanks if it's offered again, especially as I've done several short runs (or run/walks, rather, 4:1) with no noticeable ill effects.

31/07/2016 at 12:33

good day

"cautioned" I think about steroids.  
Good news on the run/walks - hope it continues

I did think that 10K at more than 10% gradient was getting a bit extreme - even for hardcore hill folk!!
Trees and cycling do not go together!!
I read the next part of the article about mind training a bit later ans realised that I had done something like that before my run - I had rationalised an easier start and forgot about the later hilly finish!!

So using that technique again I ventured out and this morning in clear, bright and breezy conditions to run 60 mins with 1 min walk start for 6.41 miles (9:22m/m) cunningly adding on a bit on the flat part  of the route with avHR136 and a max of 151

9:24  117  139
9:27  134  147
9:06  134  139
9:39  132  137
9:16  131  137
9:47  141  151
3:22  140  145

just about the same as Friday's effort despite the extra distance.
Just need to take 1:30 off each mile time to be back to normal

31/07/2016 at 12:50

....1:30 off each mile for the same HR level to be back to normal

31/07/2016 at 15:37

Managed a Parkrun. Flat fast course but I was well off the pace: 22:21. Then hopped on bike this morning for some hill work And then gentle walk in Sussex countryside. Now  having session with ice pack. No running for me for the next two weeks at least - will I ever learn!

31/07/2016 at 16:50

I’m taking Columba’s advice about typing into Word before copying into a post.  I think the lost post last week resulted from my using Backspace to correct a typo and at the same time having a finger by I mistake on another key.

WD60, pleased to hear that steroids are helping you with your pain.

John, it does look like you may need to bite the bullet and give your Achilles a decent rest.

Columba, I hope your knee gets sorted before too long and you can start running properly again.

As for myself, my PF does seem to be okay now although I’m still being careful.

I did another park run last week in 23:46, AG 71.8%. Then on Thursday we had a club race over 3kms where the results were based on age grading rather than absolute times. Again I was a bit disappointed with my time of 13:24, AG 72.5%.

Anyway, enough of the negative stuff. I’m enjoying running again without pain or too many worries and this week just topped 31 miles. Looking back through my diary, this was only my third week of over 30 miles since early last August. Working out my average mileage over the last 40 weeks, it comes to only 16 miles a week, and most of that has been low quality. This is because of the knee injury last autumn and then the plantar fasciitis.

So rather than feeling disappointed or surprised at lack of form or frustrated at the length of time it’s taking to get back, I should really be pleased to be where I am after so little training.

31/07/2016 at 18:54

Thanks Graham. It's great when you feel that you are 'on the way back' after injury. I'm looking forward to feeling like this in a couple of week's time. In the meantime I'm sure you'll go from strength to strength. Keep us posted of progress.........

TS I enjoyed watching the Ride London race on the TV - that is until the BBC coverage lost the picture right at the climax of the event. The roads around mid-Sussex today were very busy with cyclists. I chatted to one in the pub and he said that (like the London marathon) the event is over-subscribed so the guys who can't get in will have a long rides to compensate.

Really beginning to look forward to the Olympics now.............

31/07/2016 at 19:56

Managed a Parkrun. Flat fast course but I was well off the pace: 22:21. Then hopped on bike this morning for some hill work And then gentle walk in Sussex countryside. Now  having session with ice pack. No running for me for the next two weeks at least - will I ever learn!

31/07/2016 at 22:38

John - funny how your post appeared twice with a 4-hour interval and another post in between!
Which parkrun was it? I love parkruns, but rarely do them as there aren't any nearby. I have to wait until I'm visiting in London or Bristol.

TS - how do you decide what's "normal"?

Graham - glad your glass seems to be half full now, rather than half empty. I hadn't realised quite how much running time you'd lost through injury. I did another short run/walk today; knee starts hurting after about half an hour, but only moderately painful (perfectly run-with-able) and no noticeable after-effects.

01/08/2016 at 07:58

Columba -  many thanks. Not sure how multiple copies came you way. Perhaps I pressed the wrong button. But better that I press the wrong button than Donald Trump does, I guess!

We are well provided with parkruns around these part. Of course there are none to the south (it would be under-water) but we now have one in my town (and it is very fast, unless windy) and then within 30 minutes drive about another 8 or 9. If I venture over the border into Hampshire (passport control always takes time) as I did on Saturday (Portsmouth Lakeside) there's another 4 or 5 within easy reach.

The most 'memorable' of the lot is in Hampshire - Queen Elizabeth Park. This is as hilly as you'll get in the south as it's in the heart of the National Park. Only the brave tend to tackle this one and then wear the achievement as a bit of a badge of honour.

So yes we're quite spoilt for choice down here.

01/08/2016 at 11:03

good morning

It is good that you have maintained a reasonable level of fitness particularly over the shorter distances and your limited training over many weeks will help maintain that.
Its when one steps up in distance that the effects become more noticeable - so maybe the answer is not to step up!!
Getting outside, particularly when the weather is kind, is a bonus in itself so enjoy the moment and the fitness and speed will come back over time.

There are several ways seemingly to lose a post on this site - sometimes one can recover it by pressing the back arrow at the top left had corner of the screen. it's not that the post is lost but the page somehow advances before the post is completed and it is still there

I am not going to say - "I told you so.........."  NOT going to sound like exasperated parent to errant child!!
Missed the cycling - lawn cutting, garden furniture painting etc. Legs were feeling it after numerous squats painting long slatted seating!!

We could have an Olympics competition to see who is the first athlete/country to fail a drug test?!
My money is on Turkey.

Surprisingly the Harrogate Parkrun is one of the flattest courses possible - all run on grass or tarmac paths for 3 laps around the Stray - a large grassland area in the center of town.
The children's Parkrun however is run over the lower part of Hipps Hill!!

Normal is whatever I decide at the time is normal.
I have ,masses of information  on my training performances to be able to determine what outputs in terms of pace/HR fit even allowing for age degradation.
But I am not pushing it - just enjoying being able to run relatively pain free and mobile - though I do look longingly from time to time at the box containing a fresh pair of Adizeros sitting on the shelf!!
Good news about the knee tolerating activity. Do you ice it afterwards?

Fresh bright conditions again this morning as I eased round 40 mins for 4.1 miles  (9:52m/m) with avHR126 and a max of 148 as I went back to Hipps Hill

10:15  115  132
09:20  123  132
09:40  127  133
10:12  137  148

Still had 300' of climb overall so I was quite pleased that I could keep HR under control most  of the time.
Perversely when I extend this run it is along the route of the Parkrun so I get some flat stuff in the  middle section as a reward for my exertions for getting there/back

London tomorrow all day - hope it has cooled down a bit on the streets there as I normally walk from Kings Cross to my meeting place in Fitzrovia

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