Over 60s training.

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06/04/2003 at 22:17
That's outstanding. 5 mins. better is a brilliant run whatever the circumstances. I can see I'm going to have to start training seriously for my next 10k season in the autumn.
If you keep improving like this you're going to be very competitive in the V65 group. Next year isn't it?
07/04/2003 at 08:09
FLM countdown and tapering.
Mon. Nothing
Tues. 4 miles steady + evening gentle physio session.
Wed. Nothing
Thurs. 4 miles steady
Fri. Nothing (registration day)
Sat. 2-3 miles trot/walk (displacement activity, got to do SOMETHING). Bed 9pm'ish.

07/04/2003 at 08:27

A Briliant run. 5 minutes off a 6 mile run is nearly a minute faster each mile. Wow. Well done, obviously you have got the training right.
07/04/2003 at 08:37
Johnny, Well done with the daffs. What is your next flower to exhibit? Where do you find the time to work train for marathon and garden to the level that you do?

Have you got lots of energy, now that you are decreasing your miles by masses?
07/04/2003 at 08:41
I have the grandchildren all week so it will be a week without running, unless I manage to get the odd mile in when my husband gets home from work in the evening. However, he is often late! Also, I find I cannot sleep if I run in the evening. So the most I would run would be a gentle 3 miles.

I managed about 15 yesterday, but found it very cold the wind was very uncomforable.

I expect JJ you are hoping for cool weather at the w/e but I think you could do without the wind.

Where are you Pussy, how is your pre training going?
08/04/2003 at 00:38

Sorry I'm late on parade. You asked about antiques. Wifey Margaret is into Royal Doulton figurines,Spode plates,etc. I collect vinyl records,LPs,45s even vinyl 78s. Preferably vintage rocknroll/1950s as that is where the rarity is and therefore higher value. One LP I have(Chuck Berry) goes for around £400. We are not into old furniture,even if we were theres no room for it!!
08/04/2003 at 00:47
Aye. Next year qualifies me for V65. But not sure if there are many 10ks that do this, they seem to cater for V60 or V70.Unless I'm missing something.
FLM..are you wanting any sponsers?

It's difficult trying to cut yourself in half with family committments and training runs. Still, if its next year for marathon for you there is plenty of time before then I suppose. 15 miles! Crikey, here's me on 6 milers only. You must have a lot of stamina.

We haven't heard from you lately. Everything OK?
09/04/2003 at 10:20
Hi Johnny, I remember you saying you do not like the heat is this why you are not racing until October? Or is it to give your body a rest?

I have just a minute or two whilst the grandchildren are occupied, I will not last any long er than that!

So I want to wish you GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK etc etc. ENJOY too. We all wait to hear every detail that you can cram in to tell us how you got on. Do you have the day off on Monday, or do you not need it?

Thinking of you on Sunday.

09/04/2003 at 10:24
Hi Pussy,

I hope you get to read this before sunday. Because I want to wish you speedy legs for Sunday, I do hope that your run goes as you want it to. We want to hear every detail of the race early next week, so fill us in asap afterwards.

All the best,I will be thinking of both you and JJ on Sunday am
09/04/2003 at 20:17
Me again. As fickle as ever. Thanks everybody for your good wishes. Hoping for cool weather and minimum wind. No harm in dreaming. JJ The lost youth was so long ago that I can't remember his name. I will look out for you at the Green start. I will peer myopically at every grey male bosom to indentify a JJ. Could get arrested by a nice young policeman. Afraid that I did 15 on Sunday but feel okay. Now only doing a couple of gentle 3 milers plus a long walk on Friday to our accommodation in London.

Ceal. Lovely offer of sponsorship. Very sweet. But no website. Shower your legs Ceal, don't sit in it. Awful. Yes, try Jelly Babies but get the good ones (Bassetts) because they are softer. They are yummy. I eat tham faster than I can run.

Well done with the daffs JJ. I live in the middle of daff country and the number of varieties are amazing.

Hey LI. Bet you are chuffed with your 10k. There are more PBs in there somewhere, you know. Keep at it.

I may not have the courage to report back after the Marathon. I may just stay invisible and look in on your conversation occasionally. If you never hear from me again you will know that I messed up big time. But hey, its only a game isn't it? Like heck!

Good luck one and all. Speak to you soon.
09/04/2003 at 22:14
Im not over 60
But PLEASE do NOT not report back
all you do will be magnificent, and miles beter than me, anyway
youre an inspiration, please dont leave
09/04/2003 at 23:38
Pussy....As Hippo says DO report back(two nots equals a DO!) and don't put yourself down. You are making efforts so whatever the outcome you take part and as they say thats what is important. And anyway we know you will do it. Enjoy the camaraderie(is that how it is spelt?).
BTW my PB was increased by another 5 minutes thanks to the inept officials who gave me a timing of 50m.34s. as opposed to the correct time of 55m.54s. I wasn't the only one...there were scores of wrong timings all over the place!
Have a good day at FLM.
10/04/2003 at 07:52
Good to hear from you Pussy. It will be fine, your preparation is complete and you have covered the miles so you could not do much more. Your 20 mile race was good and on target and that was with tired legs. now they are fresh and raring to GO GO GO. So it's all in the mind now. I hope you make contact with Johnny! Your experiences are invaluable to us wimps.

Must fly I can hear waking children in the background.
10/04/2003 at 08:05
Good luck P. Will certainly watch out for you at Green. There'll be time to kill so it will be useful if we can chat for a few minutes.
You must post a race report and time. We can all learn from each other regardless of the result. In any case, you know you're up for a good one.
10/04/2003 at 10:43
JJ and Pussy,
Good luck and have a great time! I will be thinking of you.
10/04/2003 at 20:28
Thanks Spud. Much appreciated. I hope I can reciprocate one day!
11/04/2003 at 21:11
Pussy and JJ.
Hope you both have a smashing FLM day. Any chance of telling us your race numbers? We might catch a glimpse of you on telly,you never know!
12/04/2003 at 09:13
59379. Light grey top with blue striped sleeves. Black running shorts and long legs. Stunningly elegant, I can't understand why Paula will get all the camera shots.
13/04/2003 at 21:45
There was I, plodding my weary way along the marathon route at maybe 6 miles and my eye lit upon this nice looking young lady running for Alzheimers. 'What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this I said'. Anyway, it turned out to be Pussy. Now that's a major coincidence in 30,000 people. We ran several miles together before going our separate ways. Great fun!
It was far too hot for marathon running and I suffered very badly from about 20 - 23 miles. Managed no more than a jog so I missed my sub-4 target by a long way. Managed only 4hrs.7 or 4hrs.8. Not sure which because I had finger trouble with the stopwatch at the start and finish! Will need to wait for chip tmes to be published. Still it was a pb by 4 mins. or so. I guess I have to be grateful for these small handouts at my age.
13/04/2003 at 22:00
WELL DONE Johnny, what a coincidence meeting up with Pussy. Will talk more tomorrow, its late now. But just wanted to say congrats.
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