Overdone it?

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20/03/2013 at 15:37

You have taught me well and you could obviously tell which answer I was after!

Just had a look at weather forecast though - 2C, 15 mph wind and possible snow/sleet.

Still same for everybody and at 13.875 miles distance its certain to be a PB!

I'm going to aim for 7 minute miles and see how it goes (looking back a few pages that is 15 seconds slower than my supposed HM pace but insde my MP pace so feels about right as don't think I'm quite back to the fitness level I had when doing the 1:29 HM.

Cheers, Skinny


22/03/2013 at 09:45

Race postponed until October due to snow - just as well because had skits last day and a half and running 14 miles in near Arctic conditions probably not the best treatment going!

22/03/2013 at 11:54

and there was me thinking the weather in Bucks was bad, just cos it's "very cold".

Oh well...would have been nice, but no harm done!

22/03/2013 at 16:10

Hi Coach - felt bit frustrated about not getting a testing run before my enforced break so tried something a little bit different today so that if I do suffer for it then I can use the recovery days.

Ran 1.2 WU then 6*0.25 miles with a 0.25 mile jog back to start between each one then 2.3 mile jog home = 6.5 miles total.

Aimed to run them between 90 and 100 secs (100 secs being current 5k time, 90 secs being sub 19 mins so a little faster than 5k time. All the fast 0.25s were slightly uphill.

Ran 95,90,95,90,90,91. Total quality bit of session which would include 5 jog backs took 21 mins so the jog backs weren't ridiculously slow!

Now I need to wait and see how my body reacts.

I will try and get an LSR in on Sunday then got the 3 days off in Germany, 4 days back at home then a week in Gran Canaria (taking running stuff but unlikely to be a 40 mile week). First week back will aim for a 40 mile easy week and then if I am still fit I would like to start doing some mild quality in week commencing 15/04 focussed at improving my 5k times (hopefully you will provide the mid week session like you did last year).

If you are reading this would be interested on your view on the session - my guess would be that long term I need to probably double the number of reps (but today I am recovering from being ill, it was snowing, bitingly cold wind and had my thick winter fleece on!)

Cheers, Skinny

24/03/2013 at 19:54

Hi Coach - another PB - amazing - particularly if the wind was anything like it was up here!! Well done!

I had a more minor milestone - my first 40+ miles training week - 6.3,6,8.1,6.5 Quality session (see above), and a 13.3 today for a 40.2 total. Future plans for next 3 weeks detailed in post above.

Cheers, Skinny

24/03/2013 at 20:03

Haha it won't have been I'm sure mate, but still...wind is wind!

Nice training week.

Decent paces on those 400s. What I tend to find with 400s is that it's quite hard to "limit" them to 5k pace, as it's so short a distance, so it's not a bad thing they came out quicker.

6x1/4mile is a good tester that you can come through unscathed.

I'd see you progress that to a 10-12 x 1/4mile with 60sec recovery.

So a few more reps, and less recovery time, which would probably see you hit 95s or something.

31/03/2013 at 14:11

Okay Coach - had a rubbish training week as expected but decided to treat it as a taper for a 5k parkrun smash yesterday to end my first quarter of year.

So no running at all other than 1 m WU, parkrun, 1m WD - total running 5.2 miles for week - off to Gran Canaria tomorrow for some warmth and some dune running!

Any way - parkrun - two weeks ago when I ran 20:45 in bad conditions a guy beat me in 20:36 but ran a better paced race so decided to stick with him and see where it got me. spoke to him AFTER the race and he told me that he had decided to change his tactics and blast it from the off so ran first mile in 5:58 by which time my brain was already screaming at me to stop and walk and he started pulling away. Couple of people passed me over next lap (3 lap course) but fortunately I managed to use the invisible thread and attach myself to the third person who passed me and he dragged me round the last lap.

Looked at my watch 19:54!! Sub 20 target achieved in first quarter - well chuffed. Incidentally the guy I had been trying to use to pace me ran 19:37 so will be a good target for me to try and beat him over next three months.

When I get back from my hols my second quarter of the year target is 5k specific trainng to get that time down to sub 19:30 which will then make a sub 40 min 10k a realistic third quarter target.

It can only help me that your training seems to have a similar focus at the moment.

Cheers, Skinny

31/03/2013 at 15:29

nice work, sub 20 benchmark achieved.

And it sounds like I could learn from you in how to race a 5k, rather than just blasting off myself

09/04/2013 at 11:10

Hi Coach

Just back from Gran Canaria last night. Brilliant week of varied running as follows

M - flight, T - 6.3 road, W - 5.3 road, Th - 3.5 stony beach, F - 6.6 sandy beach, Sat - 5.4 road, Sunday - 10.9 on road into the mountains - loads of climbing and downhills.

Total mileage 38.

It was briliant running in 20 - 25 degrees sunshine and getting hot and sweaty instead of cold and sweaty - looking forward to it warming up in UK now - if it ever does!).

As I missed a run yesterday due to flight home going to stick with the plan of an easy 40 miles this week then I am itching for the Quality sessions to start - need them now to keep my easy runs slow!

So this week looks like Flight, 6 (done in Zero degrees this morning!), 10, 4, 6, Rest, 14 - total 40 miles.

Cheers, Skinny

15/04/2013 at 09:59

Hi Coach

Last week - Flight, 6, 10.3, 4, 6.5, 10.4 - Total 37.2 miles (Sunday was meant to be 14 but combination of short on time and also energy meant I took the easy option and reduced the run).

If you are still up for scheduling my training sessions then we can do it two ways.

1) You can schedule all my runs for the week (5 runs a week).

2) I have a basic framework for an All Easy running week of M 4, T 6, W 10, Th Rest, Friday 6, Sat Rest, Sun 14 - Total 40 miles. You could simply provide me with the Quality session for Wednesday each week to replace the 10 miles Easy.

If I was running a parkrun then the week would become M 4, T 6, W 14, Th Rest, Friday 6 with Strides, Sat 7 incl parkrun, Sun Rest and would be no Quality required.

However this is another area where I need your help. Is one Quality session a week enough or do I need two? It seems that parkrun PBs come down simply by running parkruns every week but I presume some structured training and only actually running them once every month or so is a much better approach?

Any way - if you're still up for it I'm ready to kick off this week with some quality. If you're not then that's fine and I'll probably see if Middle Ground thread would mind me joining their ranks which means you'd still be able to see what I was up to and stick your oar in every now and again!

Cheers, Skinny

15/04/2013 at 19:09

It's been a while, so I'll need to refresh myself with how you were doing late 2012, and what you've been up to since.

It'll take a bit of collating, so I'll drop you a mail with how I suggest we proceed...

16/04/2013 at 20:23

Targets for 2013

Total Mileage 1000+, sub 1:28:26 HM, a sub 20 5k, a sub 67 10 miler (current PB 73:29) and outside shot a sub 40 10k.

Races planned - Coniston 14 (14 mile hilly race round Lake) 27th March (but this is for enjoyment not a target race), a park run some time during first 3 months just for something a bit different but then main race aims all back end which gives me time to take the base building and strengthening seriously. Cross Border 10k start of August, Dumfries 10k start of September, Cumbrian Run start of October and Brampton to Carlisle 10 miles in mid November. Plus my 5k sub 20 min atempt squeezed in around end of June probably.


Hi Coach - re our mails see above.

So above was as at 1 January. As at now the Coniston 14 was snowed off and has been rescheduled for 6 days after Great Cumbrian Run so will almost certainly bin it. parkrun target of sub 20 was achieved 30th March.

My A target this year is a sub 40 minute 10k. I think therefore that my A target race should be Dumfries 10k on 4th September which I ran last year in 42:13. Other local 10ks I can do as races along the way are on 5th June, 21st July (I think I should run at least one of these to see how close I am) and then there is a 4 race mid week 10k series I could also run which are on 8th May, 29th May, 19th June and 10th July but these involve a 100 mile round trip after work.

I would plan to test myself every now and then at a parkrun but am happy to be guided by you as to when and how often.

After the 10k season the Cumbrian Run HM falls quite nicely on 6th October and if I achieve my A target of a sub 40 minute 10k I would expect to lower my PB in that simply by having enough miles and having improved my basic speed.

Finally my 10 mile PB is way out of line (I could go out and run that in training without even pushing myself too hard) and there is a local race in November which would finish off my season nicely as it was supposed to do last year before I got injured.

So pick the bones out of that lot and look forward to seeing the first weeks plan. 

Cheers, Skinny


16/04/2013 at 20:55
Hi skinny been reading your thread with interest.

Your targets pretty much mirror my 2013 goal so will be interesting to see progress along the way.
16/04/2013 at 21:26

Hi Jason - thanks for post - in between a couple of posts above me and StevieG have exchanged a few mails and I'm now waiting for him to tell me where my training should go from here. Since injured at end of last year the last few months have just been about getting back up to a level where I was ready to do some Quality training again. I kept posting on here because although there wasn't much to say I find it really motivational.

As far as the advice I got last year StevieG got me to a 1:29 HM PB against my original target of 1:35 so well chuffed and ready to trust him with whatever he suggests in terms of the next phase this year. Having just got up to 35 - 40 miles a week I'm hoping he's not going to tell me I need 45 - 50!!

I presume that we will continue to exchange the weekly plan and my weekly efforts on here but not sure as we've never really done mails direct before.

What are your target times and races and what does your training look like?

Cheers, Skinny

17/04/2013 at 12:31

Hi skinny im in the same area at the moment but im training for a marathon on 12th may so after that the quality speed work comes in to play.

funny really as i read a thread earlier and stevieG was dissing people like me who aim for the marathon goal too soon!

targets for me this year are as follows:

5k sub 20

5m 30/31 area currently 34

10k sub 40 currently at 42ish (havent timed since last year)

10m- sub 70 currently 71

havent competed in a half yet 

trainings mixed at the moment as i said im just getting the miles in. at around 30-40 for now but slowly winding down for may.

have a very nice 10k coming up on 27th may so will be looking forward to that!

Got lots of races coming up after that as im with a running club and we have our own championship races etc

17/04/2013 at 13:59

Hi Jason - good luck with the Marathon and all your other races. A lot of people say that training for a marathon improves all your other times too so you should see some benefit although my understanding is that it takes a little while to get over one so wil be interesting to see if you are ready to race at your best again come 27th.

I'm actually with Stevie on the marathon too soon front. I want to do a marathon at some point but first I want to be ready to do it justice - I only really plan to do two - the first will be for a GFA and then the second will be a big city marathon and will try and smash 3 hours - but at the moment I'm just not interested as I have other shorter running boxes I want to tick (also I'm not fast enough yet!).

I think a lot of good runners (like Stevie) get quite frustrated with the general non running population who when they hear you are a runner immediately ask you if you have done a marathon etc - general view seems to be completing a marathon (in any time) means more to them than a sub 35 10k which is clearly bollox. A lot of people seem to go from no running to doing a marathon to no running again having ticked the box.

17/04/2013 at 17:30

Thanks skinny,

i do agree with you though thats why im going in for the speed work after.

oh yeah ive already run one marathon this year  (an off road one) i did it as training for the May one!! weird i know but thats just me!

yes alot of the general talk on the forums is the marathons the goal then thats it, box ticked.

As a runner ive got total admiration for the marathon runners but its the 35 10k people i admire more as thats some challenge to take on! (plus abit of jealousy in there aswell)

19/04/2013 at 19:11

Hi Skinny, apologies, this week has been really busy. I've dropped you a quick note to PM.

20/04/2013 at 10:46
Hi Coach - no problem - its always good to hear from you but once you've set the schedule I'm good till Monday.

Race wise I listed all the options in case you wanted to be prescriptive about what I did but I will fill in the sheet as after some more thought I am clear what I want to do this year - of course you might not agree!

I don't have access from home this weekend so will complete Monday morning.

Cheers, Skinny
20/04/2013 at 10:55

Looking at your week this week, and knowing you're 5 times a week now (ooh matron), i'd say a 12miler sun will complete a nice week.

whack all your races in, and we'll discuss how you see their priority.

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