Overdone it?

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26/06/2013 at 13:17

Mace - I don't normally do 16 miles and, in fact, this time I was aiming more for 15 miles but must ahve been a bit lazy when I plotted the route on mapmy run.  Normall weekend run tends to be around 12-13 miles, though I have done 14-15 before and felt fairly comfortable with it.  I think struggleing last weekend was definitely due to the 8 miler the night before.  24 miles in a little over 14 hrs.

Looks like a good schedule you've got going there.  But your 800m paces look a little slower than mine.  If you base them on that shiney new 5k pb I bet you'll feel the difference.

Skinny - I'm in Warwickshire.  Dog is a bit of a mixture: Mostly collie/german shepherd.  She is a rescue dog so we're not sure how old but probably around 4 years now.  She's developing dysplasia in her hips (common in german shepherd apparently) but she can still cope with a reasonable mileage.  She came with us on our epic 12 miler the other week, but I normally don't take her further than about 7-8 miles.  She can be very slow in warm weather though.

I seem to have developed somthing in the outside of my calf.  First noticed it as a very slight bruised feeling after football last week and assumed I'd just been kicked or something.  But it is getting worse - I would probabaly describe it as a pain now and suspect it might be a strain.  I was hoping to do a parkrun this weekend, but I might take it easy for a few days and see how it develops

26/06/2013 at 14:27

Right - am in something of a depressed panic - nothing has actually changed but that is the point - so I have stopped running and added a 4th stretching session to each day plus an additional adductor stretch and glute stretch. Am on the train to Birmingham for a two day exhibition snore fest that I could do without and have left my trainers at home.

When I get back I am going to do one of three things.

a) Start easy running again.

b) Keep resting

c) Go out and blast a proper training session and see what happens - this stuck in am I injured or not limbo land is driving me nuts (however c) is the least likely option of the 3!!

You two are stretching my UK geography a bit but unless we find ourselves in the London Marathon together a smackdown doesn't sound very likely - then again if you live in East Kent you are pretty detached from everyone (and I'm saying that living in Cumbria!!).

Lou hope the calf thing is nothing - there's always some litle niggle to worry about but I think we all know when it feels like something that amy get worse.

Cheers, Skinny

26/06/2013 at 18:53

Frustrating time Skinny.

The way I get through such periods, is to forget all races, forget all quality, and just think I'm in rehab mode.

Any targets can be postponed, and it's simply a dull case of finding the exact key stuff from a physio, and systematically doing that 3times a day, whilst keeping the easy running.

In time you'll find you'll be strong enough to ease the runs up in length, and then add the quality in.

A few weeks of that and you'll usually find you can pick up where you left off fitness wise.

28/06/2013 at 13:25

Okay its a full year (and 386 posts - not all by me) since my first post on here so thought I would do an anniversary post.

A year ago I hoped to get inside 1:35 for an HM but I was worried I had overdone it in training.

Now I have run a 1:29 HM and have overdone it in training! Prior to the groin niggle I had been hoping very optimistically that I might push 1:25 in an October HM - now we'll just have to see when/if I get fit again - fingers crossed it won't be too long.

Cheers, Skinny

28/06/2013 at 13:37

Been excellent progress over those 12 months nevertheless, Skinny.

Hope the groin niggle doesn't keep you out of the game for too long, thanks to you and Stevie for what's been a very educational thread for this newbie, and look forward to seeing your progress over the next year too.

Good luck.

29/06/2013 at 05:58

Happy Anniversary!

You'll be back at it soon enough Skinney. Physio won't be able to cure it, but should hopefully be able to give you some reassurance that you are doing the right thing and perhaps give you an estimate of how long it will take.

Speaking of physios - I think I've narrowed my problem down to the area of the peronus longus, which runs down the side of the calf.  I haven't run since a tempo session Tuesday which is when I realised it might be a problem.  I've done a couple of strength sessions this week, including calf raises which felt fine, but I tried specific stretching and foam rollering last night which seems to have exacerbated it so it is now quite painful.

So I think its time for a physio appointment.  I don't have the patience to wait for an NHS appointment, but I know a good local guy.

29/06/2013 at 11:12

Had an hour on the bike this morning for the first time in ages. Just over 16 miles in 59 mins. How long does an hundred mile tour stage take them?


29/06/2013 at 12:25

Lou, what I've found these days with getting physio, is make sure you've tried (or can tell the doc) you've done a bit of rest and NSAIDs, and stress to the doc what really helps is physio. (Docs being experts of general stuff, but not specific stuff)

Then instead of waiting for the letter that comes from the physio centre, ring the physio place the second the doc has sent your form off.

I find that can cut about 3-4 weeks of the wait off.

Then once you're on the NHS books, you have the re-assurance that you're on there until they fix you. Rather than that uncomfortable feeling you've lashed £30 away for not a lot.

01/07/2013 at 09:23

Okay - no running at all last week - took Mace comments in even if I responded I would ignore - am going to try a super easy 3 tonight and see the reaction.

Lou - good luck with the calf. Re the bike 16 miles in an hour sounds pretty good to me whatever the pro cyclists do - sounds lik you could do a duathlon without embarrassing yourself.

Hopefully next weeks post will have some running miles in it.

Cheers, Skinny

01/07/2013 at 19:47

Sooner that physio rolls around the better.

I had a similar goin thing in 07. Eventually I got cheesed with it, and decided not to run until it went.

Saw a physio and she said it'd never get back to normal with that approach, so she gave me strengthening and said carry on running.

Eventually as good as new.

Hope your advice is the same.

08/07/2013 at 09:25

2.6 and a 3.4 last week for a total of 6 Super easy miles.

5 done this morning including two steady paced miles just to test the groins before tomorrow so i know where I am at.

Physio tomorrow at 11am - fingers crossed they say run through it.

Today should be start of my HM training so my whole year hangs on the physio appointment. 

08/07/2013 at 09:39

Hope it brings good news for you, Skinny. 

08/07/2013 at 12:55
Hope it goes well: It's been going on for quite a while now. How does it feel?
I have a private physio appointment Wednesday and a doctors appointment later in the week so I can get an NHS physio lined up as per SG's advice.
My last proper run was 25th June, almost 2 weeks ago. I did about 2 miles last tuesday, but that was quite painful. Had to do a bit of jogging yesterday to keep my little boy entertained and that was uncomfortable.
The lack if improvement during this time makes me think its either a quite serious strain or something else entirely. An added frustration is that I have a few race entries lined up. I had a picturesque but very hill trail HM yesterday, which Mrs D kindly ran on my behalf. i don't think she was too happy with the heat, but it turned out to be a nice family day out.
I have a 10k scheduled for next weekend, then a evening 6 miler the following week, which I think will both be dns. I was hoping for a pb attempt in the 10k, but notwithstanding this, I've spent too long living in yorkshire not to be irked by the wasted entry fees.
08/07/2013 at 12:57
Plus point is that I've done 90 miles on the bike in the last couple of weeks, which has been nice.
08/07/2013 at 13:27

Hi Lou - funny that you have a calf injury that is aggravated by running but not by the bike. Hope it clears up quickly - I also had a 10k PB (as little as 6 weeks ago I was thinking sub 39 mins) attempt scheduled for 21st July - if Physio says keep on running then I will do this anyway just to calculate how much I have lost by my inactivity.

Last few weeks I've had some really difficult stuff to deal with at work which has distracted me from my lack of running but now I am desperate for some good news tomorrow so I can get rid of all my pent up energy.

Let me know how the physio appointment goes on Wednesday - i'll do same tomorrow.

Cheers, Skinny

PS BBB - thanks for the good wishes - see you have run 4 races in 2 weeks - well done on your times - well jell! (a phrase I have stolen from my kids)

08/07/2013 at 16:27

Thanks, Skinny. Yes, it's been good fun, but not sure I'd be in a hurry to repeat that volume of racing! Nice to notch up 2 PB's in the space of 10 days though - and would certainly have been a third if the 5k distance hadn't been bodged. I now have a '3 mile' time that I'm never likely to (get the opportunity to) improve. 

'Well jell' - had to Google that one - should have been obvious really! 

09/07/2013 at 13:28
Some good racing there BBB: Congratulations on the PBs I remember around December last year I had similar cluster of races, which culminated in a 10k pb considerably quicker than I was anticipating. Obviously you can't do that every week, but I think it can be benificial occasionally.

Cycling doesn't seem to affect my calf. Or at least that is my opinion - it may be that is why I'm not recovering. I had to jog about 200m to catch the train this morning and, like chasing the kids at the weekend, it was obviously painful.
Quite enjoying the cycling though, so even when I back to running I think I'll try to keep a couple of sessions on the bike each week.
09/07/2013 at 14:07

Well been to the physio - different one to last time and didn't quite gel with her the same - maybe just as well when it came to fondling my groin.

So quick summary - seems to be healing, soft tissue damage only, may have a slight hernia on my right hand side but my doc said this about two years ago too so not that worried about that at moment - problem was the left hand side. The stretches will not be doing any harm to the hernia.

Adductor and also hip flexors really tight and adductors particularly tight on left hand side.

Should be okay to run but need to be sensible for next couple of weeks - my translation - easy running plus one steady running session this week. If no worse game on next week.

Can I do 10k a week on Sunday - yes should be okay - no real damage so unlikely o cause anything more than the stiffness I already have but probably should resist a sprint finish. Bearing in mind current fitness levels I don't think that will be an issue!

Got some additional tips that I'll share in case anyone else is reading with a similar problem.

1) In initial stages of injury probably best just to concentrate on the stretching then introduce the strengthening exercises gently - she thinks some of my groin stiffness may be simply the strengthening exercises when I've never exercised my groin area before.

2) Before doing the stretches you can get a better stretch by warming the area first with a hot water bottle.

3) Bit of cream and self massage can also help - don't think I'll be doing that watching the telly with the kids though!

So sorry for massive long post - hopefully everything she said is right and I can get on with my running.

Good luck with your physio appointment tomorrow Lou.

Cheers, Skinny

09/07/2013 at 19:23

Not sure number 3 is for family forum reading!

Hope it gets you back in the game quickly Skinny.

The cycle seems to be major breakthrough, injury, buildup, major breakthrough, then injury!

Here's to the next spell of build up!

09/07/2013 at 22:05

Haha - reading that again I think I could have worded better!

Tried 3WU, 4M Steady, 1M WD tonight but had to throw in a recovery mile as third mile of steady so lost a lot of fitness - still seem to be okay after it so I could be on the comeback trail.

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