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06/09/2012 at 09:38

Thanks Cowboy - legs are feeling it a bit today but not in an injury way which is good.

Coach - some reflections on last night. Things I learned.

1) I'm putting a lot of effort into my running now so I'm going to feel a bit nervous before every race now - I'm not just turning up hoping for the best, I'm training hard to do my best - last night was good as I will be able to better deal with this nervousness and worry next time.

2) The long slow runs work! I have done no training at the kinds of speed I was running last night and it hurt from about 1 mile onwards BUT every time I pushed on I had the strength in my legs. The last 150m was on a running track and just before we entered the stadium I had passed about 5 people - I was worried about one of them raising a sprint finish and moving back past me so I upped my pace. Normally that would be it then - if the guy ran past me I would not have anything left. However this time I heard some people in the crowd and the announcer start shouting 'c'mon Neil' in an excited way so guessed one of the local runners was closing on me - I just dug in and suddenly I was sprinting (trust me!) down the track and through the finish line - Neil had no chance!!

3) If I keep the training sensible and stay injury free I can go faster.

4) I need to think hard about my starting line position - last night  was about 100 back in a field of about 250 - I was able to find my running then move through the field - that worked for me. But I never found myself running beside anyone going at same pace as me so I could just run and feed off their pace - perhaps I need to push myself slightly further forward next time but that would then sacrifice the 'passing people' buzz.

 5) The simple fact of posting on here was a big positive effect in my effort last night - whenever it was hurting badly (lungs mainly) I thought of target time and you and Cowboy and Phil reading my report if it was a pants time - this kept me pushing on through the pain to ensure it was a good result.

Cheers everyone, Skinny

06/09/2012 at 09:44

My last post crossed with yours Coach - using a spread sheet on me now - Christ! I'm going to have to really up my efforts.

I'm guessing the 18 miles this week so far is made up of the 6 Easy with Strides, 2 mile WU last night and 6.25 race plus 3 mile Super Easy today which I haven't done yet. I didn't get a warm down run last night because someone gave me a lift and it was about an hour drive so stretching session and shower was all I managed.


06/09/2012 at 09:46

Nice one Skinny. What we're currently doing with your training is doing 2 things, laying a general structure, and targetting that half marathon in October.

If we were to be targetting a 10k, naturally I'd have you doing some 10k and faster rep work. Of course, the faster you train, the more chance of injury, which we have to be careful with.

In an ideal world we'd have you running 50-60miles a week, and have 2 hard sessions a week, the tempo as per now, and also some reps, which would target 10k and below pace.

However, I think from your current mileage and little bit of injury record it would be too much to give you 2 hard sessions at this point.

06/09/2012 at 09:50
Skinny Fetish Fan wrote (see)

My last post crossed with yours Coach - using a spread sheet on me now - Christ! I'm going to have to really up my efforts.

I'm guessing the 18 miles this week so far is made up of the 6 Easy with Strides, 2 mile WU last night and 6.25 race plus 3 mile Super Easy today which I haven't done yet. I didn't get a warm down run last night because someone gave me a lift and it was about an hour drive so stretching session and shower was all I managed.


Yep, i put you down in the log as M 6, W 2+6.2+0.8 cd, and 3 today...

Make sure you get that post race cool down of a minimum of a half mile after future races...I certainly know sometimes the last thing you want to do is a little jog, but it'll help you recover for sure. I've even done some 2mile cool downs before, thinking, i wanna be chatting with my pals post race not doing this!!

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06/09/2012 at 09:57

Coach - yeah it was another guy who was running in the race wife so was a bit awkward to keep her waiting - next time will jsut take my own car.

Re training - I think we are both thinking same way - I have a very specific target of a 1:34 HM on 7th October - 1:34 will leave me happy.

We should not up the training and aim for better than this - that can be the next goal once I have the 1:34 in my bag. Upping the training might risk injury and I suspect that four good weeks of uninterrupted training even at current levels might be enough to sneak lower than 1:34 which would be brilliant!

Got a busy day ahead of me now - lots of meetings and visitors so report back late Friday.

Cheers, Skinny

06/09/2012 at 10:11

I think you should have a sub 1hr 35 in you now, but running has a way of ruining best laid plans, be it weather, the course and a million other factors.

Therefore, I think 3 weeks of good training, and then a very easy week in the lead up to the 7th will stand you in good stead.

Just remind me, did you have that America business trip coming up in the next few weeks?

Otherwise, let;s see how you fare from today's 3, and tomorrow's rest, and I'll set the schedule accordingly.

06/09/2012 at 13:45

Quick lunchtime update - results now in - 51st out of 234 in 42:13 so about a sec a k faster than I reported. Winning time 31:33.

My next two weeks are messy but I will just have to work round my commitments to get the running in.

Next week Monday to Thursday I am travelling round UK to various business sites - I should be able to fit in Easy on Monday and Quality on Wednesday night though.

Then Sunday I fly to Denver - I may go for LSR really early on Sunday morning as I always struggle to sleep on plane so this might help.

That would leave me a Monday and Wednesday session to fit in whilst I am over there - Friday will be a write off as flying all day - and Sunday shoudl be back to normal.

I have told my boss in Denver that this is a key training week for me and she is digging out a 6 mile and 11 mile route for me to do and has suggested I might need to leave meeting early on Wednesday night to fit this in before drinking later - that works for me!

Cheers, Skinny

06/09/2012 at 15:17

That's a fair chunk quicker than you said....42:13 great stuff

From that time I'll slightly tweak your training zones, starting from next Monday,

                     Old Zone                      New Zone

Easy     8.30-9.00                              8.25-9.00   
Steady  7.40-8.15                              7.35-8.10
MP        7.30                                     7.20-7.25
HMP      7.10                                    7.00-7.05
10k        6.52                                    6.45-6.48

As long as you get the quality and the long run in for the next 2 weeks you'll be ok. If you have to lose an easy run that can be brushed off.

Let me know that you're feeling well after the Sunday long run this week, and I'll compose next week's schedule.


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09/09/2012 at 14:37

Coach 13.8 miles in 2:01.

Funny run - felt super easy for first six and was already writing my report to you in my head - by 8 miles I was thinking of taking a short cut home! Anyway completed and now stretching various parts of my body that didn't seem to enjoy second half of run at all.

Anyhow I'm ready for next week - may make easy run on Monday a super easy if not quite shaken off today's effort.

Cheers, Skinny  

09/09/2012 at 18:11

Probably a natural reaction to a hard race on Wednesday Skinny. But it was key to get the long run in, the staple of the training plan, and you made it through.

Make tomorrow a 4miler, as easy as you like, and I'll think about the rest of the week tomorrow with the "magic spreadsheet"

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11/09/2012 at 11:48
Okay Coach, easy 4 out of way - what does computer say for rest of week?

Cheers, Skinny
11/09/2012 at 14:13

Hi Skinny - it's funny/great to read your comment that you were feeling that you needed to perform cos we're out here watching (reading) your progress, and youre doing us all proud! I'm not sure I'm quite brave enough to enter into the goldfishbowl of 'forum training', though am very glad you're doing it as I can't be the only one who's learning lots from your training and tweaks and experience. Keep up the great work (both). Phil

11/09/2012 at 14:36

Right, I'm presuming you're feeling good and recovered.

I've mapped out the 4 weeks to the race day, and I plan on breaking it down like this. This mirrors the approach to my best half marathon build up.

  1. quality session and long run ending with medium quality section
  2. quality session and longest long run you've done (easy pace)
  3. medium long run with strides, and quality long run
  4. Light target pace reps and RACE

So, the details to this week

  • Mon               4miles easy (done)
  • Wed               10miles,  2.5m easy, 2.5m tempo (6.55-7.00 pace), 2.5m easy, 2.5m tempo
  • Fri                  6miles easy
  • Sun               14miles (8miles easy, 6miles steady through to MP)

Remember, that your 10k pb gave you new time zones as below

Easy    8.25-9.00
Steady 7.35-8.10
MP      7.20-7.25
Tempo 6.55-7.00
HMP   7.00-7.05
10K    6.45-6.48

I think from your 10k these will be effective new zones.

Wednesday is a tough little session, and Sunday will be your first taste of combining a long run with faster paces.

For Sunday, I've given you licence to decide how much you run at Steady, and how much at MP in that last 6miles.

See how you get on with that little lot.



11/09/2012 at 14:45
Thanks Coach - Wed does sound like a tough session but that's what the Quality session is all about - might have to lay off the sauce tonight with that facing me in the morning though!!

Thanks for setting out plan too - that really helps - 6 hard training runs to survive then I'm ready for Race Day.

Phil - thanks for words of encouragement!


12/09/2012 at 08:34

Okay coach - big fail this morning.

I am a mild exercise induced asthmatic and cold air seems to make worse - forgot to bring my inhaler which sorts problem so after about the first 'easy' mile and a half I was already sounding like a faulty whistle and when I upped the pace after about 0.25 miles it was too much and had to slow down.

I've found that I do kind of recover during a run so kept going and was able to do what I think would be like a fartlek session where whenever I felt sufficiently able to breath properly I would go faster again but was never able to sustain that pace for very long and then had to recover again. As it warmed up towards end of my run I was able to speed up a little but unfortunately I was never going to get close to session required.

A shame as looking at trainnig session this felt like the one to reinforce the speed from last week before upping the endurance effort - so sorry but at least I will remember inhaler for next weeks trip.

Anyway for point of record here is the splits but none of the miles were run at an even pace (ignoring first two and last one).

10.17 in 1:23:41

9.09, 9.08, 8.09, 8.24, 7.59, 7.45, 8.03, 7.39, 7.20, 8.38, and WD last bit.

Cheers, Skinny

12/09/2012 at 09:15

Not to worry Skinny, it's always best to complete the session through altering it, then just pack it in (barring injury obviously!)

Making it into a Fartlek seems the best freestyled version so that's ok.

This was probably the hardest session, as it involves getting upto a hard speed, reducing it down, then having to hit it again. And that's not to mention that 2.5miles is a hefty chunk at that pace. The other big sessions will see you reach a bi of a crescendo, and once you're there you stay at that pace.

Have to go on your judgement on the Asthma-Inhaler side of things, as I've no real knowledge of any of that...I'm relying that you know how to handle it, and know when to stop etc?

Don't want to see you collapse before the big race

Edited: 12/09/2012 at 09:17
14/09/2012 at 16:10

Hi coach - been busy - no need for you to worry about the asthma - it seems to force me to slow down well before I am in any really serious trouble (and normally I have used inhaler prior to start of my run - never need to take it with me).

Getting picked up from my house at 9am on Sunday morning so I make that a 6am rise and shine to squeeze in 14 miles before a 19 hour door to door journey to Denver.

'Runners - yeah, we're different!' - as the Adidas advert used to say! 

Cheers, Skinny


14/09/2012 at 16:57

6am wake ups on a sunday...welcome to my regular routine

I don't normally follow it up with a plane ride though.....make sure you stretch very well, as you don't want to seize up in the plane

14/09/2012 at 17:01

Better make that 5.30am then

14/09/2012 at 21:42

Skinny ,having  your own thread on here takes a bit of guts bud.As you mentioned earlier about how you didnt want to fail on your recent 1ok,and the thought of having too come back on here and explain any shortcomings was what made you push on.That to me is a good pressure to have and you delivered when it mattered  so you can only go from strength to strength in the future. whens the target half marathon again?

Enjoy your long run and i echo what Stevie says,stretch,stretch and stretch some more before you board the plane


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