P + D training for VLM 2013

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03/05/2013 at 10:24

HeOw - fab report of a really tough day. I was welling up reading it.  As you have said you could not have given anymore.  The determination that you had will stand you in good stead in future marathons.  I think you might be forced to admit that pilates may be helpful to the hips and core.

JF50 - I'm still wearing my gloves to work in the morning but at least I've managed to dispense with the scarf and hat.

03/05/2013 at 10:38

good race report HeOw, and nice time

i have a race number for MK on Monday, 2912, although i'm not sure they do live tracking or anything as fancy as that.

i had the worst run ever yesterday, if you can even call it a run. went out for a gentle lunchtime jog from work, got about half a mile in when i started to get severe and sudden stomach cramps. had to walk and at first hoped they would pass, perhaps i'd drank too much water that morning or something and the sloshing upset my stomach. anyway, didn't pass so i just about made it into a pub and to their loo before suffering voilent diarrhoea. apologies to anyone who might be eating.

immediately i started sweating excessively and felt faint and light headed and felt hot, and my breathing became quick and shallow. i had to sit on the cubicle floor for 10 mins before i had the energy to stand. tried to make the walk back to my office but had no energy. sat down on the pavement, then kind of lay down and curled up. a passer by asked if i was ok and called an ambulance, who checked me over and gave me a lift back to work.

my fingers had a tingly sensation that they said was due to the hyperventilating. high oxygen and low co2. my blood pressure and HR was also low, but after about 20 mins in the back of the ambulance returned to normal. i was just left with some light headedness, kind of like a sugar crash. they measured blod sugar though and said it was within normal range.

feel fine today, so not sure what the cause is. i suspect the faintness and sweating was caused by the stomach cramps. i read that stomach cramps can cause a vasovagal response, but to be honest i need to visit the GP and find out why i would have a sudden and voilent episode of stomach cramps and diarrhoea that pass as suddenly. if it was food poisoning i would expect to have continued bowel upsets for the next day or so, rather than being over in 20 mins. if it was an allergic reaction, i'm not sure to what. i ate and drank nothing different to normal yesterday or the previous day. anyway, i'm sure the GP will check me over and send me on my way, but worth going along anyway.

i dont think this has anything to do with running, it was just incidental that it happened after i'd laced up my trainers for a run. i was waddling along at recovery pace, and only half a mile into the jog, so hardly exerting myself. i plan to race MK on monday, and i just hope i don't get an attack of the gingerbread man

03/05/2013 at 10:57

AG - I had the exact same thing on Wednesday night. Thankfully for me it was in the house and not whislt out running. I had almost exactly the same symptoms you describe. The worst stomach cramps I have ever experienced followed by diarrohea. I thought it was appendicitis at the time as the pain was almost unbearable. The most worrying thing was the breathing problems as well. I also had numb arms and hands which was even more weird. So its been 2 days now without any foodor running. I'm hoping that its just a nasty bug that will pass but I'm still not right. Hoping its not a long term reaction to having overdone things and not recovering from the marathon properly. Think I'll definately be taking it easy this weekend though on the running front until I feel right again. Let me know what your GP says AG. Hope you are feeling better.

03/05/2013 at 11:04

Good grief AG...rest up well before the big day......maybe it's a gastro bug going round?

03/05/2013 at 11:05

also get well to you Chris - give your body chance to recover fully before setting out again...

03/05/2013 at 11:15

Jeepers Chaps, hopefully it has 'passed' as it where.

Well dug out HeOw- a PB is still a PB - sounds to me like most of us ( and probably all the blokes) would have chucked the towel in. Means you have a score to settle at Chester.

03/05/2013 at 11:32

Ermm.. I hardly dare mention... I've also been laid up with severe diarrhoea, stomach cramps and lethargy/lightheadedness for the past two days! WTF?  Is it possible to catch it via a forum?  My daughter has caught it now  Needless to say, I haven't been running, but I'm gagging to get out in this weather even though I'm not quite 100%.  The wierd thing is that for the past week, I have had naff all contact with anyone outside of my own family or those I've run past. I can't think how I could have picked it up.

AG - hope you recover quickly and can start eating well.

HeOw - you did very well indeed under the circumstances. I still can't get over people actually handing out salt water . Crazy.

03/05/2013 at 11:37

Thanks all, feels a bit dramatic reading it back, after all, it is only fucking running but you all get what I mean, the whole last few miles were more than a battle! 

Men - are you doing Delamere parkrun in the morning?  I ain't timekeeping.   Husband is out so can't go. Pesky kids ruining my timekeeping position.  Gutted because I so would have swore at you too... 

AG - oh no mate, fingers crossed you can shift it totally before Monday.  Same to you Chris and Ten, sounds unpleasant.  

03/05/2013 at 11:39

Blimey AG and Chris, hope you get over the problem quickly.

03/05/2013 at 11:48

maybe its the body's way of rebelling after being put through so much and playing ball for 18 weeks?!

03/05/2013 at 11:52

AG - I hope it is nothing and you are OK for Monday

HeOw - can't you take your kids with you to help with the volunteering or are they too small still?  At the Newcastle parkrun there are lots of kids volunteering with parents.

Chris - with the marathon over, at least you have the luxury of doing nowt until recovered.

03/05/2013 at 12:52

Did that once the other week Fiona and I don't think Mark, the run director wants to see me ever again with them!! It was too much hard work, I was no use nor ornament! 

03/05/2013 at 13:04

AG - Hope you feel better soon and have a great run on Monday, I ran MK last April and have some particularly wet & windy memories of that race! (Chris hope you feel better quickly as well)

Sorry for my lack of activity but I've actually been laid up for nearly two weeks (immediately after the VLM really) with a rather nasty foot infection (at one Doctor's visit he was actually talking about Gout and a 'worse case' scenario of losing toes - I kid you not!) Anyway luckily things seem to be settling down down now and I can at least walk again (can't even think about running ATM)

For what it's worth and apologising for the delay (due to the above) I thought I’d report in with my VLM 2013 experience 

As some of you may know my aim for the race had always been a Sub 3 finish having run 3:13:38 at last years Milton Keynes Marathon (which I was pretty disappointed with at the time but at least gave me the qualifying time to enter the VLM)

Anyway I live in Devon so decided to combine the race with a visit to my wife’s family who live just north of the M25. We travelled up the Wednesday before & my brother in law & I visited the Excel on Thursday in order for me to register (we had the obligatory mooch around the Expo as well which was quite interesting) Thursday was also my last pre marathon run with a gentle 5m effort @ 8m/m pace. Saturday my wife & I travelled down to our pre-booked hotel in central London to minimise travelling on race morning

Race day dawned cold & bright & l was downing a large bowl of porridge @ 6:15am prior to travelling to the start. Got to London Bridge via the tube then onto the train to Maze Hill where I met a guy called  Ivan from North London who was also hoping for a Sub 3 finish. We were on the same start (Green) so enjoyed the walk from the station to the assembly area chatting about previous races/hopes for the day etc. With all the pre race stuff out the way (baggage, toilets, drinks, stretching etc) I was in my pen & ready to go @ about 9:50

 I have to say the the 30 sec silence observed prior to the race starting was quite moving & impeccably observed so well done to everybody – then it was the final countdown, the gun fired and we’re off! 

The first few miles were pretty uneventful for me (apart from mile 1 being off target pace @ 7:22 due to the congestion) and I soon settled into a ‘comfortable’ 6:45 pace. I was amazed at about mile 4 to recognise a bloke I know up ahead (a guy called Jamie who runs for my local running club so we often see each other out training) I cruised up alongside him & said hello – we then spent the next 7 or 8 miles running together (he was also hoping for sub 3) & swapped a few stories – certainly helped to while away the early miles! 

The approach and run over Tower Bridge is a point that will stick in my memory for a long time as the support (& noise) was incredible, definitely a high point of the race for me. After the bridge a right turn and through half way in 1:29:15 so bang on target pace (feeling OK as well) I’d lost touch with Jamie by this point who had fallen behind me & I didn’t see him again (I later found out he finished in 3:20) but had now picked up the 2:59 pacer so decided to stick with him till the latter stages and see if I had anything left once 20M had been & gone. I did exactly that all around the Isle Of Dogs/Canary Wharf loop but was beginning to feel the effort by about mile 19, but was still on target pace though and not feeling too bad so all in all OK 

The last 6 miles were a tough time for me. As we went through 20M I had a strong sensation of wanting to slow down and, for the 1st time, was struggling to keep up with the p

03/05/2013 at 13:05

pacer. I knew that if I let him go I wouldn’t be able to get back to him and that my best chance for a sub 3 finish (as I was still on pace at this point) would disappear down the road in front of me. At this point I gave myself a massive internal (I hope!) talking to and reminded myself of all the P&D MP & LT pace runs I had completed and that this was  what it was all for – to give me the tools to keep going at this point in the race. So I clenched my teeth, drove my legs forward and told myself NOT to lose the pacer’s side (I distinctly remember at a couple of points physically increasing my pace to close the gap between us) and that it would all be over soon (just 30 mins more etc) 

Coming out of Blackfriars underpass and seeing Big Ben in the distance was a massive boost for me as I knew that’s where all my family were. I seemed to be struggling less with the pace at this point and was reasonably confident of making it, particularly as we went through mile 24 & I checked my (manual) lap split of 6:28 – I knew at this point I wasn’t going to let it slip so close to the finish. Hit mile 25 and could see the turn @ Big Ben up ahead – got a massive boost from my (screaming) family as I turned into Parliement Square & onward to Birdcage walk (which at that point seemed to stretch into the ever receding distance!) It was literally just a case of hanging on at this point. I hit mile 26 with a 6:45 mile and saw the ‘385 Yards To Go’ sign (really?!) and then it was another right turn into The Mall and there was the finish! I can honestly say that I could not raise even the slightest of sprints, I was going flat out & must have looked a right sight! Anyway the finish finally came and I stopped the clock @ 02:59:05 with a celebratory punch of the air, job done!

The organisation at the finish (& the start & all the way round to be fair) was fantastic and so slick. Chip removal, medal presentation, finish photo, goody bag issue & baggage retrieval all within the space of 5 minutes or so – excellent. Sat down for a few minutes to change my shoes & have a drink before walking (slowly) down to Horse Guards to meet the waiting family. As I was making my way down I bumped into Ivan (the guy I travelled to the start with) He was a bit upset (but still happy) as he finished just outside 3 hrs (03:00:43 I think) & said that he saw the 2:59 pacer (with me next to him) pass him in the final mile – he said he tried to pick his pace up to hook up with us but just didn’t have it in him – anyway we both congratulated each other & went our separate ways when I then met up with all my family at the ‘P’ meet & greet point where I had a lovely lie down on the grass in the sun to start my recovery 

It was an amazing day and one I’ll never forget. The atmosphere and crowd support (all the way round) was unbelievable and was a massive help so thank you to each & every spectator/supporter that took the time to cheer us all on. As amazing as it was and as much as I ‘enjoyed’ it I can honestly say I have no intention of running it again next year (despite running a FGFA qualifying time) – for me the goal was always a sub 3 marathon PB and now that I’ve achieved it I leave London and the Marathon challenge a very happy and satisfied bunny 

 I have to finish by thanking the P&D schedule as well. By following it and in less than 12 months I’ve reduced my Marathon PB by a massive 14:33 from my last effort of 03:13:38 to 02:59:05 (and I thought I’d trained hard for the last one!) – I’d say that it works!!

(sorry for the overly long post btw - hope it wasn't too boring!!)

03/05/2013 at 13:15

Ginger - do you cope well in the heat? I have to say I can get the trots/palpitations/ overwhelming fatigue if I get hot. if it's any consolation, my last little run I did before the marathon last week was dreadful. I could barely muster a jog, felt rough. But I went on to smash my target time, so have faith. 

15w, I was vaguely aware your name was Stephen but when I saw you, your forum name sprung to mInd. I did the same last yeaat when I spotted Quays Runner (don't know if you remember his from last years Manchester forum)....I was shouting 'Quays, Quays' like a right tit....he didn't see me 

Ive still not run yet since Sunday. I feel ready to run again but just haven't had time. I'm travelling back to the North West gain today for the long weekend. HeOw, I will be traipsing round the pubs of Frodsham tonight....do you go there, seeing as you're a Helsby runner?    

03/05/2013 at 13:16

PS - sorry to hear some of you have also been ill. As Ten says, hope it's not cyber contagious!!

03/05/2013 at 13:46

I've already washed my hands twice just in case it is cyber contagious or text message contagious as my Niece and Nephew and parents have all had a nasty sounding lurgy.

Dave - great report and well done on the hard earned sub 3.

03/05/2013 at 13:55

dave  - nice happy report there after HeOw's horror story...sure you won't change your mind about that FGFA place?!

Shazmo - you must have felt a bit silly shouting 15 too....but, who cares eh?!

6 mile run today. Still garmin free so dont' know exactly how fast I'm running but I'm sure it's too fast...

03/05/2013 at 14:03

Great report Dave. We must have been sitting next to each other under the trees at 'P' point. We would have been there at much the same time as I was waiting for my fellow runners from 'Porthcawl' club. I bet you are in some of my photos! ha.

03/05/2013 at 14:04


It appears we ran the last half of the race within 5m of each other - where you in a white top?right on the shoulder of the pacer (the 2nd one - the first one dropped out around the isle of dogs I think?)

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