P + D training for VLM 2013

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01/02/2013 at 21:16
15West wrote (see)
NN give it time, they'll fall out.

I will look forward to that 

Chris it will be worth it..then you can drink all you like to celebrate the pb 

01/02/2013 at 21:25

It better had be NN. I'll be drunk and asleep after one pint I think after London.

01/02/2013 at 21:28

Thanks all, I am usually very good re pacing myself well but with the icy roads, I had hit trails and they are very very hilly and totally underestimated the extreme nature of them and how much it would take out of me.  For now, will be only doing trails once every 2 weeks.  Lesson learned the hard way.  

NN - I have 3 girls, 3, 5 and 10.  I have been constantly marathon training since October 2011...   I have spent couple of days deliberating over whether to just shelve Manchester and only do Autumn marathon but I have decided I am going to stick to the sub 55 plan as best I can AND HEART RATE MONITOR is coming out of the drawer too.  I have also made sure today that my diet has been more of a runners and not a busy mum's...   When I did training for my first marathon, it was only on 3-4 runs a week and I just made sure I was getting long run and tempo in.  I am putting more pressure on myself so taking stock has done me good to be honest, I have to be realistic. 

ACP - What did you do Chester in again?

Literatin - I am sure because you benched yourself pretty fast and have done everything right, you will be back on the roads next week.  Fingers crossed. 

NP - I have never been politically correct.  

Chickadee - Holy crap - 4:30AM?!   That is bloody dedication - I am awarding you the Roy Castle trophy.

Again, great mileage everyone - I am one of the lowest!  


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01/02/2013 at 21:43

NP - Epic mileage mate! Very impressive. Good luck for your race tomorrow.

I keep my mileage log at work but i think i managed 225 miles of running, 5 miles of swimming and 50 miles of cycling in January. Mileage fell of last week due to injury but still happy with that total.

Decided on cycling to work today rather than doing my 11 mile MLR. 52 mile round trip took it right out of me. 5 mile recovery tomorrow but might add a couple miles as feeling guilty for not getting my run in today.

01/02/2013 at 21:53

Heow blimey they are still tiny how do you find the time ? I guess you must be mid 30s ? my son and his wife are 31/32 their boys are 5 and 2.5 and they take it in turns to get their fitness stuff done but its really tough when the kids are that young to fit everything in and have quality time as a couple.....but how lovely all girls I bet they will keep you on your toes when they are teenagers...its all boys for me including 3 grandsons...got 2 nieces though...And yes get that HRM out I cant believe the miles I have been able to knock out running at the correct easy pace, and as for the diet I make sure I eat tons of fruit and veg and get plenty of protien after a long run.

talking of autumn marathons..I have just entered Abingdon in October, it does fill up quickly, I have entered twice before but never actually run it...I couldn't be arsed to train through a warm summer the first time and the second time I didn't bother cos I had such a bad time at London I vowed never to do another marathon..I have managed to sell on my place both times so there is that option again if it all goes tits up again this year.

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01/02/2013 at 23:15
Thanks for the welcome nn I'm just hoping the near-injury is passing and I can get away with an elliptical on sat and a proper long run on Sunday. Just wondering if the bump at the top of the tibia will disappear. There are some impressive mileages stacking up on this thread and I don't want to slip behind!
02/02/2013 at 08:46

HeOw - I ran a terrible time at Chester - can't even bring myself to write it! Suffice to say it was worse than Manchester and I didn't think that was possible!

I have 4 young kids too (age 8 and under) and I struggle to find a compromise between doing what I want running wise and not being too knackered to spend quality time with them and the OH! I've decide to shelve the Shrewsbury marathon plans - may still do the half though - see you there maybe Pottermiss?! Are you from Stoke? That's where I originate from but now live in Telford.

Anyway, I'm going to stick with my original plan of doing just the one marathon in Chester and I shall continue to lurk and possibly post on this thread from time to time! Good luck everybody.

02/02/2013 at 09:52
Morning. The world has turned into an icerink here. It was torrential rain when I went to bed but must have got really cold in the night and everything frozen. Still really cold and parkrun cancelled just as I got there so did a lot of back and forth on a dry bit to make 7 miles. I abandoned the strides for fear of slipping at speed. Hope everyone else manages ok.
02/02/2013 at 10:12
7 miles done early and slowly. And 10 tough strides thrown in at the end. Felt knackered, which is no suprise after finishing last nights 11 late and then getting out this morning. Still, needs must and all that. Just on the way to watch the rugby in Cardiff. Come on WALES! With any luck I'll fall asleep after a few pints and get some
much needed rest ahead of tomorrows massive run. Anyone else going to be doing their first ever 20 miler tomorrow?
02/02/2013 at 11:50

NN - My youngest is in preschool 3 days a week (she is 4 on Monday) and obviously the other two in full time school.  I run on those 3 days as I don't work and then will slot another run in over weekend.  I also have an understanding husband who never complains as he has a huge hobby too (dogs).  I just kind of muddle through BUT it is proving to be taking its toll a tad - for instance, I have done my 18 miles this morning but I came home at 9:30am after doing it, done in, and all hell broke loose with them fighting and whining and I haven't managed to get a recovery drink in until now nor any fuel.  I found when I was a bit less obsessional about times, it was easier, when I trained for Manchester and Chester, I just what I could, when I could.  

ACP - don't be daft, anyone can have a bad marathon and time doesn't always indicate the sheer effort involved sometimes JUST to finish.  When is Shrewsbury?  Yes, it is hard not to feel whacked, I think we will both look back in a few years and wonder how on earth we did it!  However, it's hard for anyone who is a parent and even harder if you work also, I couldn't do it if I worked too, no way.

Chris - well done on getting 7 done after your 11 last night! Good luck to Wales

Fiona, was icy here too this morning. 

Welcome Steve C - apologies, I have no idea what you are training for and what time you are looking to get and what has happened re injury.  Fill me in please! 

Soooo I did my 18 miles, HRM on and it was awful.  I am still obviously not 100% and heart rate reserve was around 70% for majority of the run (no way could i do MRP miles today, I have lost a lot of strength recently and luckily, I missed last weeks 18 easy so did that instead of 18 with 10 at MRP. My heart rate starting getting more erratic last five miles and it has to be around the worst long run I have ever ran.  My asthma was back cos of the cold wind and I generally struggled from the start.  Average pace was 9:30m/m and my heart rate went from 70% HRR to 75-80% HRR even though I didn't get any faster which is huge indicator I am not right still.  I am seriously considering shelving Manchester BUT will give it another month I think, I still have 3 months to race and if I get past this nasty virus and asthma setback, I will be fine.  I was wondering if anyone knows of any decent flat marathons around in end of May/June? Preferably North/Midlands. Just to have as back up really.  I feel today like I have gone back 15 months in fitness.  I know I haven't but it is a real kick to confidence when last year, in summer, I could belt out a 8:40m/m 20 miler NO problem and today, a 9:30m/m 18 miler was torture. 

02/02/2013 at 13:10

Fecking hell  Heow what the hell time did you get up if you had done 18 miles by 9.30 ???? dont be so hard on yourself , you shouldnt be belting out 8.40 pace 20 milers ANYWAY !!!!.unless you are targeting well under 3.30 will you bloody well listen woman !! and make the recovery drink/snack before you go out the door so if there is a war when you get in you can sort them out while drinking/eating....bless them, bet they are cute...when they are asleep..

Fiona pity the parkrun was cancelled and sensible to run easy if its icy

Chris another session ticked off well done, dont over do the pints or your first ever 20 may be the last if you throw up and hate every minute..

It is pretty chilly and windy here too, not icy though, but I am getting sick of battling a headwind all the sodding time

8.1 miles in 70 mins with some strides

21 tomorrow, I was hoping to run 16 of them with my brother for company but he hasnt been well this week so he may have to bail out, and I will have to do the 21 on my own 

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02/02/2013 at 14:45

I'd decided to drop todays 7m GA with strides session and replace it a PB attempt at a local parkrun (I did 2 mile warmup and 2 mile cooldown to make up the mileage).

I'd spent the last few days checking the weather forecast as the course is fairly exposed, so was delighted that there was very little wind today. Unfortunately parts of the course were covered in ice and this meant they altered it to an alternative route that was about 5.8k (they deliberately make it much longer to prevent anyone getting an event record on the unofficial couse).

So that scuppered any chance of a PB but according my Garmin my average pace was 6:03m/m and I went through 5k in about 18:47. That would have been about 35 seconds faster than my current PB which was only set in November.

Little bit miffed it won't be recorded as an official PB but delighted that the last few months of training seems to be working.

After my run I had a sports massage and am now going to have a lazy day napping in front of the rugby in preparation for tomorrow's 18 miler. (Chris - 18 miles will be the 2nd furthest I've ever ran. The only time I've ever gone further was during my one and only marathon)

Even though I had the lowest monthly mileage of anyone on this thread, I'm finding this marathon training hard work and I've no idea how some of you manage to combine it with looking after a young family. 

HeOw please take care of yourself!! 3 months is more than enough time to get your fitness back and you'll only set yourself back further if you try and rush your comeback from virus & asthma.


02/02/2013 at 15:19

Did the 7 miles plus the strides.  Was worried that I would run out of power as had the low battery warming three miles in but managed to eack it out till the end of the strides.  My strides seem to be getting faster at least.

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02/02/2013 at 18:53

HeOw - Shrewsbury is on 23rd June. Good Luck whatever you decide, there is time yet. Did you do Manchester last year? (too many pages to read back), it was a memorable day! Well done on getting your 18 done, you've reminded me of what it's like with 3 small children in the house, my youngest is now 17.

acp - I am a Stokie by marriage  but we live between Shrewsbury and Whitchurch. I see that Telford is getting a parkrun started in a couple of weeks time -  should be good! I think I will do the Shrewsbury half, so yes see you there.

Ziggy - well done on the 'unofficial' pb I am glad it's working!

NN - Good luck tomorrow with your 21, I am glad the sub 55 doesn't go over 20 miles for the long run. 

18 for me tomorrow, I have decided not to worry too much if I have to miss the occasional mile here and there off a recovery run, but I will definitely keep the quality runs, I will find it easier to fit it all in when it gets a little bit lighter in the evenings, otherwise I have to drive to the nearest town for street lighting as I am not that comfortable running in the dark round country lanes.

Good luck with the long runs if you're running tomorrow.

02/02/2013 at 20:23
Lots of reading back.
SteveC welcome.
HeOw I'm a dinosaur myself or rather old school, I even still open doors for ladies you must of been out the door at dark o'clock for your 18 mile run and if you didn't eat breakfast before you set off 2hrs before that may be a big reason for the increase in HR. but well done you sound like one determined lady but you also need to refuel within 2 hours.
NN well done on the 8 miles and enjoy the 21 tomorrow.
Ziggy well done at the park run these are good for speed work and you did the right thing adding a few miles each side.
Surry runner nice running.
Pottermiss enjoy your 18 tomorrow.

Well race report. Me and the OH travelled down to my sons as he lives about 15 mins away from the start line just under an hour from here, he was supposed to be playing football but it was cancelled so he and the grandaughter came to watch as well. the race was a 10k trail race and I wasn't going for a PB or even push that hard, 244 people had turned up and I always seem to feel a bit intimidated by all the young fit looking people. Anyway after registration and feeding some sheep I got a warm up mile in before toeing the line. The gun went off and the race started, after the initial rush which was up hill at the mile mark on my Garmin I counted only 13 people in front of me so I took the foot off the pedal a bit and settled down. Over the next four miles there where a few hills one which was done twice and after the second climb up this hill I was in 10th place with two young lads in front of me. I managed to chase one down and drop him as I went past up a little climb however I ran out of trail and as the finish line approached I ran out of time to run the other one down. So I came in 9th overall and 1st over 50 male vet and ??25 better off. Time 38:40 so a good day all round, some good tempo running off road and an age group win second half of the day was hard as after a shower at my son and daughter in laws I supported my OH in her hobby shopping........22 easy miles tomorrow
02/02/2013 at 20:31

Ha ha NN - I kind of learned that the hard way - I was running ALL my long runs way too fast, I left my race on the road, by the time Chester came, I was not fresh and managed to do 8:40 for guess what... 20 miles.  Novice error.  I thought you ran everything at race pace!  It was only by educating myself about marathon training that I realised... Today, even though my HR was well within the zone P&D recommend, it felt harder than normal but I think that is down to the fact that once you hit the big miles (18 plus to me) they are hard the first time you do them in your training block.  I haven't done a long run since my 16 miler nearly 4 weeks ago either, that won't have helped.  I am glad I did it though. I was up at 6:10 and out the door by 6:40.  

Ziggy, well done on your unofficial 5k PB and I would be a tad miffed too if wasn't official but like you say, you know you are getting a lot fitter!  (and bloody fast!)  Not long before you will doing it in sub 6 min miles. 

Potter, Shrewsbury sounds a definite back up if I find I cannot get myself on track, although, I have a feeling I will be fine in a week or two. Yes, I did Manchester and yep, the weather was biblical and it was my first marathon too.  It set a bench mark though, I doubt I will get much tougher than that in the near future (awaits Manchester this year to be 100 degrees...)   Good luck with your 18 tomorrow, I feel your pain! Re recovery runs, I am truly not worried whether I do them all, I know they will make a difference to my end time but I have to be realistic and if I need to drop a day or so, those will be the ones.  I will do one tomorrow though. 

Surrey, I haven't bothered with strides, I have stuck to a tempo instead. I understand why strides work but I think a LT session (bear in mind I am not sticking to plan 100%) works better for me.  On the weeks strides are in the plan, I have either done that session on hills or added a 4-5 mile tempo.  If I was doing the full quota of miles, I would stick to the plan rigidly, but I have always been a rebel.  

NP - I had huge bowl of porridge with sugar and large glass of OJ before I left so can't blame that!  Bloody well done on your trail race and what a cracking finish and love you picking off the young little shits...   You are a brilliant inspiration!

Good luck those who are doing long runs tomorrow! 




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02/02/2013 at 21:24

NP - well done on that 10k - bet your family were proud of you!

HeOw - keep at it if your busy family life allows, those longs runs will get easier.

I'm down for 21 miles, but going to run 22 just because NP makes me feel so lazy!

02/02/2013 at 23:15
Al Runs - I took p.m. on the strides to mean 'per mile'. Or do you think that is wrong? It doesn't matter really, as I did a variation on that run anyway. Ready to tackle 18 tomorrow - good luck everyone with the long runs.
03/02/2013 at 06:19

I think that p.m. is a mistake - they don't have that in the 55-70 schedule.

Up early for some porridge before 22 miles. Not sure whether to take a gel or not. Better get used to running in the wind as we're going to be stuck with them for a few days, will also be getting a bit chilly again.

03/02/2013 at 07:16

Cold wet and windy here just waiting for the porridge to settle before heading out.taking 1 gel today.

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