P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

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Today at 14:41
Madbee wrote (see)

Sorry marrows, forgive my annoying cross examination, but I am interested - I am also roughly the same age and BMI as you guys so wondering if I could ever get into such realms (I still maintain that there must be some level of talent - I don't think I could run 3:10 at this stage on 70 miles)!  What is your 'training age' and how many miles a week do you run when not marathon training? Do you do any strength or other exercises?  Did you run or do sport when you were a kid?  And do you pay attention to diet significantly?  I promise I am not being a creepy stalker, just intrigued by the idea that someone apparently not with a great natural talent might be able to work their way up to low 3s...  I don't know if I'd have the freedom to put in 70 miles a week with other commitments, but theoretically, I wonder if I could get there in a couple of years' time...

no need to apologise. it's flattering to be grilled thus.  was definitely not sporty kid.  I did go to ballet when a tot and the examiner wrote 'plenty of bounce but lacks poise'.  Swimming club lasted longer

Today at 14:55
Sorry had to rush off. You will get a very long answer later or perhaps in instalments madbee
Today at 15:24
Righty-ho. Packed up & checked in. Flying tomorrow afternoon. Hope they have affordable WiFi at the hotel but wouldn't be surprised if it was 20 bucks per day

Will try to be online but may not if too expensive. Flying to Chicago the day after the marathon (great idea.....) to pick up our rental car for a 3000 mile trip to LA back home on May 16. Bring it on

Wish me luck. I really need it :-/ did 5 miles with 2 @ MP and didn't enjoy it. Back really stiff and achy. I hope it won't feel like that on Monday. All things considered its a bit of a miracle that I've come this far and survived 70+ mileage weeks. I reckon that this one will have been my last stint on P&D as any fast running causes the back to spasm and that's not much fun. I love being on this forum though and will really miss you guys .....

Whatever happens on Monday I will try not to be shit . And I can always call my result my post injury PB
Today at 15:33

Just got round to reading Lit's race report on the Overdone It thread (p293).  Well written - interesting, entertaining and very impressive thanks. 

Not a 7.xx minute mile in the whole race.  Just like me

Today at 15:36

GOOD LUCK Chick! I will press my thumbs for you. Or something.

I like the tunnel at Blackfriars because both times I have done London my whole family has been waiting to cheer me on as I emerged. Didn't notice any up-and-down-ness.

- running 5.5 years (starting with just easy-paced short runs for general fitness 2-3 times a week, building up to every day 3 years in as I'd lost some weight through dieting and had a huge excess of energy (which I still have, am insanely energetic; must be very annoying for colleagues; can't not exercise or would be even more unbearable))
- somewhere around 45 miles a week when focusing on 10k to HM last year. Not sure post-mara recovery as will be focusing on 5k this summer.
- I do pilates and have done (and will prob go back to) circus aerial classes (static trapeze, aerial rope) so have quite strong core & upper body. I do some bodyweight exercises at home (pull-ups, push-ups etc.) but only 5 mins per day if that.
- not sporty as a kid. Though did win 3-legged race on sports day one time with Francesca McD. Bit overweight in mid-20s as was student for 10 years and everyone knows being at uni makes you fat.
- diet: lost some weight a few years ago by cutting out carbs (of some types) for a bit, now can eat whatever I like (because smaller appetite due to not eating large amounts of bulky food like white bread). I counted calories for last month or so of mara training so as not to lose too much weight. Strangely fascinating. I also have rule of only eating/drinking things I am actually going to enjoy, so no bollocks sports performance products, low-fat shit etc., but only proper food (butter, cheese, good quality wine).

Today at 15:36

I think i'll manage that as well

(wonder what a 7mm looks like!! can't even do that in a 5k).

Today at 15:46

chickadeee - good luck just in case you get fleeced by rip off interweb connection prices in the hotel! We'll all be stalking you and shazmo from across the Atlantic - there's no escape 

Today at 15:57

Good luck Chick and Shazmo! I'm relying on BT to do her live commentry.

Today at 16:06

PMSL i'll be errr umm err ohh maybe! in between stuffing myself on easter eggs. It is easter right? i'm allowed to each chocolate and be a fat pig for this holiday?

Today at 16:08

GO CHICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today at 16:17

BT - no you are not allowed to stuff yourself with chocolate. chicken, fish and veggies only

Today at 16:28

Good luck guys!


So......who's putting their name in the vmlm 15 ballot on Tuesday??

Today at 16:29

Go Chick!! *waves pompoms*

And Shazmo!  *more indiscriminate waving* 

Today at 16:31

DT... maybe...  If you get a place then end up with a GFA what happens?  Can you transfer the ballot place to someone else?

Lit, thanks for your potted history - I keep unconsciously comparing myself to people and then remember that actually I've only been seriously running for a couple of years (though was dicking around with some intermittent, slow, low mileage and treadmill runs for a few years before that just to lose some weight.).  Totally agree on the food thing, though I definitely don't do low carb - only ever REAL food, margarine is a bit of a swear word in my house...

Edited: 17/04/2014 at 16:35
Today at 16:32

No but you can upgrade your starting pen to a faster one by ringing up and telling them about your GFA time.

Today at 16:33
great cheerleading Madbee
Today at 16:34

will obviously be rooting for you chick and shazmo. Before you go off-line chick please tell us your race number so we can stalk you

Today at 16:42

DT19: Hell yes, jealous as hell of you lot, and again i'll pay the £35 there and then, if I don't get in it goes to charity, so what the heck.

Chick n Shazmoo: Flyyyyyyyyyyyyy like the wind Have a great race.


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