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08/04/2004 at 11:45
I'm sure that if I had had the confidence to stick to my guns with my run walk schedule (4:2). I would have got round Stafford a little bit faster and certainly not have keeled over by mile 10, and had to limp the last three.

Unfortunately, I felt I couldn't do that and ended up coming in last.

Run/walking is definitely a good plan
08/04/2004 at 21:29
Aw Puff, limping 3 miles is no mean feat. Bad luck.

Thanks for posting. It is so reassuring, I had thought of run/walk as a bit like crawling, you know, a stepping stone that you need to go over to get to running properly. Really interesting to see that it has legitimacy amongst even experienced runners.

Certainly doesn't seem to have been a soft option for my 10k. Even though I got a really mega-slow time my legs still felt it. Tonight was my first night out and I just did 30 mins of run3/walk2 because my calves objected to Sunday.
10/04/2004 at 21:07
Hey, glad to see this thread has life still - 42 posts.

Well, I have plodded 10 mile training runs three times now, and 12 miles once. On the 12 mile run I did 5 minutes run/ 1 minute walk. On the first ten miler, I plodded continuously with no walk breaks. On the other two, I experimented with 0.7 miles run / walk one minute and run one mile / walk the first minute of the next mile.

And my fastest average pace? The 5/1 12 mile run! Maybe I'll stop experiementing now and go with this (I'm training for my first half marathon on May 22nd). It just seems so counter-intuitive!
11/04/2004 at 15:28
That's just it Notty, counter intuitive but it seems to work doesn't it. :o)
12/04/2004 at 09:37
Thanks for your advice big C - I'm planning to run/walk London on Sunday starting from mile one and hopefully I may break my PB of 4.08 from Dublin - either way I figure I've got nothing to lose , as I'm running Edinburgh marathon on 13th June I'll need to recover quickly! I'll let you know how I get on!
12/04/2004 at 10:11
GT, i used to get frustrated by the fact that i still run/walk even after nearly a year, but i still call myself a runner - albeit a slow one. I do my best and thats all i can do. It just seems to work for me.

Slow but happy - i'm no expert but they do say that your recover quicker when you run/walk as oppose to just run. Good luck for sunday.
19/04/2004 at 11:27
sorry guys - I just couldn't do it, I'm afraid that i let you all down and ran all the way round but did achieve a PB of 4.03 along the way. Interestingly enough I did meet a guy on the way round who was run/walking 5 mins on 1 min off and it did seem to be working and he said it normally gets him in in under 4 hours( although I did finish ahead of him). My problem was that I have just got a new watch and couldn't work out how to set it to bleep every 6 mins ! hopefully I'll sus it in time for Edinburgh on June 18th!
19/04/2004 at 11:46
Well done you!
You did what you felt was best for you and it paid off.

And 4.03 - fantastic.

bet your chuffed

go and stick some more brasso on your medal
19/04/2004 at 18:42
Well done SBH, sorry can't possibly call you by your official name as you are quite obviously not slow by my standards... do hope you're having a super-duper-extraspecially happy day today though. Excellent achievement! Good on you!

20/04/2004 at 13:45
thanks GT - I actually had Jo, Slow But Happy on the back of my t shirt on Sunday and it prompted a few comments from other runners - most of who were overtaking me!
Ranging from "I wish I was happy" from a miserable looking older gentleman at about 23 miles to a cheery "no Jo, fast but happy" as somebody flew past me at about 24 - I think I looked pretty miserable at that point though as I had cramp!

I do feel extremely happy today but boy am I slow - I can hardly move! I don't know whether it was the weather but I ache like I never have done before after a marathon, obviously I should have run/walked and then I would have felt much better!

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