Runners needed for physiotherapy project

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14/01/2004 at 17:37
I'm a final year physiotherapy student (and keen runner) looking for runners
from the Southeast to participate in my research project.

Essentially, the study aims to increase the understanding of the possible mechanisms behind knee pain in runners. Physiotherapists sometimes use exercises that aim to change the activity of muscles around the hip for lower limb injuries such as 'runner's knee'. These exercises are based on theories suggesting that the tensor fascia lata muscle may be overactive and the gluteus medius muscle under active. This could lead to altered forces at the kneecap through an increased lateral pull (via both the iliotibial band and a more medial position of the knee).

The study will look at hip muscle activity during treadmill running in
runners who have remained injury free and those who have had anterior knee
pain in the past but are not currently injured. Subjects need to be senior
males (18-40), have been running 20+ miles/week for > 1yr, and fit onto one
of the above categories. It may later expand to include ladies and veterans.

The data collection will be taking place at the University of Brighton's
Human Movement lab in Eastbourne between mid January and end March (at
weekends and evenings). It will take approximately 45 minutes.

If you are interested or would like any further information, don't hesitate to contact me by email (

Matt Long
14/01/2004 at 20:04
Sorry I don't fit the bill, but I'm sure someone will be along soon.

Good luck with your project!
15/01/2004 at 09:53
I'm too old <sulk>

There's a few crocked knees on this forum, Matt. Good luck!
15/01/2004 at 10:50
Matt, email on the way. I fit the bill and will be down at the coast (though not Eastbourne) a couple of times over the next few months. Since I have adopted a forefoot running technique my old knee problem hasn't re-occured so it would be interesting to find out what differences you find in the biomechanics of heel-strikers and forefoot-strikers.

Have you considered the fact that people run differently on a treadmill than they do on road? I certainly do. You're going to get skewed results if you only study treadmill running.
15/01/2004 at 13:39
let me know if you expand the study to ladies as well, I have had on/off problems with ITB and runners knee for about a year now - although I had quite a few weeks with little or no running training at all last year due to these problems, as will probably be the case a lot of your intended runners?
15/01/2004 at 17:45
Thanks for the input all.
Chaos - I have considered the differences in treadmill and road running (such as shorter stride and more forward position on the foot for initial contact). For the parameters I'm looking at, and due to the difficulty of measuring muscle activity on the road with the equipment available to me, I believe that I'll still obtain valuable data from just the treadmill.
Annajo - thanks for offering your help, but if I do expand I'll not be incorporating runners with ITBFS, as this would take a whole separate study!

15/01/2004 at 18:01
hmmm... knee pain though, yes? if you exclude all runners with knee pain caused by a tight ITB, that would mean that a lot of blokes would then not be able to take part.

have you thought of posting this on the injury thread-might find more crocked runners there!
18/01/2004 at 13:36
I'm not excluding runners with knee pain caused by tight ITBs annajo, but I do need runners who are getting pain at the patellofemoral joint rather than the lateral epicondyle of the femur (the edge of the lower thigh bone where the iliotibial band is thought to cause pain through excessive friction).

Good idea to post on the injury pages though!

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