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09/04/2003 at 11:15
Having done the Berko Half at the beginning of March in 2:09, I thought I would try a slightly more structured approach for the Keswick Half in May, but am confused about weeks 9 & 10 being the same?

Anyone know what I should be doing Week 9? I don't want to wreck everything, which seems to be going quite well, by getting it all wrong!

Thanks! :-)
09/04/2003 at 11:17
(Oops, forgot to switch on notification - Dur!)
09/04/2003 at 12:19
Stumpy, sorry I can't help. I too need some help - am on week 4 of the same schedule - 1/2 marathon in 1:50+ but missed my 7-8 mile run at the weekend. Shall I just carry on as normal? Am planning on the Plymouth Half, known as a challenging course!
Also, where it says 7-8 mile (or 1 hour), does this mean do 7-8 miles, and if you do this in less than an hour you can just stop at an hour?
09/04/2003 at 13:11
Hi Emma,
I'm doing the four days as Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, so would probably try to do the long run either Tuesday (preferably, so you have more time to recover before the next one at the next weekend but a bit late now!) or Thursday (probably too close to the next one), as its the long run, with the time on your feet what you need to get used to I think.

Mind you, its still early in the schedule for you, so if you've missed it, well, accept it, cos you don't want to go mad trying to make it up and hurt yourself.

Having said that, there are loads of people on the forums that are more experienced than me - lets hope someone offers us both some advice!

Good luck with Plymouth - Berko was hard, which is why I thought I ought to approach Keswick sensibly!
09/04/2003 at 13:43
Thanks Stumpy - in the land of the blind the one eyedman is king!
10/04/2003 at 14:40
Anyone else like to help us out?

10/04/2003 at 16:01
Maybe its just you and me, everyone else does them in less than 1:50. I guess anyone that knows wouldn't bother reading this thread!
10/04/2003 at 16:12
I did Silverstone in 2.05, had already entered for Stratford at the end of April...
Two days after S/S suffered injury that has kept me out of running for almost 5 weeks...
Have been training again since Sun 30th...
I now have 17 days to regain what I lost... as far as I can see, not a chance...
So, you certainly are not on your own in the time frame..!!
I would appreciate any helpful advice too!! :o)
10/04/2003 at 16:14
Back to do the notification thingy...!
10/04/2003 at 16:14
I don't claim to be an expert here by any means, only having run one half marathon before, however, I reckon Stumpy that the reason that weeks 9 and 10 are the same is because you're tapering, slowing down on all the training so that you can be fully fit and full of energy for Race Day...well it's a thought! I'm sure RW wouldn't have got it wrong would they?....would they?? By the way, there's no way I'll be running Plymouth in less than 1:50 either!

Emma, I would run 7 or 8 miles or for an hour, which ever take you less time. (Does that make sense?!) So if you can run 7 miles in 50 mins then that's all you need to do....I think!
10/04/2003 at 16:18
7 miles in 50 minutes - Ha!
10/04/2003 at 16:26
Hi Spooner, I agree about the tapering, but the bit that worried me was the mention of Race Day twice.....! I figured once would be enough / more than enough!

And Emma - Ha indeed!!
10/04/2003 at 16:28
Oh yeah, you're right - maybe it is a mistake then....??!

10/04/2003 at 16:32
I hope so!
19/04/2003 at 22:30
i am doing the great north run as my first half marathon and am going to aim for 2 hours ish! i would have expected that the training schedule would have gone over 13 miles at some point. will i reach 13 and stop because my legs know no diffent?
22/04/2003 at 08:47
I've been told that like the marathon you don't need to train over 12 miles & you will be able to get round by will power, stamina, determination, bloody mindedness, crowd cheering you on, etc etc. I hope this is right!
23/04/2003 at 12:24
I can thoroughly recommend the other schedules that runners world have for the half marathon, 12-week schedules, but they are unfortunately subscriber only.

I followed these a little while ago for sub 2 hour half, and although I didn't make it to the end of the schedule because of injury (nothing to do with the schedule, my IT band was stretched to breaking point!) I took 5 minutes off of my 10k time, and was going well for a sub 2 hour despite having only run 2.22 before a year ago. Felt a lot fitter as well

23/04/2003 at 12:47
Hi Annajo - Are they different to these then? I am a subscriber and thought these were the only ones - maybe the others would give me the answer I have been looking for! Could you let me know where I should be looking?

Thank you!
23/04/2003 at 15:10
Hello guys - I am going to do a half-marathon in September so plenty of time for me still.. I subscribe to the US edition so I do not have access to the subscriber only area here. Could anybody e-mail me the 12-week schedule? (
Thanks a lot.
24/04/2003 at 09:31
stumpy, i'll try and post a link to them. not sure if I can though from subs only pages.

just have to find them again first!
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