Sat 19th March 2005

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JD.    pirate
19/03/2005 at 18:10
URR - am stretching the ITB for an hour or so a day. every oportunity i get!

OR - well fingers crossed ... early days yet. But the rest definitly let my knee gain some strength. 4 days is the longest brea i've had this year from exercise i think.

Good luck with HM PB tomorrow!
19/03/2005 at 18:41
Well done ne! 15 year olds should be beating us over short distances really, but I bet he'd be nowhere near you over 10 miles.
19/03/2005 at 19:20
good evening and

good running to all in races tomorrow.

a lovely day today
what: 22 and a bit miles (2h55)
why: get the long run done

i need some serious advice about digestive systems...i'll save my thoughts for next week
Blisters    pirate
19/03/2005 at 21:19
2 days of rest, and my leaden legs feel sooooo much better. Looking forward to tomorrow at Bath. I spent a lot of time today pining to go for a run. Didn't want to jeapordise tomorrow though.

Well done to NE, 3rd or 10th out of how many? It sounds like a good enough result anyway.

19/03/2005 at 21:42

Phew, what a day its been.Race report coming up, so be warned, get yourself a nice cup of tea.

Well done to ASN and Melissa for the long runs today, and to the few running at Rhayader.Also to NE, very noble to let a 15 year old beat you.

What-20 mile trail race(report below)

Why-A pre London must event this one.

Last Hard-Mmmm, today i think.

Last rest-2 days.

Compton Downland 20 Miler Race Report

First thing to say is that the ankle got through it in one piece, no obvious problems so far so that looks good.
This race is a classic in our area,fantastic off road route, a good few hills for me, superb drink stops in the middle of nowhere supplied with cakes etc, and even a meal in the school canteen at the end for all runners,its got it all.Not bad for 12 quid.
Definitely shorts and vest weather today, and was pretty warm by the end,my face caught a bit of the sun, so i'm glad i wasn't tempted to join the other nutters running the 40 mile option.
Started off steadily with the aim of treating it as a decent paced training run, but within a mile the guy leading had shot off and i found myself in a group of around 7 or 8 holding positions 2 to 9.Not really what i'd had in mind for the run but there you go,you can only do your own thing and just get on with it.
By 6/7 miles the first of the hills were kicking in and our group whittled down to 4.I still felt fine,but was conscious that the guys around seemed like they wanted to keep pushing it on so i did my own thing again and dropped off them before re-catching them all at the next set of hills at 11/12 miles.
By now the day was hotting up,so i made a definite effort to get on board all the fluids i could even if it meant stopping for 30 secs at the drinks stops,i was glad of that later on.
A couple more of the blokes in our little group paid for their earlier optimistic pace and fell away,leaving just the 2 of us together in 2nd and 3rd places at around 14 miles.On reflection, we had a good little duel from there on in.Each slight climb we came to i would build a gap, and then each time he'd close me down after half a mile on the flat again.Bit of a bugger for then that the last few miles are mainly downhill, and sure enough he took off to a 70 or 80 metre gap.
With 2 miles to go it was stinking hot, and as hard work as it would've been anyway we were hammering along,but the gap didn't really and i wasn't too arsed about trying to catch him so i settled on 3rd place.Earlier in the run he'd been slighlty ahead of our group adn gone off course before we shouted him back, so all in all he'd probably run 400 m longer than me,so i don't begrudge him that,it seemed only fair he got 2nd.
Anyway, i finished in 2.14.53, and picked up some beer for my prize so you can't complain at that.Then got home in time to watch the World XC and 3 games of rugby,so not a bad day.The beers never stood a chance.

Good luck everybody for tomorrow.
19/03/2005 at 21:44
I must be tired.Spotted half a dozen errors already!Hopefully it still makes some sense.
19/03/2005 at 21:58

Sounds like a nice day's work AM

Looking at your picture - think I could have managed that trick myself first thing this morning FF.

Ran a few errands, gave the garden its first real (manual) mow of the year and caught most of the rugby. Managed to get out for a short quick burst (as planned) just before the England-Scotland game.
Needed lots of warmup though - very stiff to begin with.
2 x 1 mile efforts, sandwiching a 1/3rd mile jog recovery: 5:48½ - 2:35 - 5:48

Fairly happy with that - will be ready to start banking some mile interval sessions from the end of next week I think.

Looking forward to a nice long easy outing in (hopefully) warm sunshine tomorrow.
19/03/2005 at 22:01
btw - well done NE despite the wrong turning - also M on your 12 minute PB
19/03/2005 at 22:11
Well done Anders- 20 miles in this weather deserves a few beers and some decent rugby on the TV!

Thanks for the congrats hilly, Mike, blisters and Anders. Looks like there's more than one 15 year old out there capable of leaving the rest of us behind after seeing Emily Pidgeon's performance at the World X/C- 20th place at her first attempt- impressive!!!

19/03/2005 at 22:20
Evening all,
well not my planned session but at least it was still a quick one! Friends popped in all afternoon, by the time they left, really had lost my motivation for a tough hill session! but I went out anyway and did the following:

8-reps of an off-road incline in my local park, around 200-250m in length and jogged the otherside back down for a recovery, would have liked to have done 10-12, but on my 8th rep, I lost speed, so thought better to save what I had and fight another day!

still managed a very powerfull and useful sprint at the finish though which was nice! so about 10miles total for the day and heading for an 80miles week! nice!

Yep, miss Dale was injured, not sure what yet though. Bekele was great though, I feel so pleased for him to have won that race, and also young Emily Pigeon did well for team GB juniors :)

19/03/2005 at 22:36
What : Cycling road race - quite fast - about 26mph average for 32miles. Finished OK - got stuck behind a big pile up on the last lap so couldn't try and contest the sprint but doubt I'd have got anywhere in it anyway - otherwise rode round OK in the bunch without doing any work at the front. As is often the way with these lower cat races the first 2 were sponsored juniors (sort of 18year oldish) who should really be racing at a higher level. Loads of crashes throughout the race.

Wales did well didn't they - I'm not a rugby fan at all but I thought they made the game look quite interesting - unlike the English who won the world cup.
19/03/2005 at 22:47
lovely report

must chek out slowest runer-quite fancy this one day
debbo    pirate
19/03/2005 at 23:57
AM - great report and well done!

I've just emerged briefly from under a pile of packing boxes - I'd forgotten how moving gets in the way of life!

What: 6 miles yesterday and 3 today
Why: marathon training
Last hard: sunday's race
Last rest: wednesday

I must go to bed soon - I'm planning 21 tomorrow.

Good luck to all racers for tomorrow.

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