Saturday 11th Jan

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11/01/2003 at 09:07
Me First ?
The last of our 2 inches has gone
What : frantic house cleaning
and hopefully an hour steady run
Why : wine tasting party tonight and few staying over so best the house isn't a tip (not easy with two sprogs)
Last hard : Thursday
Last Rest : Tuesday

Enjoy your racing / weekend running

11/01/2003 at 10:28
Me second?!!!

What: 13.1 miles in 2hr 10mins
Why: had to do long run today rather than tomorrow as Got to pick up bro from airport tomorrow.
Last hard: yesterday speed intervals
Last rest : Thursday

I know I don't often post on here but I am absolutly over the moon, Thats 20mins off my last 13.1 miles time and there were hills. I'm well on my way to my sub 2hr.
11/01/2003 at 10:29
Yup, party night last night and a steady run in fresh, crisp clear air has cleared the head. Ice still about though, especially on the back roads !

What :- 8 miles steady
Why :- Nice morning
Last hard: Thursday
Last rest: yesterday
11/01/2003 at 10:30
Well done Josie, really fantastic !! 20 mins off with hills - brilliant.

11/01/2003 at 10:43
Good effort, JJ, especially the day after a hard sesh.

What: Rest up.
Why: Racing tomorrow.
Hard: Thursday 5 mile flat out.
Rest: Wednesday.

Had a cracking gentle 30 mins last night at HM pace. Loved every second (once I'd got warm!). So important to forget 'training' and run for fun once in a while!

Does that make me a "jogger"?
11/01/2003 at 10:45
Bravo Josie!

What: 6 Miles. (1hr, 14min, but I don't mind that: I got out and did it). First post cold.

Absolutely gorgeous in the frost.

Legs still very numb, left foot pretty much not functioning, so there's lots to get back. Still, it's a start.
11/01/2003 at 11:18
Well done on your pb Josie. A 2hr10 run and posting befoe 10-30. That in itself is worthy of praise.

As for me, by comparison a bit more leisurely.

what : easy 4m
why : schedule says so and don't want too hard a session before tomorrow's club cross country.
last hard : thursday
last rest : tuesday

New HRM arrived in post today (Polar A3) so it'll be making it's first journey with me. Hopefully i can use it to help me run slow enough. May post update later.....
11/01/2003 at 13:20
Top banana Josie.....

what 4m easy
why cos schedual said so
last hard-fri, swum for first time in years
last rest-mon.

sunny but cold morning, still some ice on road.
Was meant to be on a easy day, but after yesterdays 80lengths of the pool, decided to test myself, and eneded up doing it 26mins, with no effort at all........
11/01/2003 at 13:45
I wouldn't mind taking 20 mins off my pb for the 1/2. Good stuff.

What: 40mins easy with 2 sets of 5x100m strides.

Why: XC race tomorrow.
Last Hard: Thursday.
Last rest: Wednesday.

Have a good one!
11/01/2003 at 13:59
Afternoon people!

Well run Josie, sub 2hrs just round the corner!

Good luck all racers this weekend including me tomorrow. My calves are feeling a bit stiff so hoping today's rest will be enough to ease them.

So nothing for today, just total rest, well apart from birthday present shopping.
11/01/2003 at 14:23
great stuff JJ

what: don't know definitely, but probably nothing
why: tapering for Helsby; last long run tomorrow

last hard(ish) day: Fri
last rest day: Thu
last long day: Sun
11/01/2003 at 14:37
well done, JJ - very impressive

what: 8 miles fartlek in 52:30, last mile @ target 6:15-6:11 marathon pace

why: needed a gentle speed session as legs starting to feel a bit weary after long time without rest and another 20+ miler scheduled for tomorrow

good luck to all racers this weekend, looking forward to your reports.
11/01/2003 at 15:11
Well done Josie!

Short and sweet run today.

What: 2hr gym session with 3km speed work session 200m @ 18kph x 5 with recovery in between.

Why: Sat is hard workout day in gym and short run due to planned 18 miler tomorrow

Last Hard: Today for effort on weights but running is wednesday.

Last Rest: Tuesday

Have a good weekend peeps.
11/01/2003 at 15:13
great stuff JJ - which half are you aiming for? And then the road to Dublin . .

what & why: 8½/9 ish from Bristol Airport to home (took car there for friends to drive home after ski hol) - took 65 mins - very cold - was in shade most of the way . .

last hard - 5k race Monday evening
last rest - Wed, Thur, Fri, trying to rest a sore back and thigh

enjoy your races . .
11/01/2003 at 15:16
what & why: 8.5 miles along Thames towpath

last hard - Friday intervals (8*4min hard, 2min recovery, plus warm up and down)

last rest - thursday

Tomorrow is long run; may try to do 20miles if my legs are OK!!
11/01/2003 at 15:41
Hi all,

what : easy run, 34 min, ~ 4.8K
Last rest: yesterday
Last hard: thursday

What a lovely sunny day!
11/01/2003 at 17:37
What-bugger all
why-cos i've upped my mileage a bit quick and need a rest!!
last hard- speed session on thursday
next-long run tomorrow
11/01/2003 at 18:06
Well done JJ

Hi everybody,

What: am 8M steady in the best sunshine I've seen in a long time!
What: pm 8M hard pushed it up to around marathon pace. Felt comfortable, my achilles has been niggleing for a couple of days but seams fine now [I think it was a bruise].
Why: On the winter of destruction. either me or my PB's!!!!

Last hard: Thurs
Last rest: Fri due to achillies

Now! food & red wine.
11/01/2003 at 18:26
Congrat's JJ - that's a lot to knock off! Sub 2 soon :)

What: XC race. It was horrible - I wasn't feeling v. well, and about half way through I was feeling dreadful. Still, I pushed on to the end. Didn't like being overtaken by a whole pile of people in the last third, though. Sniffle...
Why: Running for the club.

Last hard: XC race last Wednesday
Last rest: yesterday

Off to lie down. Not feeling brilliant still.
11/01/2003 at 18:28
Evening all! Well done JJ - I'm impressed, I've never knocked 10 mins off a PB before, that's fantastic!

What - nothing
Why - long run tomorrow, plus been helping Mr FANY get ready for business trip and having full on hair colour and cut etc - pampering day!
Last hard - yesterday
Last rest - Thursday

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