Saturday 11th March 2006

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11/03/2006 at 19:54
congrats to Tigger and you TmR.
11/03/2006 at 20:51
Sorry to read of your new injury Sodahead.

Simon, I'm so pleased for you. Sometimes we need to get out there and remember why we run. Sounds like we're treading a similar path...

What: went to watch intercounties at Nottingham. Nice to meet hilly and Bryn, who both looked to have good strong runs in their respective races. Saw Jon Pepper flash past a few times as well:-)

Looked for Spans and MtB but did not see them, although they were on the results.

Yes Spen 20 tomorrow. Open mind - Plan A is a training run and on that course it'd be around 2:10. Depending on who's there I might decide to run with my heart rather than my head. Got a new pair of lucky gloves to try out:-)
11/03/2006 at 21:06
tmr, thats great,tigger is famous then?
11/03/2006 at 21:10
B*gger! Completely forgot it was the intercounties today, I could have wandered over and watched, on the grounds that it is within walking distance of my house! Looking forward to finding out how everyone got on.

Tigger/Roo - well done, what breed is Tigger?
11/03/2006 at 21:10
Evening all,

Sodahead – sorry to hear about the calf. Take care

SiT – sounds like a good blow-out. Hope you take it easy for a couple of days now.

Paul I. – Well done.

200 minutes – how about running 10miles at MP+60, then gradually winding it up to finish the last couple of miles at marathon pace?

As for me, I started my gradual recovery from the calf strain:
What: 1 hour of 1 minute running / 1 minute walking (did the same yesterday)
Why: Getting in 30 minutes of running without over-stressing my legs.

Calf no worse after each session, so may pick it up a little more tomorrow.

Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow.
11/03/2006 at 21:19
LizzyB, cairn terrier

I wonder whether Hilly is back home yet, to report ?
11/03/2006 at 21:23
sorry, forgot to say...

SiT - well done, seems like XC agrees with you, hope the comeback continues well

PaulI - sounds like a good day out and some strong racing - and a lovely part of the country to run in as wel
11/03/2006 at 21:31
TwoTon - Yes, that sounds like an interesting plan. Fun as well, as I'd end up passing people - I'll sleep on it.
11/03/2006 at 21:40
Wabo, about like if you or I had come in the top 100 or perhaps top 200 in the National XC !! (top 5-ish males in his breed, of perhaps 100 breeds at Crufts)
11/03/2006 at 21:50
Lizzy - new route was just them going to a different cafe the 2nd sat of every month - today was supposed to be Crich (is there even a cafe in crich?) via Denby, Ripley, Pentrich, Tansley. Trouble was Paul "Reg" Spencer gets on the front and there's 3 people left and the rest (out of 20) are scattered somewhere between Ripley and wherever he ended up. About half regrouped at Ambergate cafe and agreed it hadn't worked so I think it's back to Breaston - Ambergate - Breaston from now on.
11/03/2006 at 21:56
Well done TmR, what class did he win? We took the in laws to Crufts on Thursday - haven't been for about 10 years.
11/03/2006 at 22:10
ok, mr w has just got home, slightly pickled, having been to watch leyton orient today, he is now devouring a curry downstairs, any bets as to how good a half mara he has tomorrow? I am in the'he will probably have a blinder' camp myself!!
11/03/2006 at 22:18
Limit Dog, Cairn Terrier. Hope you enjoyed the day. I've been going as a visitor of and on since I and it have been in Birmingham, but last year was the first as a participant. I love watching the agility, the displays and heelwork to music and all the stands, though it is horribly crowded by the afternoon.
11/03/2006 at 22:19
Nice one Paul - sounds great!

TmR and Tigger - fame at last!

My trail run/trek with MrsT was fantastic.

Easy 2 mile climb on tarmac (regular running and cycling training ground) then onto rough track rising evenly on ridge round mountian. Beautiful and quiet, good underfoot. Half a mile in MrsT points at the ground and says careful. I look down and the is a huge snake (5ft long and about 2 inches thick), slowly crossing the trail. Must look it up on the t'internet. There are 104 species of snakes in Trini and only 4 are venomous, wonder which this was! Got into heavy bush further up the trail and collected some great scars from the head high grasses in one area which are sharp as razors. Almost 1 hour in and we had to head back, but plenty of time to stand, stare and listen to the pure deep bush jungle sounds and soak up the lush green hills and valleys with splashes of colour from the Poui trees. Green parrots squabbling overhead, the ever present hummingbirds flitting about, turkey vultures slope and thermal soaring and, as we head back down the mountain as the sun starts to sink lower, the frog chorus starts with the high pitched tiny tree frogs and the heavy weight rasps of the big toads. Mmmmm, must do more of this, great fun, good training and good for the soul!
11/03/2006 at 22:23
and i should add that his breeder actually shows him - so, in running terms, I'm just like the proud parent cheering him on, and the young lad at the race is there taking instruction from his coach
11/03/2006 at 22:31
Oh yes it was good. My partner used to show our two but they are far too old now. We are thinking of getting another but I don't fancy the same breed and it's really me who looks after them so I went along to talk to a few owners of different breeds.
11/03/2006 at 22:41
Just got back from the Intercounties. Great to see Bryn race and meet BR. Really enjoyed the whole experience, but not so much the 5 hr travel home! Finished ok, but found it tough going. Hope to go back and do it again next year.
11/03/2006 at 23:56
Hilly and BR- sorry I couldn't talk for longer, I only had about 30 minutes till my race and still needed to get everything together, looked later but couldn't find you. Heard the cheers though, appreciated them :)

NOt a great race for me, back went again ( might need to have it looked at ), which meant that I was in agony for the middle third of the race, then over the last third whilst back was still caning, my breathing and legs had recovered (back meant I was running so slow, that breathing and legs weren't being worked), so over the last mile or so just gritted my teeth and had probably one of my better last miles ever. Finished 88th not as good as I'd have wanted to, but considering back was quite happy with ( last year I was 148th in the u17 race, this year 88th in the u20, good step up), and within 2 minutes I think of Jon which generally means a fairly good race for me.

Hope you had a good run Hilly and looking forward to a report!

Next year fully intend to go back as a senior :O).

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