Saturday 18th March 2006

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18/03/2006 at 10:47
Haven't posted for a while, just been too busy. So hello again.

What: 3-4 miles easy
Why: Fleet 1/2 tomorrow
Last Rest: Yesterday
Last Hard: Tuesday

18/03/2006 at 10:56
What: Nothing
Why: Wilmslow Half Tomorrow
Last Rest: Wednesday
Last Hard: Sunday Stafford 20 Mile Race

Oh dear... I'm cacking myself here for Wilmslow... never been this nervous before a race EVER! :-(
18/03/2006 at 10:57
Morning All.

Steady 5.6 miles today before 10k tomorrow.

Good luck to all other weekend racers.

Good Runnings everyone
18/03/2006 at 11:05
morning all

what-3.3 mile recovery run
why-half marathon tomorrow
last hard-yesterday (my steady run turned into a tempo run..oops!)
last rest-Tuesday

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend
18/03/2006 at 11:06
Holly - have to give you that - looked at her bio - she's been here for 8 years - she was a great swimmer from Surrey. Seemed over the moon - totally happy.
18/03/2006 at 11:18
Greetings all,

What - dont know yet, was meant to be a LSR but slept very akwardly on my shoulder / neck and in some pain at the moment, hoping it will ease by this afternoon so I can don something at least.

Take care
18/03/2006 at 11:36
What: Probably about 2 miles easy

Why: Winding down for tomorrow's long run, and from what I've done every day this week.

Last Hard: Wednesday

Last Rest: Sometime last week.
18/03/2006 at 11:43
Morning all.

What 10 mile slow run

Why:need miles and racing half marathon tomorrow.

Last Hard:Sunday

Last Rest: Tuesday

Have a good weekend all.
18/03/2006 at 11:57
Morning all,

What 10k
Why: first run for a week ache in my left foot.
last hard: last 10k last saturday.
Last rest: all week due to foot.

should be doing a 5k race tomorrow but resting,taking it slowly re my foot...first sort of injury. Not really hurting when I run but starts to get painful when in barefeet or normal shoes.

Lynn :)
sluggie    pirate
18/03/2006 at 12:03
Morning all

What: nothing
Why: Wilmslow half tomorrow
Last hard: Thursday

Unlike Pugheaven, I'm not expecting great things from Wilmslow due to too much mara training this week. May even run as a pacer for one of our running group's first-timers if wanted. Looking forward to the lunch party planned after though!

Scoobs - good luck with the test walk, hope it helps you make up your mind about Paris.

Any idea what the nature of the problem with your foot is Lynn?
18/03/2006 at 12:33
Afternoon All,

Rory: well done on the PB. Looking goos for your marathon.

BR: Still weighing up the options

TMR: I think I might just scrape into the British Masters! I think I got into the championship 'cos I upgraded from a GFA. Whoever did the upgrade obviously didn't check the CLUB section (lucky for me!).

MikeB: I'm from near Stockbridge so Aldershot, Farnham & District is a bit of a treck! The main problem with local clubs it I commute to London, So I'm not around in the week, and weekends need to be spent with Mrs AF when I'm not running. The alternative is to find a London club, but then I won't get home 'til god knows when on club nights!

BrynR: My local club is Winchester - but as I said to MikeB it's where I am at various times that really matters!

Minks: That's the spirit! But remember: Stretch, Stretch, Stretch!

NZC: I have something in common with the 4th placed triathlete then :-)

Thanks for all the club advice - I'll spend the weekend looking at the options.

Getting really fed up with this artic wind. Also sub-cutaneous big toe blister still giving me gip! Who suggested light weight trainers?

What: 8m recovery
Why: Recovery
Last Hard: Tuesday
Last Rest: 49 days

Have a good weekend.

18/03/2006 at 12:48

When I am running no pain but when I then walk about bare footed or in flat footwear pain on the outside of my left foot. No sign of swelling or bruising. My hubby mentioned fallen arch???

I noticed if I wear my normal work shoes/boots with heels no problem...being only 5ft need all the help I can get.

Any ideas?

Lynn :)
18/03/2006 at 12:56
sorry i missed your birthday yesterday wabo - hope the night out was a good one

rory - great getting a pb in these conditions, building up for an even better one when it's becalmed too. and well done on the course pb hollywood you seem to be ripping that course to bits

good luck with the run minks, softly softly till you're sure about it. and take care on the shin melissa. podro hope your ham sorts itself without too much lost training at this stage too

may see sluggie and pugheaven then at wilmslow tomorrow - i've abandoned hope of running it having lost best part of 5 weeks' training with calf and bug but will jog down to watch the finish and do a bit of cheering.

nice to hear your training is coming along well M and lovely to see WP popping in to say hello - how's it going?

scoobs (yup i'm a shortie) you may need lead boots to walk along a cliff top today! good luck with introducing a bit of jogging. i've found the dog jog a good way of getting some light training in when trying to clear the injury. gets the blood flowing and then you can stretch plenty afterwards. probably will have to do it alternate days now while introducing proper training.
found out we have a team for the northerns next saturday so could be a busy weekend with borders on sunday too. relay is only 5k so luckily it's the right way round

NRG - 8% beer! somebody must've spiked it!

good luck to all racers and long runners tomorrow and best wishes to the poorly and injured. and sportaloo do be careful

what - 40 mins dog jog
why - part of the rehab

18/03/2006 at 13:01
lynn, it sounds as if you might have a tight tendon if you're ok when wearing heels.
try doing the lower calf/achilles stretch - lean against a support with your weight on the front uninjured foot and keep the knee bent while trying to push the heel on your injured foot towards the floor
18/03/2006 at 13:03

I will try this....I have circuit trainig tomorrow...I will try the streach as part of my warm up....

Lynn :)
18/03/2006 at 13:11
Afternoon all,

Blimey - it's cold out there! Doing Silverstone Half Marathon tomorrow, so it was just a gentle 3 miles or so this morning. Howling gale (it felt like) from the east and bitterly cold. I looked like the Michelin man, I think - I knew I wanted to run gently, so wasn't sure how warm I would get from exercise, so I wrapped up really well - maybe too well.

Bit worried that these 3 gentle miles felt quite hard work, but I think that was the wind and the extra layers combining to make me work harder than normal.

I need a bit of advice. The Silverstone race doesn't start until midday tomorrow, and that's a lot later than the normal half marathons I would enter - I would usually expect to have finished by then, let alone not even started. What should I do about eating? Usual routine would be to have breakfast, do race, get home, have lunch. I've got that all worked out. But this is different - breakfast isn't going to last me until 2pm, is it? Should I try to eat something reasonably substantial at about 10am, say, or is snacking a good idea through the morning? Any thoughts appreciated.
18/03/2006 at 13:22
AF, i don't know why I thought you lived oop north; you'll be wanting .

SCQ, for a lunchtime race I'd have breakfast as normal, then a bagel/hot cross bun/small sandwich two hours before the race.

What: sounds like I'll be following today's trend with 3-4 easy with strides, before the race tomorrow
18/03/2006 at 13:25

What - went out on bike with chain gang. Most are in Majorca so only about 10-12 out. Went up the A6 to the cafe with the lazy group avoiding the hills, took a few long turns on the front and led them out for road sign sprint. On the way back determined to hang on as long as possible, dropped one on the hill in Milford and another by the Bridge Inn (this will only mean anything to Lizzy) - by the end of Drum Hill in Little Eaton we were down to 5. I was suffering and just sat on while the others worked - in the end I cracked somewhere up the back of Oakwood but so did my training partner so carried on with him to his house, had a look at his new Tibetan Terrier puppy, and then rode back to Derby with a tail wind. All in 38 fairly hard miles and don't feel too bad off it. Definitely progress, I can do 30 miles or so at a decent pace and stay with some good riders up short sharp hills, now I just need to work on getting the distance up and then it'll be a case of working on top end for racing. I'd love to think I'd be back on form in a couple of months - that's probably the best case scenario. I'd love to do some running too but I think it's too early yet to be pushing myself too hard.
18/03/2006 at 13:26
Oh if anyone fancies a long hilly ride on 2nd April see the tri forum.
18/03/2006 at 13:29
Clink: Check out King Cobra. Not bad at all.
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