Saturday 18th March 2006

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18/03/2006 at 18:50
Well done Ultraloo.... fantastic effort

well after a dodgey start to the day and feel really down, popped a few pills, got a massage from Mrs RFJ, then went out to run a few loops just for a couple of miles - felt OK so kept on going and going, the pain shifted from the neck / shoulder, and clocked a 17.5m run 9my longest this year in 2:16:31 (ave pace 7:48)

Answers on a post card as to where that came from.........

debbo    pirate
18/03/2006 at 18:51
M - I stayed up to watch the women's tri too, but slept through most of it. My cycling is still very slow - today's ride was 13 mph. I was doing 14 at least last month. I'm doing a half tomorrow too - my legs will be knackered!
18/03/2006 at 19:30
FL,stickless and clink

Thanks I am starting to see light at end of tunnel,not run in over 3 weeks but saw new Physio upshot I have another 2 weeks with ultra sound treatment twice a week.I have exercises to do and inserts for my trainers she feels as I tend to pronate on my left foot which is the one with the achilles problem and pain is outer edge if I had inserts it would cure it and not allow any reacurrance I am a bit concerned as I have been running 3 years and never had problem before but willing to givve it a go.I was told if I want to continue the high miilage I do I have to have them or I wont be able to run so hence I am having them on tuesday within my next physio treatment.

I am going to gym 5 days a week all i can do is the bike, abs and drowning in the pool so continuing along that vain hoping I will come back without losing too much fitness.

i have cancelled my rotterdam marathon hotel etc which left me feeling down and then yesterday my FLM pack came and really made me sad BUT I will be back running soon and will look for a nice race in May to target.
religiously doing my exercises and looking to get a wobble board she had one that had a maize in the centre and it made it more interesting.

Costing a wee fotune but my running is worth every last penny!!


really pleased you are back running and not getting any pain long may it continue for you.
18/03/2006 at 19:32
FL. Im doing the Dronfield 10k.

Minks. It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees. Fantastic!You should put that on a tee shirt.

maybe I will.
18/03/2006 at 19:44
WP - yes, I'll bet that was hard. Really good to hear you so focused with the long term picture in view. We're all cheering for you in these decisions just as loud as if you were racing.

One thought about the pronation - when it is absolutely better, get her to check the pronation again and if necessary tweek the inserts. I recall something TmR said about pronation not only causing injury but in turn injury/unbalanced muscles causing pronation, or something like that. Which means, things might change. Keep it under review.

Thinking of you and Stellina in the pool, and Stellina's dead frog stroke. I distinguished myself amongst even the dry-haired dead frogs once attempting to use a kickboard and flutter-kick.

I went backward!!

So I do frontcrawl more or less without legs now. Go faster, uses less energy.

18/03/2006 at 20:02
Sportaloo, hero! Wonderful race wonderful report. And I asked you if you were sure a couple of days ago... well you obviously were! Well done again, you must be incredibly proud and quite a bit hungry.

Stickless - lol!

M., I have done 6,400m last Sunday, and must admit that after 5,000m becomes a really hard mental challenge.

Glad to hear that you're positive Poppy! As far as £££ go, the next person that tells me that 'running is cheap, you only need good shoes and the road' is going to get a (pretend, nonviolent) punch in the nose! In these 8 months of swanky kit, 3 pairs of running shoes, physio, race entries, travel to races, restaurant lunches after races, subscription to RW, monthly massages, books on runnning, vitamin supplements, protein shakes, etc etc, must have costed like a family holiday to Thailand!
18/03/2006 at 20:08
WP - How sad! My club mate had to cancel too, missed too much training due to a flu. Looks like everybody moving up one position then! There are quite a few RW people meeting at the pasta party.

What? 6m at LT
Why? Saturday

One more run tomorrow then I am off to some warm weather training. Looks like rain though. Will try to see if I can spot BT and JEJ.

18/03/2006 at 20:16

Babes eh DF, hard work but worth it:-)

AJH, sorry the calf is still not right. Sensible decision you made about your long run!

Sportaloo, just one word, AWESOME!

FL, you wasn't the first to offer a number and you won't be the last. As debbo says most race organisers are happy to swap details on numbers.

(((WP))) not easy now and not what you want to hear, but there will be more marathons and you'll achieve all those goals you work so hard for. Thinking of you!

18/03/2006 at 20:20
Sportaloo, very well done

Stickless, thanks

WP, I was just going to say what Stickless said was going to say. As you point out you have been running 3 years with no problem. imho, your changed gait is caused by the injury, which if properly sorted will revert to how it was without the need for inserts
IronMelissa    pirate
18/03/2006 at 20:32
Ultraloo you total star! I cried reading your report: you are totally inspirational and I can't wait to hear about Comrades.

I am another who would like to be as 'slow' as Lizzy B - although I did have gale force winds holding me back for part of my ride today (on the other hand, they were blowing me home on the way back)! It was scarey scarey riding at times, and a short distance for three hours out - just over 40 miles - but I hadn't done a proper outdoor ride for ages so felt very pleased.

Off to the bath now.
Blisters    pirate
18/03/2006 at 20:36
Hi gang
I've deliberately been quiet for a few days due to my addiction getting the better of me. Yup, my addiction to the forums.

Ultraloo: how fantastic to have pulled that cat out of the bag. A real confidence booster, especially the mental angle. :-)

WP - a tough call, but I'm sure that it was the right one.

Me? Tomorrow is Bath Half. A real focus event for the build up, and a proper head to head against Hilly. I am going to get seriously whupped this time out.
I had a deep physio session on Thursday: I think that the cold weather has been tightening everything up. It was a real teeth clencher.
Zero miles Friday or today, following a sort of plan. The main element of the plan being to gain as many Marital Credit Points as possible before being allowed out tomorrow.
Spent today in the garden, doing heavy manual labour and digging. I just know that I am going to regret it. By crikey it was flipping cold, that wind is cruel. I am nervous about the clothing I should wear tomorrow. Too little/ too much.

Maybe a hot bath and an early night will help.

Earlier in the week I was hoping that my baby cold would grow up, happen, and go away. Right now, I hope that it just stays quiet. It's manageable as it is.

Have a good day y'all.
18/03/2006 at 20:37
Well done Sportaloo

WP - defer London and try to do same with Rotterdam.

Good luck tommorrow to BR and others racing.

What: Nothing other than 90 mins tearing round swimming pool with the monster. Still limiting myself to running every other day.

18/03/2006 at 20:50
Hope your birthday went well Wabo.

Rory - great stuff - just got a PB and now a 22 mile training run completed.

Stellina - I can do dead frog stroke - without the make-up or the blow-dried hair - but with the addition of people diving in to save me!

Ultra & Irma - get stuff. I got to the red carpet treatment and just had to start reading it out-loud - had to share it with my husband as you know we've both been to S.A. Great report - fantastic stuff - huge congratulations!!

Poppy - hope everything comes right soon - you are very focused in getting everything right and hope you come back strong.
18/03/2006 at 20:52

answer....Mrs RFJ healing hands!!!

Does she take bookings!!!?
18/03/2006 at 21:00
Right, had club chairman on the phone beging me *not* to do the TT tomorrow "I know what you're like, you push yourself so hard.. you've been ill" So had to concede defeat, but feel like a bit of a wuss, compared to Ultraloo. Instead, I'm doing 60 or so steady miles with the old men from the club with a cafe stop on the way home.

wp - good to see you back, listen to the physio and don't rush back into running when s/he says "OK" - play your cards right, listen to your body and you've got 30/40 years of running left. Plenty of time to spend your cash. Agree with TMR that the injury chainged your gait - having had two sets of serious injuries, my gait has compeltely changed over the past 5 years.

Melissa - the wind was aweful today, wansn't it? - I was riding downhill and being blown back up it! I had three pairs of gloves on, four thermal layers ... and didn't get cold, but never really got hot either!
18/03/2006 at 21:18
BTW , for those of you with TVs, there is what looks like it could be an interesting sports science prog on BBC 2 at the moment - focusing on the science which will have to be employed to get today's talented kids of win gold
18/03/2006 at 22:16
Evening all.

Ultraloo....awesome run...I just knew you wouldn't bale out...all is looking good for comrades....

what: 6.5 @sub 135
why: just to get some miles done following virus last week...feeling much better
last hard: yesterday 9m @ 150-155
last rest: Thursday

well, should really get some rest now as I have the Alloa Half tomorrow..plan is to run it around mara pace....good luck to Debbo and Flying Fifer...

18/03/2006 at 22:32
LizzyB - I have seen parts of it. The cycling approach looked very familiar, the same has been going on in Germany for years. Kids competing up to age of 12 or so, once spotted they go to a boarding school with daily training and some become pro age 16. There is quite a lot of prize money to be earned at all level.

Watching CG thon :)
18/03/2006 at 22:45
oooh quick post as common wealth games marathon just started!

Just wanted to say Sportaloooooooo wahooooo. Fan flippen tastic. You're a star, hope you're duly and appropriately squiffy and snoring your heart out now!

Stellina - LOL re: dead frog stroke and sorry folks but none of you will fit the bill on here. Now there is also another type called the cycle cruisers workout. These get taintively onto stationary bike with latest edition of ''hello'' magazine to hand, which they carefully place in front of them. Full make up again, and usually a little check in mirror before aforementioned ''workout''. Generally wearing thick tracksuit bottoms, pink top and white with gold trim trainers. Pedal for a max of 15 minutes which just so happens to correspond with relevent ''hello'' article. Also have huge bottle of water to hand, which is sipped at minute intervals.

Then in the changing rooms they all discuss wiht each other, what a hard workout they have had whilst adorning floral swim caps, in order to do a max of 5 lengths dead frog stroke, followed by hard workout in jaccuzi! :0)

Did my walk, could have done with the leaded boots at some points. Literally blown off my feet, but not quite! Achilles ok. Will attempt run/walk tomorrow.

<<scoobs leaves thread saying mantra ''I must do run/walk and not run/run, I must do run/walk and not run/run>>

Will update tomorrow!

18/03/2006 at 23:44

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