Saturday 22nd March 2014

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22/03/2014 at 06:12


Lyrics - All I got to hold is a telephone

Happy Birthday to Miss Blisters.

Hope the test run goes ok RFJ.

Ginger is also good for the cold OH so you have a couple of excuses

What:                LSR
Why:                 work interfered on Thursday
Last hard:         still that rest day
Last rest:          20/3

Have a good weekend all.

22/03/2014 at 08:04


Off to work soon

Cold and frosty one here today

Lyrics: Nope.

Have a good one

22/03/2014 at 08:53


Chilly here, too.

What: around an hour in about an hour
Why: what Saturday morning is for

Lyrics: no

22/03/2014 at 08:59


What 10

Why couldn't run yesterday

Lyrics no

OH loved the stool chart cake.

Blisters are you looking for a job at the charm City bakery?

Have been rather busy the last couple of days though managed 8 with club Thursday night, missed yesterday and ran 10 with 3 at mp this morning instead.

22/03/2014 at 09:27


What: breakfast in Dunblane (waves to donaldo)

why: heading for Callander and Loch Katrine ...

last hard 

Last rest: last 2 days

lyrics as usual, no

cold feeling a lot better today 

Edited: 22/03/2014 at 09:28
Blisters    pirate
22/03/2014 at 10:02

Young teenage girl party. Training will be a bonus.
Last hard?
Can't remember. Being disappointed abpout my 3 mile race pace I suppose.
Last rest?
I'm always bl**dy resting, and not doing enough  training.
Next race?
Something tin pot I suppose.
Last purchase?
Noooo Shoooos on the way.

22/03/2014 at 11:17

Morning all.... as I jump round the room being happy.....

A nice warm up and then a planned plod round parkrun.... didn't really end up as a plod, with a 7:24, 7:09, 7:02 and .45 for 22:20, with no issues and NO pain.... nice bath had and no reaction yet.... so hopefully a wise week off has done the trick.

Dont need to worry about the shoes I got two pairs of Pegasus round Christmas time, 1 pair as a present and the other on offer....

Have a great day all...... now just need FFC to beat City.... we have done it before - Believe...... (or miss-guided allegiances)

22/03/2014 at 12:14


What: 10.31k, mixture of road and not, and a mixture of alone and in company
Why: L63 did the middle 6k with me, with no issues. Although there were issues: the weather. Icy cold wind in the face for the first 20 mins or so...and then the wind turned, bringing with it rain and then sleet for the last 20 mins.

Good news, RFJ.

Shoes: I am told I have too many pairs. Trying not to buy any for a while. But do need to treat myself to a new Garmin.

22/03/2014 at 12:17

Hey OH, if I'd known you were coming I'd have baked a cake....  All the best for Loch Katrine, make sure you stay warm!

Falkirk parkrun this morning.  Have done this event several times since October, all between 19:09 and 19:25 so was really pleased to finish this tougher-than-your-average-parkrun in 18:44, slicing 25 secs off my best course time.  Big field this morning, very cold too with frost about.  Particularly pleased with pacing today.

Had a 2 mile warm up and 3  down so plenty of miles banked.

Lyrics, nope. 

22/03/2014 at 12:37
Nice work, Don

And great news, RFJ

Best of luck, OH.

What: 6 miles with a bit of HMP
Why: racing tomorrow and no idea about my pace
Last hard: figuring out race pace
Last rest: Monday
Lyrics: I think so
22/03/2014 at 13:35

Good news about the calf RFJ.

Nice parkrunning Donaldo.

I found some of that wind just after the half way point on my run Alehouse and it was hard work. Fortunately the forecast rain held off and no hail!

Race pace chickadee? However fast you can go on the day!

Another 20 miles here - fastest of the campaign despite the miles into the headwind and my highest ever mileage week by some way.

22/03/2014 at 14:28

Nice running all
What: Not a Lot
Why: Lurgy
Last Hard: Wednesday
Last Rest: Ongoing

22/03/2014 at 18:25

Wee walk along bit of GO33 route just to stretch the legs preceded by giant meringues at Mhor 84. Lovely day here and good forecast for tomorrow ...

another good long run LM.H 

All the best for the morn, chickadee

nice PCB donaldo  (you'd have been at Falkirk as we arrived for breakfast)

Els was worried that I'd plotted to slip in a park run at Perth on route 

Better weather up north Alehouse.

My shoe collection has mushroomed since I started running (have only brough 4 pairs of trainers away with me  )

good to get your 10 in PP

22/03/2014 at 18:29

Enjoy tomorrow, OH. Everywhere was white for a while this pm! Hoping to watch Wilmslow half tomorrow...may be a change of plan as the weather plans to give us more of the same!

Well done Don!

22/03/2014 at 19:19


What: No exercise, lots of cake + crying

Why: All medics finished and leaving Bristol.. I hate goodbyes!

My best friend is going home to Malaysia, it was really hard to see her off. I will see her graduation time in July though, which is something to look forward to.

Proper full time training begins from now, need to sort out a program. Thinking of entering another HM soon as well. 

22/03/2014 at 20:05

p.s I have been looking at tri programs again. I found a sprint tri plan online, but it doesn't look very challenging. I know the general is 'swim some, bike some, run some' but I was wondering how many times and how intense sessions should be?

Blisters    pirate
22/03/2014 at 20:38

I did manage to get a bit of biking in. 24 miles up the hills. Nice outing, used every gear. Got clothing right, and not too wet.

Dibs, I didn't know you were in Brizzle! I'm only up the road, and often work down that way. A sprint tri isn't too challenging if your only aim is to finish. They are terribly friendly affairs, and 90% are there for the fun of it. Training for that event should include proving to yourself that you can swim 400m, bike 20k, run 3k in advance of the day. Interestingly quite a few people still can't run the whole way. Of course, if you intend to compete, then it gets a whole shed load more serious.
Oly distance and HIM are more fun on the basis that the transitions are a smaller percentage of the whole race time, 3 wasted minutes equates to half a mile of running, or a whole mile on the bike. The longer the race, the more that base fitness becomes important.
Personally, I'd suggest the traditional approach. Identify which of the three sports you enjoy the most, and which one you have the best natural talent (probably the same one). Focus on that and become the best you can be. Treat Tri as a bit of fun. Running is the cheapest sport, despite the cost of trainers, Garmins, race fees. It costs money to train for swimming. Bikes are just a money pit. Triathlon race entry fees make your eyes bleed.
Tewkesbury Half marathon in May is a nice event. Hogweed trotters run some fantastic club level races in Yate. Open water swimming at Bristol Open Water near the m4/m5 interchange is two degrees warmer than the Cotswold lakes. Wait a couple of months unless you are seriously hard.

22/03/2014 at 21:34
lol Dibs they never do enough

What: 30 mins of running
hr on the bike including 30 mins of TT effort(finished 2nd again)
Why: Getting ready for the real season
Last hard: Today
Last rest: Sunday 16th Feb
Lyrics: No

I grew up in Falkirk Donaldo and have been to the parkrun a few times, they cut out the hardest part of that climb :??)
23/03/2014 at 00:11

It's a great course, really enjoyable challenge. Let me know if you are ever in the area and fancy a run.

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