Saturday 24 November

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24/11/2007 at 17:57

4.1 miles done early before work.  An easy day prior to a long run with a clubmate tomorrow.

Best of luck for tomorrow to AF, Gobi & RFJ.

Have a good weekend all.

24/11/2007 at 18:47

New traing regime seems to be going well.

Really didn't want to get out from under my nice warm duvet this morning, so "5 miles easy" didn't happen today.  Still, my 7-days-training-per-week schedule is designed with this sort of lapse in mind, so no real damage done.  May tack an extra mile or 2 onto my LSR to compensate.

What:  Rest
Why:  Lazy
Last hard:  1 day
Last rest:  11 days

24/11/2007 at 19:00

what: 5km easy
why: cutback week

good to hear you sounding more positive scooby - even if not actually fixed yet.  it doesn't sound like you at all when you are feeling down!!

i've got a big test of my will power in implementation of my training schedule next week.  i'm out for various work functions every night and every lunchtime.  so the only time i can run is before work which i hate.  but its the only time i can do it so i will.  i'm aiming for 55km for the week and that wont happen if i dont run till the weekend!!

24/11/2007 at 20:44

Good luck tomorrow, Gobi and RFJ at Gosport, AF at Downton, and anyone else racing

What: 8.6ml inc track session - 6 x 400, with longer recoveries than I get on Tuesdays; 4 x 1200m, just above tempo, 400m jog rec;   pm 3.4ml recovery
Why: to boost my Vo2 max, and then LT; and getting the miles in for endurance
It was absolutely freezing this morning, but just now on my recovery run it was really mild.  Strange weather!

24/11/2007 at 21:24

I agree Tigger, I was wrapped up this morning for my run (ok mere trot) more than I have ever been before. Yet this afternoon we had drizzle so the weather has definately got milder.

Best of luck to all racing tomorrow.

M - thanks, I don't like being miserable as it doesn't actually achieve or help anything. Although still not ok, I am back to my old scheming ways as to getting back out there and that sits much better with me. So off to the gym I will go tomorrow. Best of luck with your plans. Like you, I don't get on with early morning running, but more because I am a creaky old hag bag first thing! I'm sure you will be fine once you adjust. :0) if you need a boot post here and we will all boot you out the door, but I bet you won;t need it. :0)

 Lyrics - Pink Floyd  - 'Shine on you crazy diamond' but then you all knew that. And you are all diamonds so keep on shining....

Night :0)

24/11/2007 at 22:18


milder but windy & drizzly today 

what: 6.1 miles in 46:10, mean HR 144
why: somewhere between recovery from last night's eyeballs out and trying to burn off  one or two of those excess pounds (see elsewhere)

511kCal burnt according to the HRM......more to come off tomorrow....... 

24/11/2007 at 23:25
not even close with the lyrics after all

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