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04/10/2009 at 17:20
Blithburysloth wrote (see)
Flossie9 wrote (see)
Went to have a look at that thread after your comment earlier and his words were quite unnecessary. 

 it's a woman...

BBS - Gordon Bennett!!!!  No comment....    Yes, it is bullying - cyber bullying.  Agree with LB, bullying doesn't have to be physical, it can be mental, emotional, racial and so forth and doing it via the internet is quite daft on the offender's part because it's proof written in black and white.  You can take a person to Court for bullying you.  Admire you though for firing back as the person deserved nothing less.  Too many people do nothing and walk away "hurt" and kick themselves for not saying anything.  However, if you live in the nice world, then the shock of having something derisory said to you can stun you and make you react a bit like "a hedgehog stuck in the headlights".  Guess some people don't read the line below which I am currently typing that says: "Think before you slam someone." 

Molly - well done on crazy 18k.  Sounds like you really enjoyed it. 
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04/10/2009 at 17:27
BBS - it's still a Masters in something.  Mine will be a BSc in Maths.  Funny what makes us all tick eh?  Flossette's into physics, maths and music - she might end up as a double bass playing scientist. 
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04/10/2009 at 17:53

Has no one texted result in yet, slacking.

Anyway VR 4:41 i think it was, Shades was 4:45 2nd fastest ever and i finished in 4:44:45. 7th fastest for me. Left ITB then right knee issues other than that was 3 mins ahead of 9 min pace thru 9 miles. Although there was a 7:43 first mile for which i'm blaming Santa Baby

Now best get some clothes before dinner

LIVERBIRD    pirate
04/10/2009 at 18:09

I've only just got the bloody text!

Mummy has just texted in the last ten seconds to say she feels a "bit crocked now"

Can't access my inbox on my phone now so I'm sulking. Elspeth seemed to do bloody well to me, in spite of a cold....

Well done to all!

04/10/2009 at 18:12
Keith - congratulations to all of you - brilliant finishing times.  Ouch on ITB and knee though.  Did Elspeth run? 
04/10/2009 at 18:14
LB - thanks for that.  Glad Elspeth made it too. 
04/10/2009 at 18:17
I've just been for a later :0)
LIVERBIRD    pirate
04/10/2009 at 18:18

I read it on FB!

Doesn't matter about speed BBS - just flipping get your arse out there and do it!

04/10/2009 at 18:35

Keith & Shades.

Well done.

04/10/2009 at 18:38

BBS I'm pleased you're back on here. Well done on getting out.

I've done 9 miles today the furthest since April but very slow.

Well done the LN racers 

04/10/2009 at 18:44

Thanks all

Intended to do 20 minutes - great motivation came from Vicki GW on "other" thread who sent me supportive message - anyway, got out there - 33:19:95, 5.6 km, 9:53 pace according to Garmin ;-S only way is up from that = feels great to have done it. Not sure why Garmin is suddenly referring to km - must work out how to fix that?

LIVERBIRD wrote (see)
Doesn't matter about speed BBS - just flipping get your arse out there and do it!

I did!

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04/10/2009 at 18:46

BBS - woohoo!  Go BBS!!! 

WD - well done on 9 miler, doesn't matter how slow - you did it and that's what counts. 

04/10/2009 at 18:46

congratulations to all LN runners.

Big pat on the back, wish i'd been there!!

04/10/2009 at 18:48


Well done.

04/10/2009 at 18:56

Amazing times racers -well done.

Mr Bump - hope your wound gets better really soon.  Is it still covered, otherwise giving it a little sunshine may help dry it out?

LB - excellent time for your 1/2 marathon.

Flossie - very impressed with your maths degree.  How are you getting to fit everything in?

13 miles for me today, really slow.  Wanted to go further, but didnt as left knee was niggling a bit and having entered 3 races after christmas I dont want to become injured.

Might run/walk Beachy.  Does anyone think that is doable on the longest run of 13 miles.  Ive run 18 in the past but that was 10 months ago, so dont think it counts

04/10/2009 at 19:19
HTF - somehow I'll fit everything in.  Flossette's not got me running so many taxi's for her these days.  Well done on 13 miler for you today.  Ooh, you've only got 3 more weeks until Beachy Head.  Careful with that knee.  Run/walk sounds good, but the others know more about this than me, so I'll let them advise you. 
04/10/2009 at 20:16

Right, typing this standing up because I can't sit down without pain. 

Thanks for your nice messages and advice.  I've been leaking and bleeding since the operation 7 days ago.  Such is the quality of aftercare (not) I was told that if I had any problems with the wound more than 48 hours after the operation it was the responsibility of my GP, and that I will get an appointment made in 6-8 weeks time for operation number 2.  Went to my GP last Thursday because I couldn't go toilet without pain and bleeding.  Having waited for over an hour after my appointment time, the doctor, a locum (you never see the same doctor twice at my GP surgery) was not clearly of specialism in this area and she prescribed a powder which would make going to the toilet easier - it has.

I am now varying between hot, cold, and feeling ok, an area adjacent to the wound-site feels like a swollen internal lump and I can sit down no better than I could a week ago.  I can't give the area fresh air as it is in such an area that it would cause a Public Indecency offence.

I would be happier if I knew what was going on, yet aftercare post-surgery is practically non-existent.

Mrs Bump is taking me back to the doctor tomorrow, which will probably be a waste of time and money (further prescription, no doubt).  I'll keep you posted.


Well done to all those who raced today and well done for such a positive step, BBS.

04/10/2009 at 20:19

(((Mr Bump)))

Hope the doc does something postive.

04/10/2009 at 20:52

Go go go BBS and WD!

Hope you're taking something regularly for the pain Mr B.  Just not codeine because of the side effects!

04/10/2009 at 20:55

Have read back but am rather tired so may forget lots - in which case, I'm sorry.

Mr B - the doctor can come to you you know, sounds like a good enough case for a home visit. If no joy from GP you are perfectly entitled to turn up at a drop in centre or even A&E, particularly if you suspect an infection which if you're running a temperature is a reasonable suspicion. Time to jump up and down and shout a bit I think. Hope you can get it sorted and feel better very soon.

HTF - I think you'd be able to run/walk Beachy off a longest run of 13 miles but it may be painful. I'd suggest trying a few run/walk strategies in the next three weeks to see what works best for you. I tend to try 5 min run/30 sec walk but I know others runa  mile/walk a minute etc etc.

SiJ - what a nightmare, ity's very stressful when children are ill (and I'm not a mother!). Hope you're all better soon.

Flossie - likewise with your household. Resting today sounds like the best idea.

Well done to all at LN - and to LB and Molly.

Enrico - how did your race go?

HY4 - glad the parents visit was relatively stress free.

BBS - nice to see you back, easy does it in the build up.

Bridget - well done on the 10k - is that a PB?

Wedding was yesterday and other than it being fairly windy it was fine, sunshine for the photo's anyway. The reception was at a hotel in such a beautiful venue that I just had to go for a little run before breakfast this morning, just thirty minutes scaring some sheep and putting up some pheasants, didn't see another soul. An hour and a half on the bike when we got home and looking forward to catching up after a weekend of little sleep.

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