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07/10/2009 at 09:57

Shades - glad you got Chanel through safely.  Good running.  Knees hurt because virus is making joints ache, chest is bad this morning, sound like Les Dawson impersonating a woman and am still off work.  Everyone reacts differently to these darn viruses and have been a bit stressed recently, which didn't help matters.  It can only get better. 

LMH - it's official!  You're a superathlete.    If I lived on the ground floor would have a treadie and a turbo - it would be great!  However, because our flooring is so creaky and is nailed down chipboard instead of being screwed down, have backed off from this idea as it would sound like a herd of heffalumps running above the neighbours' heads.  Next place will be different though - have already designed a gym-type flat in my head. 

(((VR))) - I'm sorry, think you've got my cold.  Get well soon. 

(((Mr Bump))) - another sick note for you if you can't sit down yet. 

SiJ- glad to hear that kiddies are well again.  They bounce back very quickly.  Still off work. 

Molly - nice one and a free DVD - excellent. 

BBS - well done for getting out there last night. 

Elspeth - honestly don't think you gave VR your cold.  She saw me last week.    Shadies are getting northed and southed between us.  Whoops! 

Mrs Mac - sure you'll find another ultra somewhere in the world soon.  Hope Mr Mac feels much better soon. 

LB - take care today with that bimble.  No records today! 

That Boy - oh bless you!  Brighton, eh?  Bring it on, you'll stomp it the way you're going. 

07/10/2009 at 10:48

tbsiarf - please forgive me, not ignoring your return just eternally rushed and forgetful. Building the mileage steadily as you are should definitely lead to great improvements and longevity..

Flossie - sorry to hear that you're still suffering. If I get a virus it tends to affect my joints too - I think they have a way of seeking out your weak points. I think you can get away with a turbo in a flat (I know a few people who do) but the treadie is definitely a no-no. To be honest I don't like treadie running, don't think it's very good for me as it makes my stride too even so I'm not naturally compensating as I do when I run outdoors but needs must. I bought mine about three years ago when I sold my last motorbike. I wouldn't have had time to go to the gym to do my intervals this morning and have breakfast with Mark and get to work on time.

Shades - he's pushing me further than the generic training plan I was following would have and when I do sessions from rested (not often I have to admit) I can see progress and I've not broken yet so I think we're doing ok. I would say that I'd find out on 5th December but there are so many things that can affect your day that wouldn't be fair. I can say that I feel as if I couldn't be doing much more to prepare and that I'm giving myself the best possible chance.

07/10/2009 at 11:20

LMH - no forgiveness necessary. I know exactly how you feel with the rushing etc (sounds like we have similiar lives!)

Building mileage is definately the best way forward at present.  Really hope to build a HUGE aerobic base.....keep on plodding.....

LIVERBIRD    pirate
07/10/2009 at 12:30

I've runned!

10.14mm very comfortable after averaging 9.50 on Sunday. 5 more miles in the bag! I know it's not a long way - but I AM supposed to be tapering now....

Achilles have settled right down so don't know if I actually NEED to see the fizz at the mo...

07/10/2009 at 12:39

Be warned essay time

Loch Ness Marathon 2009

A race of 7 parts and some other stuff too. 

Shockingly despite never bothering packing until Saturday morning I still left on time around 9:30. Stopped at Tesco’s in Carlisle for some sarnies for the drive up plus the porridge for my breakfast. Somewhat windy, especially when zigzagging to the west on the A9. Hit a headwind and speed plummeted by 10-15 mph going up the hills. Still managed to arrive a little after 3 which was near perfect timing being you can’t check into 3 at a Travelodge anyway.

 Settled in, unpacked and watched a spot of telly, first great train robbery with Sean Connery I think it was, before heading down to registration around 5 after being summoned by VR Got down their, got my race number and chip then met Shades, VR, Elspeth, Mr and Mrs Mac and others before heading off to a sit in chippy for dinner. Steak pie and chips followed by chocolate puddle pudding with ice cream. Yummy. Did I mention that someone got ice cream who didn’t want ice cream so I ended up eating it, can’t think why  

Back to my room in time to catch the second half of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King which was nice. Didn't really manage to sleep after that though so was channel hopping trying to find something to sleep in front off. MOTD and some naff comic on afterwards. The latter worked as I was asleep by midnight.

 Up when the alarm went off at 5:55, perfectly planned timing for the GP start Decent enough GP although if I’d known the buses were leaving late due to a few missing ones I could of stayed in bed longer watching it on the telly rather than catching the last 10 laps on the car radio. 

Once GP was over went and got on a bus, handily I picked a MegaBus knowing full well they have loos on them An hour later and still having failed to move it was time to squeeze past the extra people in the aisle (several people per bus to carry those who had no bus turn up I think) and naturally just as I finished we were off which was very handy timing as its ever so slightly bouncy in the loo at the back.

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07/10/2009 at 12:40

Eventually got to the start at 10am which was when we were meant to be setting off so the start was pushed back to 10:50ish in the end. Nipped into the bushed shortly after getting off the bus before depositing bag on baggage bus and then meeting up with Fetchies. On returning from a final bush visit Shades said go back to Santa as she was aiming for a 3:57. This I did joining up with Santa, Sophster, Flip and a few other fetchies. Not entirely sure standing at the 3 hour marker was a good idea though especially once the bagpipers moved through and we ended up not exactly far from the front.

 Race itself well er following the Santa group without Santa knowing she was pacing was probably a bad idea 7:43 first mile a smidge to fast when I was aiming for 9 min dead per mile. Oh well eased off and the group drifted off in front a bit but was still going too fast. Got a drink at the first station and then drank and walked up half the hill around mile 4. 

Seemed to have a spate of on pace miles here which was nice then I hit mile 8 which had a steep downhill bit meaning I erred to the fast side a tad again. During mile 10 I noticed my left ITB was being a bit of a sod so I eased the pace of a little to see how it was going to behave.

 Typically I was 2 mins ahead of schedule through 10 miles but alas the ITB was being a pain. Brief walk to rub it during mile 11 before carrying on. Still bothering me though so I grabbed a bottle of lucozade just before the 12 mile marker and used it to massage the ITB. Walked a fair bit of mile 13 whilst rubbing leg as well as switching to the right hand side of the road to see if the opposite camber would help. All that did was cause my right knee to start hurting. 

Mostly running but some walking for the next few miles until the big hill at mile 19. Walked up most of this as it’s as quick to walk as it is to run it unless really flying along. Got to the top and started running down the other side intending to use the next mile or so of downhill to regain some time but barely a few hundred meters into the downhill my right knee was giving me some intense pain and even hurt walking down the hill.

 That'll be my old knee injury then and will teach me to do Langdale and then do any proper running 2 weeks later as Landgale always knackers it out from all the hills. Loch Ness doesn't help as there are quite a few steep downhills as well as normal less steep downhills too.  

Walked mostly to the bottom of the hill before being molested, well ok hijacked, by VR and off we ran for the next few miles. The drop around 22/23 miles was a bit of a sod as that was making the knee bad too so I walked the steeper bit before catching up. Going along the flat into Inverness however I was suffering again and was struggling to walk at a decent speed let alone run.

 Got a few jelly babies/beans passing fetch point and on hitting 25 miles began trying to run again. Was a bit run walky at first with run 3/400 meters walk 100 meters as the knee was being a bother. Got to the were the buses leave from and ran all the way from there despite the pain as I realised I could just about make it under 4:45 with some effort. Nipped past a few people coming around the back of the stadium thus not needing to worry about being outsprinted for the line as there was no way I’d of managed a faster pace.
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07/10/2009 at 12:40

Splits for the race I think next showing my dodgy early downhill mile times

7:43 too fast and not exactly downhill
8:09 better but still too fast
8:32 about right allowing for the downhill
9:25 walked to drink
9:01 bang on
8:59 ditto
9:09 ditto
8:19 oops too fast down the steep downhill
9:14 better
9:34 eased a little cos of ITB
10:16 ditto
10:33 and again
12:15 walked whilst massaging ITB
14:56 knee been a bother now too
14:00 up the hill
13:05 downhill with knackered knee
1:17:28 for last 6.2 miles @ 12:30 pace (watch only holds 20 lap splits)

Total 4:44:44 for 26.2 miles @ 10:52 pace 

Overall not too bad considering, not exactly sensible to clock 3 miles in the exact same time as my 5k PB though, even allowing for the downhill. Thru 10 miles 2 mins ahead of schedule isn’t to bad being its downhill to start with. Half time is my 3rd fastest ever as I timed that as 2:02. If bang on pace that should have been close to a PB pace which merely shows that I need to do a half to get a more sensible half PB

 VR had finished just in front of me and Shades was only a little behind too so we all collected bags and headed off for the free food. Jacket with cheese for me with a bottle of FGS too. Soon left as due to the delayed start there wasn’t a lot of time before dinner at 6:30. 

Back to the TL for a shower and a quick posting of times on RW. Also a quick check to see where precisely the restaurant was and a gander at the menu. Down to the restaurant via the station car park and unsurprisingly being food was involved I was first there Dinner was Cream of mushroom soup, half a roast chicken with crushed potatoes and haggis jus, followed by a scrumptious chocolate fudge cake with cream.

 On leaving I headed up to Weatherspoons to catch Santa and the rest before heading back to the TL to catch some telly and bed. Up fairly early Monday, down to Morrison’s for fuel plus some sausage rolls for the drive home. Nice easy simple drive back, barely any slow traffic and even had time to visit granny on the way thru Carlisle.
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07/10/2009 at 12:50

what a fab race report. Will have to do LN mrathon next year.

If anyone has 3mins to waste have a look at the video of the race i did on sunday. See if anyone fancies a go next year, it's actually 19k but very good fun.

07/10/2009 at 13:10

LMH - thanks for that, so turbo is possible in the flat.  Know what you mean about the treadie, takes away that reality completely and there was a time when I used to come off it and feel funny walking on the cement again for a few seconds - bit like getting off a boat when you've got your sea legs, but it doesn't last.  Treadie's good if it's snowing or treacherously icey.  Your coach is preparing you extremely well for this IronMan event.  You say you used to have a motorbike - they scare me witless and I take my hat off to you for riding one. 

Keith - brilliant report, but felt for you with the ITB and hope your knees are feeling a lot better today.  Do you know how to eat or what?  LOL 

LB - good news about the achilles and well done on your 5 miler. 

Molly - very well presented video - what a nutty race, but it looks so much fun.  Wonder if we do one like that over here? 

07/10/2009 at 13:21

Keith, like you said, you  didn't do too bad considering, shame about the ITB and knee problems. Great report and I promise not too molest or hijack you again   well......til next time

Went for a recovery run, a light gym session, physio/massage today. Legs feel better for it but my cold is a lot worse today. Might have to have a nap

07/10/2009 at 13:34

VR - you haven't read back yet have you?  I'm so sorry....

Molly - found our version of that nutty Rome race, but it's real 'get down and get dirty stuff'.  They call them Hellruns and have just watched a video and seen people walking through a muddy stream up to chest height and then getting on with the rest of the 10-12 miles - see what you think. 

07/10/2009 at 13:35

Molly - That race is bonkers, where does the archery bit come into it?
I would love it

Mrs Mac would love it with all those steps  probably not now though, been for a run yet Mrs Mac?

Flossie - The Commando Challenge we have nr Exeter is similar. Sorry to hear your not feeling well too.
BTW my youngest did get the part in Evita

07/10/2009 at 13:50

Flossie - wow! that hell run looks right up my street!

I've had a look at the dates and the northern one is on nov 1st so can't do it this year anyway. Goes onto next year's list. Will save me doing my weekly mud face mask!!!

VR - archery is only for the mixed team competition (3 members) The bridge is the best part, I was bouncing around like nobody's business.

07/10/2009 at 14:03

Oh did i fail to mention that my legs barely ache today Admittedly i've not exactly done much but go shopping, and eat a HUGE rump steak for dinner. HUGE means over a 1lb in weight

Will see how things feel at work but will be out for a 5 mile run tomorow regardless

07/10/2009 at 15:24

VR - hope you feel much better soon and a very well done to little VR, thats absolutely brilliant.  You must be so proud.  Got your tickets yet?  Had to pick up Flossette from school early as she got very stressed about the HPV injection course that most of them are going through.  She absolutely detests needles and my philosophy was that if she's with the other girls, she won't kick off too much.  Well, she did kick off a little bit and I had a blow by blow account of what happened - TMI  (am not medically brave).  Three fainted, one rather dramatically, Flossette felt like fainting, but thought better of it - she's so tough!  Now we can't move our arm and they've been told that none of them will be able to use that arm tomorrow, so sure they'll do their best to walk around with dicky arms - thank goodness they didn't stick it in one of their thighs.  Can you imagine, 240 teenage girls walking funny for a day.   

Molly - we had a race round Petersfield last year and my little friend, who must be only a snippet over 5 foot was completed submerged in one puddle (bless her) - it was 14 miles of surprises on an army assault course.  This year they're doing the Full Monty, but don't think it's the same one as last year.  Yes, I was quite in awe of the archery bit too and wondered if you had to actually hit the target.  If you're cream crackered, you could there forever. 

Keith - you definitely are proof that if you eat properly after a marathon, you will recover quickly.  Do you think it was the steak that did it? 

It's raining cats and dogs here and whatever lurgy I had is beginning to go away and am feeling a lot better this afternoon and hopefully it was just a 5-day thing.  If I have a clear chest tomorrow morning, will go out for a little run after school. 

07/10/2009 at 16:54
No it wasn't the steak as i never noticed any aches earlier today. In fact i ate to much steak and feel rather full now
07/10/2009 at 17:03

....but you're never full, Keith. 

07/10/2009 at 17:23

Flossie - Thank you. I had to tell her not to show off at school as 2 of her friends didn't get in. Rehearsals start this Saturday. We had already got tickets. Boooo

I remember eldest going through that HPV injection with stories of girls freaking out and painful arms. To think they have to do that 3 times! One of her friends refused to have any of them.

Hope you feel better for your little run tomorow

07/10/2009 at 17:33

TBSIARF - building a good aerobic base is the best way to train for a marathon and as you've started nice and early you'll runa good marathon by the time 18th April arrives

LMH - it sounds like your training is working really well, great news

LB - well done on the run, I was getting worried that you might be getting ill again.   You do recover well from your races

molly - can certainly recommend Loch Ness, we think it would be a good race for a Shadies weekend next year

Flossie - good news that you're feeling  better

Bridget has done the Hellrunner

VR - wonderful news re Miss VR, what a clever girl.   Good news on the recovery run etc but I suppose the cold will have to run it's course

Keith - I'm not surprised  a 16oz rump steak has filled you up...another half an hour and you'll probably be able to tuck into a tub of ice cream.

My throat is a bit troublesome today, hope I've not succumbed to the cold too

07/10/2009 at 17:52

If i had bothered to buy any today when shopping i could of had one when i get home from work in 5 hours or so time Decided not to bother and treated myself to the rump steak instead. Although i would of preferred the ice cream espically if i make it last 2/3 sittings.

Still feel a little tired but not as cold at work as i was last night, more to do with tinkering with the heating i think rather than any cold taking hold.

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