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16/10/2012 at 09:03

Keith- well done on your sub-4 

VR- your turn next!

Emmy- Good luck for Amsterdam.

I agree with Shades re. wee stops during a race- i stop drinking an hour before the race and have never needed to stop.

I havent run for a week as i have a bad cold might go out for a short plod in a bit.

16/10/2012 at 09:17

Si - I read that it is fine to run if your cold is above the neck i.e. a head cold. In fact running may even help you get better quicker. I have been running when I have had colds and to be honest I seem to be getting over them a whole lot quicker.

16/10/2012 at 13:31

Shades - I listend to your advice. I slowed down to 10:29 min/mile. It felt really slow. I felt totally refreshed when i got home though. I did extend the run to 6 miles instead of the prescribed 5. I will probably extend tomorrows mid week long run by a couple of miles and I will run the Thursday tempo run at easy pace but increase that to 6 miles too. Then I will relax until Sunday when I will blitz that 10k

16/10/2012 at 13:33

@SiJ - I have a cup of tea in the morning with my porridge and then a glass of water and that's it. I'll maybe have a coffee before the race but that's not a certainty but i'll still need a wee when i'm starting. Strange

I hope that you feel better soon! Maybe a few rest days?

@Khanivore - you really don't like sticking to plans, do you?

16/10/2012 at 13:36

Emmy lol I do but i am supposed to run 12 miles on Sunday and I will only be running 6.2 so I would like to make up some of those miles mid week instead.

16/10/2012 at 13:39

Lol, but there's a difference between a 12 mile LSR and a 10k race. It's all your game, I suppose. Just make sure that you dont injure yourself.

16/10/2012 at 13:44

Hmm ok true. I will take it easy and stick to the plan for the rest of the week (more or less ). I definitely wont do my temp run on thurs - will just swap it for an easy session.

I'm always shocked at how slow i am. Was reading a thread about a guy who is running his easy pace runs at 8 min/mile. I have such a long way to go. Wish I had started on this journey in my 20's instead of my 40's 

16/10/2012 at 13:51

@Khanivore - One thing i've learnt... and moreso on this thread is to stop comparing myself to others. We all run our own race and the only person that we win/lose against is ourselves. Think about it - a few months ago you would have thought 10min miles were out of your league but look at you now. You're beating that with ease.

Everything takes time and in the end it's a long battle and its only with yourself.

16/10/2012 at 14:01

@Emmy thanks You are right You are the second person to give me extremely sound advice today. Earlier today I was made to decide on whether I wanted to focus on doing really well at the marathon in 2013 or do ok at the marathon and then do an ironman later in the year. I chose the focus just on the marathon option. 

10 min miles WERE an impossiblity just a few months ago. I need to be patient and stick at it. Good thing I am enjoying it so much! Thank god for you guys and this thread.

Edited: 16/10/2012 at 14:01
16/10/2012 at 14:10

Normally I spout crap! I'm my worst critic about my running/pace etc. Just before London I had a wobble after someone on facebook commented about time splits/averages and "how can you be so slow if you've been running for xx years". In comparison to them I am a snail but if I look at the improvements I'VE made in the last year  - they are ASTOUNDING. It was the people on this thread that slapped me out of it.

Everything takes time. That's why I like Shades Plan. No thinking or double guessing. If it says 5 miles easy -then its 5 miles easy for a reason and I trust in the higher wisdom!

I was talking to someone for over an hour about different training plans and they were amazed about the training plans and the 'quality' of the runs that were included. They were knocking out 50 mile weeks and still the same speed as their first marathon.

16/10/2012 at 14:31

Emmy ok all of that makes sense and is as far from crap as is possible. 

How many of you on Training Plan 2 are doing 4 days per week vs 5 days (because you are running the optional run too)? I have been doing only 4 days because I have been cycling too. However, today I decided to fully commit to the marathon and will reduce my cycling and move to 5 days per week of Shades plan running.

I realise this make it even more critical to stick to the plan and not randomly run extra miles

16/10/2012 at 16:01

Emmy H:  thank you for the recommendation for this thread.

Shandes:  I've just messaged you about the 4 day running marathon plan.  fyi my half in the spring time was 1:51, and need to find a marathon plan that just doesn't break me!!!  Am recovering from a hamstring tear so am returning gradually, am now allowed to run for 45 mins in one go so there is no stopping me really.  Mont St Michel next year will be my 5th marathon - lets hope it will be the best!!!!  Thanking you in advance

16/10/2012 at 18:18

Shades - 2 mins!!!! lol 30 seconds if that It was mile 2 for the record on the splits. It was also cold which generally results in wanting to go whether i've just been or not.

Still far better than someone at work who would need to go several times before any race thru nerves more than over drinking.

16/10/2012 at 21:43

Shades - please can you email me your marathon training plan.  Doing London (2nd marathon) next April and desperately need 3 day a week plan!!  Thanks

16/10/2012 at 23:06

Well done Keith - brilliant  and great to meet up with Shades yet again. There are still some problems with the gun times, as the discrepancy between those and the chip times is too great. Seems like someone started the computer too early

I needed to go to the loo at Leicester twice (thank goodness for proper toilets). Didn't go during Mablethorpe, and the only thing different at Mablethorpe was I went 3 times before the race and at Leicester only once (because they were portaloos and the queues were far tooooo long . The stopping and starting breaks your running rhythm though.

Kharnivore - you can concentrate on the marathon and then afterwards you'll be so fit you can go for the Ironman too .

Waves to OH & Elspeth - good run at Loch Ness OH

Shades - I'm looking at next year's races. Tempted by Guernsey (unless it turns out mega-expensive). Have you ever done that one?

VR - getting excited ?

17/10/2012 at 07:20

Emmy - many runners go to the loo more often pre race, a combination of nerves etc

SiJ - sorry to hear you have a bad cold, hope it clears soon.

Khanivore - yes, if you have a light head cold you can run, but at easy pace only but it will not help your cold clear any faster.

There is no need to add extra mileage this week, a 10k race is equivalent to an 8-9 mile long run and you have several weeks in hand for your plan.  

And listen to Emmy, she is right, don't compare yourself to others, it takes years of very hard training to reach our true potential and none of us will ever train hard enough to reach that far.  But we do what we can and the best thing about running is the more you put into it you will reap the rewards, but that can be doing more than you should and your just reward will be injury.   Please be patient, you have improved so much already and there's lots more to come.

Keith - even 30 secs can be the difference between a PB or not, would you normally stop 2 miles into a training run for a pee?  

Princess Fiona - I will mail you tonight

RMB4 - and I will mail you but the last time you posted on this thread I asked you to give me an email address which you didn't do, have you done so now?

mowzer - lovely to see you again too and well done on your prize and another sub 4.   Remind me next year to show you the toilets with short queues, not portaloos!

17/10/2012 at 07:36

No but then i dont also have to start a training run an a specific time either and can go for the run once i have been to the loo. To me a 30 sec stop is hardly a bother as i'd spend more than that walking to drink anyway over a marathon.

17/10/2012 at 08:21

Keith - of course you can.   My point is that you commented that a loo stop in a marathon is what is expected and all runners do it, they don't.   And if it's time you don't want to lose then there are ways to deal with it.  I know experienced marathon runners that go the the loo several times in a marathon and they think that's OK and not within their control to change, but it's a situation that they could certainly improve on.  

You don't see the elite runners at London all disappearing into the loos at Cutty Sark...LOL

mowzer - forgot to say that I heard that they started the clock too early hence the larger difference between gun and chip times.   My chip time agrees with my watch, but I wasn't stopped by the train.

17/10/2012 at 17:00

Hi Shades, sorry! I've sent you my email address.

17/10/2012 at 17:05

Hi all,

@Shades - I know you're right... I still need to perfect my pre race strategy! For me it's a fine line between dehydrated and 'ok'. But it looks like you know which loos to aim for? Do you have your race calendar for next year, yet?

@Mowser/Keith - what's the next one for you?

My friend that i'm running Amsterdam with has caught her son's stomach bug... She's begging that it clears before the weekend! I signed up for Paris today. It was the most poorly organised state of affairs I've ever seen!

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