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19/10/2012 at 07:21

@Keith - Is that the one with the lots of portaloos? I lost 5 minutes there!

@Shades - Heading to Amsterdam and not 'feeling' it at the moment. I'm hoping that once i'm there - i'll get into the swing of things! I'm struggling to get out in the morning at the moment (it's the best time that I can run) so i don't feel quite prepared.

Who else is racing this weekend?

VR: Barcelona?
Emmy: Amsterdam

19/10/2012 at 08:18

Emmy - you'll soon get your mojo back when you start mixing with the other runners.  Just take the race as it comes, don't worry about any targets, just try and enjoy it

Yes, VR is on her way to Barcelona for her 99th marathon, Slowkoala has her first 10 mile race, Khanivore his 2nd 10k.

mowzer will be doing a marathon, I've forgotten if it's Abingdon or elsewhere. Sorry mowzer.

Not sure about Keith

I have the vast distance of one mile to drive to my local marathon, Dartmoor Vale at Newton Abbot.  A 2 lap course with a good Devon hill in it, but the girls that I used to coach run the cake stall and always save me a wonderful piece of cake at the finish.   I believe Ann Widdecombe is starting the race!  Don't think I'll be able to recruit her into marathon running.

19/10/2012 at 08:22
Ooh! Good luck in Amsterdam Emmy!

And VR - enjoy Barcelona!

How exciting - all these races. I'm off to London and am going to the Gunnersbury Parkrun if I can find it when I get off the tube! Hopefully it won't be too hard. Then off to Paris on Sunday until Friday for my hols.
19/10/2012 at 08:32
Definitely no more running until the race. I will stay off the bike too. Only one problem - one of the twins has given me a lovely present. Her cold
19/10/2012 at 08:34

My plans for rest of the year are the following

Nov 4th Lancaster Half Aiming foir sub 1:45-1:50
Nov 10th Foxy @ 40 40 mile aiming for sub 7
Nov 11th Foxy @ 40 marathon no time target
Nov 18th Brampton to Carlisle 10 mile - not entered yet will decide post Lancaster probably

2013 has the quadzilla in feb, Enigma triple crown in early july which is marathon sat am, 30 miler sat pm and marathon sunday. With er Dartmoor Discovery in june too.

No doubt Windermere will be run being its near to me and most of the local races which are 10 mile and 10k's usually.

Boston 12 hour in August and Compton Challenge 40 miler at Easter are likely too.

Edited: 19/10/2012 at 08:34
19/10/2012 at 12:07

Hi all,

@Shades - Yeah - i'm hoping that it'll get better when i'm there! It sounds like a great distance for travelling to a marathon! I love the idea of having cake at the end! I'm planning on another beer maybe once Ann sees you running - she might be inspired?

@Clag - enjoy the parkrun! I'd love to do them!

@Khanivore - get well soon. You wont like to hear this but if you're not feeling better - don't race! There are other 10km out there!

@Keith - your race calendar sounds familiar!

For me:
Nov 11th: Foxy@40 marathon
Jan 5-6: Enigma winter double marathon (marathon sat/sun)
Feb 24th Malta marathon
March 16: Eco trail de Paris (50km)
April 7th: Paris Marathon
April 21st: Antwerp Marathon
May 5th: Mont St Michel marathon (tent)
September: Berlin? Marathon du Medoc?
October: Cologne marathon, Dublin marathon?

@Shades - when is Cork?

If anyone has any other suggestions - please pass them over I'm open to all marathons

19/10/2012 at 13:03

Khanivore - hope the cold is not too bad.

Emmy - Cork is the first Monday in June, so 3rd June next year

Clag - enjoy your hols

19/10/2012 at 23:08

Finally got here in Barcelona after our plane was delayed for 5 hours! Due to it being held up at Gladgow after another plane had smoke in the cabin and the whole airport was shut down.
Barcelona is stunning from what we've seen so far

It's great reading everyone's plans!

Good luck to those racing and general running
20/10/2012 at 00:31

VR - Bristol to Barcelona via Glasgow?.

Good luck this weekend to VR, Shades, Emmy, Khanivore, Slowkoala, Clag and anyone else racing . I entered Abingdon but gave my place to a clubmate who needed a flat course for a pb and club record attempt. Also I'd rather do a very, very local off-roader which has only recently been arranged. So I'm doing that instead with my eldest daughter - just hoping we're not going to be knee-deep in water, it hasn't stopped raining for ages .

20/10/2012 at 06:26
Morning all,

Absolutely shocking 3miler last night to relax out my legs confidence took a battering but am putting on my mental skills today.

Just leaving for Amsterdam.

Good luck For everyone this weekend. I'll be back online Monday.

. @mowser - if you've given your place to a friend for the club record - wont it be under your name?
20/10/2012 at 06:40

VR - and there was me thinking you were already sunning yourself in Barcelona and you were still at Bristol airport.   Enjoy yourself and have agood run tomorrow.

mowzer - do be careful in that water, you're not that tall and we don't want to lose you.

Emmy - put that bad run out of your mind and just enjoy your weekend. 

BTW Abingdon allow transfers and mowzer would have done that.

Usual round of shopping etc today for me and this afternoon I'm planning my own marathon.....of ironing


20/10/2012 at 12:38


I'm fairly new to running but enjoying every minute. Ran my first 10km today (on my own not in race) in 61m36s so I'm feeling quite chuffed. I'm first reserve for our local hospice VLM team next year and looking for a training plan and was directed to this thread.

Shades, is the plan still available please.


20/10/2012 at 13:12

Shades, Emmy - swap done according to all rules couple of weeks ago. No problems.

20/10/2012 at 21:08
I'm excited for you all running these races. My running passion was reignited today at Gunnersbury parkrun. Was made really welcome which was great and joined the regulars for coffee. Quite tempted by the Ealing half marathon next year.

Ran 23:12 so was pretty pleased. Not quite PB pace but not too far off it. Hopefully I'll hit it again during marathon training. Really great seeing the beginner runners from Ealing finishing the race today - they'd done a 6 week walk to 5k programme and they all looked so chuffed. It was really emotional!
20/10/2012 at 21:39

Really let myself done. Done nothing but eat biscuits and cakes the last few days and the last two days has been VERY big amounts of curry and pizza I fell apart - a total lack of self control and for no good reason either!

I feel bloated and fat and have the 10k tomorrow Bah - on to top it all even though my cold is better my heel is extremely sore (i suffer from very dry skin on the sole of my left foot and it is full of VERY big cracks because i did not bother to moisturise).

What a dumbo  

20/10/2012 at 21:41

p.s. this experience has not been a total waste of time. Valuable lesson learned about self control, discipline, and the lack of pleasure one ultimately receives from screwing up one's own diet!

21/10/2012 at 06:36

Welcome Vanessa - yes plan stil available, you need to mail me your email address as can't send attachments via RW.    Now you should enter a 10k race.

Clag - well done at the Park Run, great time, you speedy thing!  

(((Khanivore))) - pick yourself up, get back to healthy eating and start looking after yourself again.   I'm sure you will still get a good PB today despite everything.  And as you say lesson learnt.

Good luck to all racers today, especially VR doing her 99th marathon....if she managed to leave that Irish bar in Barcelona in reasonable time

21/10/2012 at 07:15

Thanks Shade, I've messaged you.

I have already entered Mo Run 10k which is in 4 weeks and am planning to enter the Milton Keynes half during their festival of running in March.

Looking forward to it



21/10/2012 at 12:57
Hope everyone's races went well. Did the Cabbbage patch 10 mile race this morning in 1h 13 mins and 40 secs or there abouts. A PB for me as have never run a 10 mile race before! Went faster than planned but felt quite comfortable. A good route as very flat and good conditions. Did my fastest mile in mile 10 so feel now I could have gone quicker but it's nice feeling comfortable. Plus I now have fourteen 6 year olds arriving for my son's birthday party. Great timing!
21/10/2012 at 20:45

My 10k today was interesting. First of all according to my garmin it was a few metres short of 10k, maybe I cut a corner who knows but the main negative about this is that Strava is not showing my new personal best. I did get a new personal best It is 51:38. While I am happy I got a PB I am rather unhappy with the way I ran the race.

The big surprise for me was how hilly the course was. I had no idea there were hills in that part of croydon. Hardly any of the course was flat. The first mile was bang on at my desired pace of 8:20. Somehow I ended up sprinting the second mile at 7:23 as much of it was downhill. While this did not hit my legs too much it did send my heart rate rocketing and left my lungs gasping. I paid for this during the rest of the race. The rest of the race was a REAL struggle. I had to really dig deep to get up the hills and I did not really enjoy it. Now that might be because of all the uphill but I suspect it is more to do with the fact that i sprinted the second mile. I have no way to know. All I do know is that it was nothing like the smooth training runs I have been doing.

So, a valuable lesson was learned about pacing which is good. A PB was achieved which is good. However, I am pretty sure I can go faster. 

The half marathon I am running in November is pan flat. The only variable is the wind. My intention is to run that at a pace which will get me a time of 2 hours and stick to my pacing plan religeously. If I fall short at least I know I can try a slightly slower pace on the next 1/2 marathon. If I finish too strong I know I can try a faster pace the next time. 

I am really enjoying this running lark. These races really add to my enjoyment of running. 

A little about the race itself. It was totally different to the Brighton 10k I ran. Brighton was all off road. In this race we had to run on the footpath and there were cars waiting at some points while the martials found a gap for them. This somehow took away from the enjoyment. At Brighton they integrated the timing chips in to every racing number. Here we had to queue up for chips to attach to our shoes which were then (efficiently) removed at the end. There were several supporters along the route which was really nice as they encouraged us along, just like at Brighton. 

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