Shades Marathon Training

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26/11/2012 at 17:02

Lovely weather here but I felt bone idle and had the weekend off

Back running this evening though

Clag - very well done on your HM time!!

Khanivore - 18 miles is a long way so absolutely nothing to feel guilty about! well done!

Mamafox/emmy/bigG - I never go out for a run without food in my stomach. It works different for everyone but ever since I've had porridge I don't need to take imodium beforehand. I don't have bananas of coffee the day before either. During the marathon I start taking gels (powerbar without caffeine) after 25 mins and then take them every 25mins. I don't get to the point where I'm hungry or feel I need anything, I top up before that starts. I used to have tummy probs and have been sick quite often but I've cracked it now but you've just got to try beforehand and see what works for you. 


26/11/2012 at 18:08

I frequently do upto 10-12 mile runs at any time of the year without food before hand or even carrying a drink in the hot summer (it happens )

I dont generally bother during a marathon BUT on my PB one switching to Hi 5 later on worked so will be doing that sort of thing in the future. For long runs i'll have brekkie before going out.

27/11/2012 at 08:13

Brilliant everyone, thank you very much for the advice... will start experimenting!

Big G - If anyone is a phoney around here it's me  Although I have done a marathon I was extremely unprepared for it, being someone who has just run when I can without any planning at all. As you can probably gather from my comments I know very little about training but (largely thanks to all the advice and support I pick up on this thread) I am learning and really feel it is making a difference to my running, feeling more motivated and in control of things.

You seem well organised with your training and if you are like this in November then by next spring people like you and Khanivore will be coming out with some fab times with your races!


27/11/2012 at 09:54

Morning! Looking forward to seeing a photo of VR in her "100" vest  I would be so proud to run in one, maybe in about 15-20 years' time!

27/11/2012 at 22:39

I just read 'running faster' by Julian Goater. It was a fun read as he brought his stories alive with first hand experiences of a world class athlete. However, much of the book was about how to compete against others which is of no interest to me. He also constantly encourages you to go cross country racing which is not happening any time soon for me either Generally a fun read though and I found the advice on running form and cadence very useful. I have implemented it and I feel I am running much more freely, with less pain, and generally more easily now. Hope this helps some other shadies.

I am thinking about reading Advanced Marathoning by P&D next. Is that more for people who have run a few marathons already though?

28/11/2012 at 06:49

Khanivore - well done on your 18 miles.   Don't beat yourself up about the distance, first run of a new distance I would aim for a flat/undulating route, 2nd time for that distance you can use a more undulating route and later on a route with a few hills.

I think you should leave P & D at least until you've run your first marathon.

mamafaox - I don't eat before I run in the morning, except when doing long runs and I would always eat breakfast on race day.  Start experimenting carefully with what suits you.   During a marathon I eat a few sweets, maybe a few dates and add some electrolytes to the water (can't stomach sports drinks).

Big G - don't forget we start our December streak on Saturday so get that run done before you start the birthday celebrations

molly - absolutely loved Florence but we did miss you.  A great marathon and a fab place, we sooooo enjoyed the food.  I didn't have a good run, felt tired and no energy right from the start so I pulled back and just socialised and did took in the sights on the way round.   Weather was perfect too.   Will definitely be going back to Italy for another marathon or two and would love to do Florence again and do justive to the course.

That was my last race of the year...time to start some training now.   I have picked up a little injury on my foot but think it will be OK in a day or so.

28/11/2012 at 07:23

Shades congratulations on completing another year of races Sounds like you all had a fantastic time! 


28/11/2012 at 07:57

@Molly - I agree about Porridge. It's food of the gods! I make mine with Soya Milk as it helps my stomach. I'd love a 100 vest but am trying not to put my 'goal' on it or i'll get obsessed!

@Mamafox - In your next one you'll be fine. Every run/marathon is a learning experience. What works, what doesnt work, how your mind works etc.

@Shades - Well done on Florence! I've heard its an absolutely stunning city.

I've signed up "only" for one marathon in December. I decided on the Winter Enigma (day 1).... it was my parents that forced the decision unfortunately - they need me to clear out 2 rooms at home before christmas 

Another 5 miles this morning and it was suprisingly warm!

28/11/2012 at 08:19

Florence was indeed lovely. I would go back too. A Shadey trip for next year?? 
Emmy isn't the Winter Enigma in January?  

28/11/2012 at 08:21

Hi VR - It's the Christmas Enigma (15th Dec)... i'm doing my first 'double' at the winter one.... i apologise - my brain is fried a little at the moment!

28/11/2012 at 08:22

Khanivore - thanks, now I'm going to settle down to some serious winter training

Emmy - yes, can recommend yu put Florence on your 'to do list'. 

Good news that you're just going to do the one in December, more is not always better and don't worry about the number of marathons, there's plenty time if you ever want to get to 100, it's not a race!

Finding it very cold after Italy, haven't run today as I'm resting my foot.

Back to work though

28/11/2012 at 08:33

Emmy - I will be there too. Still not sure about the Sunday though. Don't really need to double anymore. So it will be good to meet you 

28/11/2012 at 10:37

Shades - what does your serious winter training plan look like and what is your next planned race?

Today's 8 mile run might have been very cold and blustery but it was positively tropical compared to the weather right now. I am so glad I got it done early.

The run was 'awkward'. I always struggle with pacing in windy conditions and my heart rate was higher than it should have been. That sore muscle at the top of my calf on the outside of my leg was playing up too. It felt great when I remembered to totally relax my lower leg and 'flow' in to my run. Problem is I often forget to do that The whole run felt a bit of a struggle - not hard... just a struggle. I am glad this is a lower volume week for me to be honest.  


Edited: 28/11/2012 at 11:06
28/11/2012 at 12:55
Well done to VR and Shades on Florence. Were there lots of pasta parties there?! My OH is Italian and has lots of family there so would love to do a race in Italy at some point.

8 easyish miles this morning. Am trying to go a bit slower on my longer runs while I build up the distance.

I usually run on an empty stomach, even for long runs and have only ever taken jelly babies on the go. Want to try out some gels but they seem a bit of a pain to carry. Where do people store them?!

Shades, I'm thinking of starting your plan next week (2 weeks early) to allow for being ill and race weeks. Going to stick I think with 4x per week plus my club session on a Saturday (and if I don't do the club session I will do the Shades 5th session). I've heard that in some plans, you do some of the long runs with a section at marathon pace - is this OK for a first timer? Also, should HMs be a chance to try marathon pace or should I try going a bit faster?!
28/11/2012 at 13:25

For carrying gels here are a couple of options that I have - not that I have ever carried more than 1 gel lol: - I have only ever carried one gel in this with my iphone in the pouch itself but it does have loops you can jam multiple gels in to around the belt (I think you can carry about six gels outside of the pouch itself). - i only use this for runs over 15 miles as I thought it might be wise to carry water for such distances. It has a bumbag on the front you can put whatever you want in, including gels. It also comes with two mini bottles that you can pour gels in to if you want and these sit on the front on either side of the bumbag.

The SPI belt is really unintrusive. You really don't know it is there at all. You wear it a bit lower than you might imagine and then it just seems to disappear.

Hope that helps.

28/11/2012 at 13:28

Khanivore - my next marathon is 20th Jan at Gloucester, I might do a shorter race before then but unlikely as I haven't really found anything suitable.   

Training plan is still work in progress but I will be building up my mileage to peak at 100 mpw a Xmas/NewYear as we have a shutdown at work and the time off gives me a chance to get some extra miles in.  Will drop back to 70 to 80 mpw after that.

It's very hard to run in strong windy conditions, one of my least favourite of weathers and it does make it hard to relax when battling with such conditions.

Slowkoala - stick with the jelly babies if they suit you, most gels are just sugar so a very expensive way of taking on the same ingredients as a few sweets.

Good idea to start early.   If you're doing Level 2, the mid week long run has a few miles at marathon pace.   All races should be run at race pace for that distance, i.e. half marathons at half marathon pace, only exception would be if race was very close to your marathon or you had a niggle/injury or were recovering from illness.

28/11/2012 at 13:30

@Slokoala - I have different 'methods' but check if you actually need gels. Jelly babies/wine gums/haribo might also work. Heres some ideas for tights.

1) in the back pouch of my tights. This makes the gel slightly warmer so even in winter it's not so 'gloopy' to get out.

2) Camelbak/bumbag/rucksack - depends on what works for you. I used to hate having anything around my waist but since using my camelbak - it's made a world of difference.

3) Wrapped in a headband around your arm/wrist. Easy access

4) Sellotaped to a bottle you're carrying. Simple and easy option.

When you run 16-18 miles you want something comfortable as possible that wont annoy you.

Edited: 28/11/2012 at 13:32
28/11/2012 at 13:32

Oh I didn't realise the mid week long run should be run at race pace for half marathon! I've been plodding in it

Should the weekend long run be at race pace too?

28/11/2012 at 13:35

*blush* I just clicked on the 'notes' tab for the first time 

28/11/2012 at 14:07
Shades....I'll still be starting the streak on the Saturday I've drastically reduced the booze intake recently but I'll be having a few on Saturday night. We're off to Prezzo in the evening where I expect I'll also have a portion of their fabulous Honeycomb Smash Cheesecake. Om nom nom.
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