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23/02/2013 at 17:39
I feel your pain KV. The last three miles of my 20 were no fun at all. Stopped to stretch and refill my water bottle at 10 miles. Fitness was fine but my feet are killing me. And my hips and knees were starting to seriously ache. I'm concentrating on the fact that a race always seems a lot easier. And having run out of juice at 18 miles last week, i feel much better for having gritted my teeth and pushed on to the end.
23/02/2013 at 22:02

Yeah I was feeling weird aches in my hips, and knees as usual which would come and go as I relaxed myself to try and alleviate them. For the first time I also got a little pain on the front side of my leg right at the bottom where it meets your foot - like in the joint. Really really glad i pushed on and made the 20 miles though. Feel like it was necessary to do that psychologically and the final mile was relatively easy going.

I did not really feel that cold during my run apart from my chin but i kept covering that up with my buff. Still, i think somehow the cold did get to me during my run somehow. I felt really cold when i was at home for AGES. Had the shivers even. Feeling much better now though

23/02/2013 at 22:06
Feet up, big glass of red and Skyfall on dvd.
23/02/2013 at 22:29

We went to someones house this evening. I've never eaten so much dessert in my life Feel very satisfied right now lol. Got a running workshop in the AM! Off to bed soon. 

23/02/2013 at 22:30
Glad you are feeling better now Khanivore. Well done on the 20 miles, must feel like a big achievement, especially after your injuries and colds.

Enjoy Skyfall, sofaboy and well done on your 20 miles too. I saw Les Mis tonight so I expect I will have all the songs buzzing around my head on my long run tomorrow
24/02/2013 at 07:32

S3200H - it's first come first serve for the Conne Ultra.  Entries will be open by the summer for next year, and it will probably be full by the end of the year.  It's not a cheap weekend and not the easiest place to get to as Galway airport closed a couple of years ago.   I will be going back next year, it's a firm fixture in my racing calendar but I've missed a few when I've been injured.

Rattler - join a club.  You can usually go along for a couple of sessions before deciding whether you want to actually join.

Khanivore - well done on your 20 miler but please eat breakfast next time.   You've felt unwell before after long runs so it might be even more important for you to top up those carbs in the morning.  LOL at the dessert

The workshop sounds interesting.

Sofaboy - well done, that takes some dedication to do that distance on a treadmill.

Slowkoala - hope it's not too cold out there today.

Rest day for me today, I've had an easy week.   Today I will draw up a plan for my training for the next few weeks and must do some housework as well

24/02/2013 at 07:43

Thanks Shades. I will eat next time for sure. How much gap between porridge and running do i need? About an hour? I always worry about needing the toilet during the run. Running seems to make me want to 'go'.

The workshop is with Sam Murphy:

I saw her talk at the VLM meet the experts event and found out she does a workshop  that includes running technique/form. I decided to give it a go. Will let you know how it works out.

24/02/2013 at 07:55

Khanivore - it varies, but an hour should be OK, on race day you may want longer as race nerves can slow digestion.

I've met Sam Murphy several times, she is delightful.   We used to have healthy arguments about long run training pace, she used to encourage runners to run close to MP for their long runs.

24/02/2013 at 08:28
Ah sod that. I won't be doing that. It would destroy my training for the rest of the week if I did wouldn't it? I'm mostly there for the running form analysis.
24/02/2013 at 11:26
21 miles done this morning. Really cold - I had two pairs of lights gloves on a the way around. Pace was around 8:40 which meant this was my first run over 3 hours. Had a hot cross bun with jam for breakfast and then High 5 gels at 8, 12 and 16 miles. Tired at end but saw another female runner at 19 miles which helped me up the pace a bit. Post run choc milk shake, peanut butter toast and steaming hot bath!

Hope you enjoy your workshop Khanivore.
24/02/2013 at 12:04

Slowkoala - well done, tough going in this cold weather. Eat whatever you want for the day now, hope you can put your feet up for a while too.

I've just cleaned the bathroom, I'd rather be out running....seemed like a good idea at the time

24/02/2013 at 12:10

my feet are feeling ok today but my legs are really achy. that 20 miler on the TM yesterday was the hardest thing i can remember doing for a long time.

no offence to any of the mentalists on this thread, but i can't believe people do this for fun. lol...

give me a sportsbike and a set of scrubbed knee sliders any day.

24/02/2013 at 12:34
Well, after my 20-miler on Friday I took it easy yesterday and this morning I felt 'up for' a run. It was a bit cold, but I got a quick 5-miler in which cleared the cobwebs away.

I purposefully covered my Garmin so I couldn't see my pace but I knew it was a 5-mile loop. I surprised myself and averaged just under 7:30 min/mile so I'm pleased with that!!

I think I'll play it by ear this week regarding the mileage etc. On Friday I was thinking I'd take it easy this week but some how I feel a bit revitalised after an easy day yesterday.

Back to work tomorrow.....
24/02/2013 at 15:49

20.5 miles this morning.  Had a jam sandwich at 12 mile and it worked well.  I have tried jels and not really found one that suits.  The High5 ones were ok but did not seem to do much for me.   so may be jam sandwiches, High5 4-1 drink and jelly babies that get me round the 35miler

It was very cold though, put my gloves into my running belt to eat my sandwich, but they fell out at some stage so my hands nealy fell off by the time i got home

20 miles on a TM, no offence Sofaboy but are you a bit mad

24/02/2013 at 16:50
I did think i might be by the end. But it's more a hatred of cold winds combined withthe fact that the country roads around here are really exposed. Cold is fine it's the wind.
24/02/2013 at 17:13

Some decent runs going on - @FastKoala - always a great pace, nice work. @Sofaboy - that TM work is impressive, must have been inspired by the rugby 

@Khani - good luck witrh the new job

I failed the Rattler geography test again today - went out for a 20 miler and ended up running 21 - my legs feel it too  - averaged 9.49, was around 9.40 for the first 17 miles or so, then struggled to maintain this for the last 4. but this bit does have a few hills, thought i could take advantage of the downhill parts, but these hurt my legs the most   so kinda backed off here.

Took a bottle of water with Zero tablet and had Hi5+ gels at 9 miles (~90 mins) and 15 miles (~150mins). Wore gloves and a few layers too.

Really tired at the end. The idea of running 9 min miles and another 5 miles in 8 weeks feels distant and difficult, but I'm up for the challenge 


24/02/2013 at 17:22

Still cold here too, in the wind i was cold today but out of the wind and in the sun i was too hot....

Still 9.5 miles mostly 8:55 to 9:10 pace for the splits but 9th mile was uphill and 8:15 as i ramped it up to see what i could manage. Sporttracks sayss 108 foot climb in that mile which sounds about right, one long climb.

24/02/2013 at 18:05
Well done everybody!

I took myself off for a 10 miler race called The Dalwood 3 hill challenge. Mostly off road, huge hills, deep puddles, grassy skippy fields, 3 streams to cross and rocky descents.
Great fun, 1.54 or thereabouts. It was very cold to start but soon warmed up.

Shades - I've decided to do Duchy marathon now and ditch the half. So let me know if you want to come with us
24/02/2013 at 18:12
Yes I hate the wind also. The last time I went on the same route as today the wind was awful bit of an incline but the wind slowed me to around 11 min miles at about 156 bpm. Today was at 8.30 at and around 142
24/02/2013 at 21:53

Amazing running everyone! Lots of big distances. I'm amazed at how fresh my legs are today after yesterdays 20 mile run. I had no problems at all doing the lactate threshold intervals in my running workshop today.

The workshop was really good. Sam Murphy is a very good speaker/presenter and everything she said made perfect sense. The immediate benefit for me, and the thing I actually went there for, was an improvement in my running form. I feel much smoother now that I am not extending my leading leg out in front of me and am focussing much more on extending my trailing leg. 

I won't be making any changes to my running form before the marathon. However, I will implement the drills and the changes to my form afterwards. They felt beneficial right away on the track runs we did. Really enjoyed the workshop.

Edited: 24/02/2013 at 21:54
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