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21/03/2013 at 18:47

Shades - you're not going to be happy with me....  I did 15 miles today, but at a too quick pace (9min/mile as opposed to 10min/mile).  I'll definitely do my remaining LSRs at the training pace you've specified!

On the plus side, it has given me a confidence boost after Sunday's bad run.  I felt strong on the whole 15 and did the last 2 miles the quickest (8:13 and 8:20) so I am pleased really.  It was dreadful weather (cold, wet and windy) on a not especially inspiring route but I'm glad I got it out of the way.


21/03/2013 at 19:06
Thanks for advise re gels, Shades. I'll probably carry my SIS ones but want to try the new Lucozade ones in the next week so I know that I can stomach these too. The magazine really pushes the lucozade drinks but think will steer clear as never tried these on runs.

The final instruction mag has arrived today and has made me really snappy and nervous!! Really don't know how you lot cope with multiple marathons, I'm a state with just one.

I've heard before that Garmins don't work all along the route and there is a particular setting you need to choose so it doesn't mess up. Has anyone heard of this?

Big G, the naughty step for you for going too fast. But glad it has given you a confident boost at least.

My last long run is Easter Sunday and I'm aiming to go slow so that it's a long run time wise. Think I need this so I know I won't completely conk out when I have lots of time on my feet.
21/03/2013 at 20:03
marathon molly wrote (see)

Emmy - Please don't do your long run. I'm no expert but I know it'll do you more harm than good. Don't worry about not doing enough, remember it's far worse doing too much. I managed to get round Rome on just one 18 miler so you'll do it. Paris won't be a PB but now you've got to concentrate on getting there healthy and enjoying it. 

i know what you mean about portion sizes, it's amazing how little we need to eat and how much we want to eat! I'm back following Sally's plans because I've put a few pounds back on and it needs nipping in the bud!

I only found out yesterday how to boil vegetables For the past 25 years I've chucked them in a pan of cold water and waited for them to boil rather than waiting for the water to boil before putting them in. It's no wonder they were so yucky.  

I know that you're right. The portion thing is quite a change... as well as feeling hungry .

I really enjoy the recipe part. Oh dear... It looks like I've been cooking veggies the wrong way too!

21/03/2013 at 20:50

@FastKoala- I haven't heard that about Garmins not working all around the VLM, but I also have the Garmin footpod attached to my show and believe this can track the pace / distance (based upon cadence / repeat calculations) should there be gaps in the GPS signal??

22/03/2013 at 06:35
Rattler, in an old thread, someone said they lose signal at Docklands, so you should make sure the auto pause function is off. Not sure if this is still the case and not sure how to switch off autopause so wi look this up!
22/03/2013 at 07:24

VR - ooh that will be interesting when you get the results and training plan

mamafox - good news on the new shoes

steven - yoga stretches are great for runners

molly - I do a very short stretching routine.  But start with a simple calf, hamstring and quad stretch after each run, then build up the routine with a few more.  The sohorter the routine the more likely you will keep it up

And I've never done 40 marathons a year, most was 25 but will probably exceed that this year, plan to drop back to 20 next year.

22/03/2013 at 08:02

Re: steaming veg - try using white wine instead of water to steam carrots. OMG!!

Re: GPS on the VLM (acronym city!!) - all GPS units will be prone to signal dropout around docklands due to the tall buildings. autopause already off on my phone.

Re: race mag arrival - i'm No.40851. aaaggghhh... too exciting!!!!!!

22/03/2013 at 08:09

Will take a look for the autopause function - and switch it off!!

Feeling really tired and aching this week, did the Reading HM on Sunday and recovery 8 miler on Monday, a 10 miler MWLR on Weds and need to do a Tempo run today, but really feeling it. My Wife tells me I've lost too much weight and have become bad-tempered.

Good job its just a few weeks left,  - Blimey - this running is really good for you 

22/03/2013 at 08:12
Sofaboy, where's the autopause on your phone? I have an iPhone 4 and have the Nike app, but can't see autopause anywhere?
22/03/2013 at 08:21

Ms Koala, or can i call you Slow?

i use Endomondo on a Galaxy S2 which has controls for autopause amongst other things in the settings menu. i especially like changing the language and then going for a run whilst having a Spanish guy shout out mile splits at me.

i would assume that all running apps (certainly the good ones) have a similar feature.

22/03/2013 at 08:21

molly - LOL re the veg!   I microwave mine usually, quicker than steaming or sometimes I stir fry them but just use a tablespoon of water.

Big G - I will forgive you as it did restore your confidence but don't let it happen again

Slowkoala - don't panic, you've done the training and you are well prepared for your marathon.   Don't know about Garmin as I didn't have a Garmin last time I ran London.

Lucozade is a major sponsor, hence the hype.    I have a very low opinion of Lucozade, particularly their marketing and only managed to remove myself from their mailing list after they asked me when I heard the name Lucozade Sport what came into my mind.  My reply was 'obese school children waddlling to school ' (drinking Lucozade).  Hey presto I am now removed from their mailing list.   Even on RW they advise the marathon trainees to use their products every time they run, even short runs, but they are marketing folk.

Sofaboy - I have noted your race number

Lot of rain down here, some damage on the roads for my run this morning.   Much warmer though

Edited: 22/03/2013 at 08:23
22/03/2013 at 08:29

Warmer lol tis colder here.... 0 perhaps 1 at best BEFORE the wind is added on. Road blocked with snow about 15 miles away yet nowt here currently. Well the odd flake in the gales. Walking to work shortly will be er fun.

I think the wind drops a bit tomorrow but its not going to be a great weekend for the weather. Now when is spring again???

22/03/2013 at 08:30
LOL Shades re Lucozade and obese kids! I tend to agree and noted that even Liz Yelling in the mag was extolling the virtues or Lucozade Sport...wonder how much she was paid?!

Sofaboy, ''Slow' is fine, as long ad I can call you Sofa! Just googled it and I don't think Nike plus has autopause and will check the garmin one is off.

I'm 7910 Yikes!
22/03/2013 at 08:44

It's good to see all the VLM numbers coming through....exciting!  For what it's worth, I did VLM in 2010 and didn't get an issue with lost signal on my Garmin.  Don't read too much into that, as  it may have been because I was running too slowly to make much difference  I did see Richard Branson around docklands, I seem to remember.

Not a fantastic start to the day this morning.  We've had bad weather and it looks like water has come in from outside into my gas boiler (via the flue).  The boiler tried to come on at 6:00am put it tripped the fuse, and for some odd reason it threw out the fridge/freezer and shower!  Mrs Big_G wasn't happy about that, but I did get the shower working with no issues after turning the boiler off safely.  Also, we haven't lost any food as I must have caught it in time as when I turned the freezer back on it was still showing -18 which is what it is set to.

So, before work I was standing there with the circuit board of the boiler in one hand, attempting to dry it off with a hair dryer, which seems to have sorted the issue but not sure for how long.  I am now on the look out for a local Gas Safe engineer to give the boiler a once over (which is due a service anyway).

22/03/2013 at 14:58

Plenty of Snow here.

VLM mag turned up yesterday, bit sad seeing my number (5655) knowing I won't be running.

Sounds like most of you are ready for tapering! , the long runs week in week out certainly start catching you up.

The GPS thing in London, I thought was doing the miles manually using the mile markers rather than autolap , I never use autopause anyway. Going through the tunnel for the Liverpool marathon really screwed the GPS up.

Forgotten how good Creme eggs are, only had 1 though


22/03/2013 at 15:29
Keith M Stuart wrote (see)

VR - hmm so how much did that testing cost? Be interested in that sort of testing myself.

mamafox - lol is now a good time to state my creme egg eating record 12 in 20 mins. Drawback of that was a 2 day sugar hangover headache.... Not to be recommended, or repeated.

Respect Keith - I know when I am beaten!

Molly - I ended up going back to Nikes and have a pair of 'structure 16'. Had a look at those new adidas boost trainers - looks like you run on a bit of polystyrene! (no, I didn't try them, am in enough trouble as it is). With regard to your stretches, for me personally the only way I know I will do any stretching is if it doesn't take long and I can do them without thinking what I am going to do. As mentioned here, I googled it and have made up a 10 min routine which I can do without having to look at any pictures etc.. The stretches are quite simple, for me a routine too long or complicated means I just won't do it at all .

Emmy - love the idea of doing Barcelona - or indeed meeting up with everyone at another race (Ooooooh - feel a group t-shirt coming on..) but at moment can't bring myself to think about entering another race when I can't run more than 5mins without stopping. Also during one of my marathon google sessions read that some people never run again with an ITB injury... eeeeek!! Trying to forget I read THAT.

V exciting news that all your VLM numbers are coming through.. not long now!

22/03/2013 at 16:33

Thanks for the ideas on stretching - that will be my mission this weekend to sort out a routine. In my lunchbreak I went and bought some Quinoa - because  I read in article this morning in which Beyoncè says it helped her to lose weight (how sad am I?!...)Hope the snow and ice isn't causing too many problems for everyone. have a good weekend everyone!

22/03/2013 at 16:37

Hi Molly,

I love Quinoa and use it quite a bit. It's really nutritious and not too bad to eat (just a little.... baby food like). I'm normally fuller after 3 tablespoons of quinoa than 80g of spaghetti!

Gym was today and I went OK. It's really windy here at the moment!

22/03/2013 at 18:37

It's freezing here and very, very windy .

Should be going to Quorn (Leicestershire) tomorrow, but having 2nd thoughts. They haven't cancelled (yet) but they are supposed to have snow all night and again tomorrow. The route passes over the highest points in Leicestershire and last year we got lost in the fog. If I can find someone to run with I might be ok, but don't want to be out on my own - and it's the driving that really scares me .

22/03/2013 at 18:46
Talk of Quinoa and Quorn is making me hungry...! Off to Pizza Express and may even have a glass of wine or two (:

6 mile tempo in new shoes today. Feel fine but quite different in look and feel to old ones.

Hope you manage to get someone to go with you tomorrow, Mowzer. No snow here yet but expected tomorrow,
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