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04/04/2013 at 09:20
Clag wrote (see)
Morning all,

Just popped in to say cheerio. Off to Paris today. Feeling as ready as I'll ever be & will report back in due course. Thanks to all for your support & encouragement, and to Shades for the reassurance (even when I did ask the same thing 10 minutes ago!!)

Good luck to anyone else racing this weekend.

Good luck Clag - see you on saturday night?

04/04/2013 at 09:26

Good luck to all doing Paris, hope your hip holds up Emmy

Thanks Shades 14 sounds better, I may push the boat out and have a jelly baby every mile in Manchester

04/04/2013 at 10:52

I would never be able to eat a single jelly baby You have a steely determination and ultimate discipline s3200h!

04/04/2013 at 11:02

Clag & Emmy - good luck in Paris  (Is their weather any warmer?)

Shades & VR - Good luck at Conne . Are you making a long (Guinness) weekend of it? . Saw MG at Northants, is he running too?

Still freezing here. Bit sunny the other day but today is very overcast and miserable. Find it hard to actually get out running (although fine once I am out).

04/04/2013 at 11:05

Oh no - it's snowing

04/04/2013 at 11:05

I will be in Pen 5 Red at the start. I phoned up VLM to find out. Where will others be? Especially Rattler and Sofaboy - the 4 hr wonder team. 

Turns out i estimated my finish time to be 3:45 when i was 16 stone, a smoker, and unable to run 10 mins without fainting. Hahaha  

04/04/2013 at 11:06

Mowzer I ran in snow yesterday - i preferred it to running in the rain to be honest. 

04/04/2013 at 11:16

Khani - I laughed at that.  Sorry!

I was going back through my notes the other day.  In 2006 I know I was the wrong side of 17st...I remember I had some holiday pics that made me realise I had to do something as even at 6ft 3 I wasn't carrying it well for a 30 year old!  I lost 3 stone for my first Half in June 2007 and stayed around that weight, on the basis that 14st just sneaks me into the "healthy BMI" range.  I did VLM 2010 at 14st 3 and a 10K in August 2012 at around the same weight.  I'm currently 12st 10 and I think this has been the biggest reason for the inprovements in my training/running....although I do occasionally still have a blow out

For me, I still am not sure if I'll get under 4 hours this time around.  Most people (coaches etc) say I should based on my 1:42 half but I'm not sure.  I'm not stressing about it though; if I do, that will be great but if I don't I'll enter another one and go for it then

During Jantastic, I wracked up some pretty big numbers for me.  I know these aren't that big compared to many runners but I think the key for me has been the consistency and staying injury free.  Running seems to have become something I just do, whereas it used to be something I tried to fit in around other things.  Since Jantastic, which started on Jan 7th, I have done:

- 49 individual runs (11 weeks @ 4 runs, 1 week @ 5 runs)
- 420 miles
- 64hr 40mins of training

04/04/2013 at 11:43


assuming you get put into a pen depending on your predicted time, i should be in with you.

04/04/2013 at 13:14

Khanivore - LOL at dreaming about the cupcake, I hope you slept soundly after eating that.

Well that was lucky that you put 3:45 as your finishing time.  

Clag & Emmy - good luck for Paris

Sofaboy - maybe the warmer weather we are promised next weeks will make the remaining training runs more enjoyable.

S3200H - I think you should treat yourself to one jellybaby per mile at Manchester.

mowzer - yes, MG is running Conne too, all three of us are doing the ultra.   And I may have a glass of Guinness too, I didn't have a Guinness the last 2 trips to Ireland as I rarely drink now at all.   VR I and are off to Galway tomorrow and travelling back on Monday.  And VR has made a cake for the journey

Are you doing Sussex this weekend?

Big G - it's years of consistant running that builds a strong base and will make those PB's much easier to achieve.


04/04/2013 at 13:54
Shades/VR, hope you both have a good race in Ireland. Guinness is full of iron, isn't it, so must be a great recovery drink.

I should be blue start for VLM and originally put down time of 4:30. But phoned up in January and got this changed. But think now have wangled a place in the Green start
04/04/2013 at 14:16

Shades/VR - have a great time in Ireland!

04/04/2013 at 14:29

I keep reading about trail running and ultra running and the Greensand Marathon is calling me... Rattler is going to do it too.. he doesn't know yet.. but i think he is

04/04/2013 at 15:26

Well, I'll make a rubbish doctor. Just realised that I'm getting the ball and heel of my foot mixed up  It's actually my heel where I'm getting the pain. Ibuprofen and ball rolling seem to be helping.

With regards to junk food, running on Wednesday nights have killed me. I've had to run past the fish & chip van three times per run telling myself that I can't have any!

04/04/2013 at 15:37

@Khani - I'm going to do what??????  - is that like Quicksand?? sounds dangerous 

My VLM race number is 36320 - which (IIRC - from the details I've been sent)  puts me in Red, but not sure of starting pen - I think I put down 3.59 as my target time, so I may not be in the "advanced" red that Khani is in, but as "5" was always my motorbike racing number, perhaps I should naturally find 5 as my home!! 

Seems (not-so)Big-G and (Racing Snake)Khani have done really well with losing weight - great work and a great reason to take up running too...

Good luck to Clag and Emmy in Paris  and Shades & VR at Conne .

I had my first ever Sports Massage today - WOW - that hurt - I'm told I can't now run today in order to recover from the pummeling !!  - to think I paid money to get beaten up !!! - I'm sure there's laws against that kind of thing 

04/04/2013 at 15:39

Clag - Forgot you are doing Paris too!  Good luck!!, looking forward to your write up.

Shades and VR - Hope you have a good race in Ireland... cake and guinness..mmmm!

Haven't run now for one whole month . Physio now changed mind, does not think knee is ITB problem but pinched nerve in lower vertebrae. Put me in some sort of catch position at session this morning and actually heard something click!!  It would be amazing if magically that sorts everything out. Knee is feeling fine but I am too scared to try and run in case pain starts again (not scared of pain just scared of not being solution to problem!) Will keep you posted...

04/04/2013 at 15:45

shades you are getting over ther emore than I am at the moment!! have a great time! say hello to the sunshine for me.. its beautiful there at the moment

05/04/2013 at 06:05

sleaver - LOl at parts of your foot.   More likely to be plantar facilitis as it is your heel area, but it could be bruising.   Keep up with the treatment

mamafox - I hope your physio is right and you'll be back running very soon

Bootsie - forecast is still cold for Connemara, windy which is not good as most of the course is exposed but looks like we may escape the rain.

Slowkoala - good news that you've been moved to the green start..with the celebraties

05/04/2013 at 07:06

Just packing for the porridge anoraks...Lidl instant pot 178 calories, 29.5 grams of carbohydrate.   Had these before and very nice, but obviously before a marathon/ultra you would need to eat more than one of these

05/04/2013 at 08:02

Right signing off now back on line Monday pm but VR will report in.   That is, if we have time in between the running the Guinness and all the socialising....another sleep deprived weekend I expect

Good luck to all racing this weekend

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