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13/05/2013 at 08:20

Only just got internet connection this morning so no time to read or comment, will be back on line at lunchtime

13/05/2013 at 08:21

VR - details and medal on here please, some of use don't use FB!

13/05/2013 at 08:36

lol naughty VR

Some of use do use FB but alas VR not accepted my friend request yet

A little pushed for time right now but i 'may' have some indications to what part of my leg is buggered. I'll either stick something up later today when i get bored at work in the afternoon or tonight.

For now lets just say when in the bath i noticed that when i leant forward the left hip area seems to bulge out far more noticeably then the right which i can only assume is some sort of muscle damage???

Managed 7 miles odd yesterday no pains running at all (well other than the hill and a sore butt where i failed muddy ditch jumping...) yet today it has a nice deep so to speak dull ache but doesn't hurt in an acute manner when moving about.

Hopefully get car back later this week then trip to docs for a pokey

13/05/2013 at 08:38

No FB for me either! photo of the medal please

S32 that's an excellent time you should be really pleased with that

Emmy - great to hear you had a fab run

Iain - I didn't run at all for the last 3 weeks before my first ever marathon (4.12) as I was worried about my leg. I swam twice a week and that was it (with a float just using my legs). The actual marathon went fine so don't worry.

I went out on my mtb and did 50km yesterday (ice cream break in the middle) as I had a massive argument with the raving banshee (ie teenage daughter) and i just had to get out of the house, 

13/05/2013 at 08:44
marathon molly wrote (see)

I went out on my mtb and did 50km yesterday (ice cream break in the middle) as I had a massive argument with the raving banshee (ie teenage daughter) and i just had to get out of the house, 

That sounds like a good as an excuse as any! Is your dad happy with his autographs? They were definitely really good guys to stop and get pictures done as well!

13/05/2013 at 13:25

S3200H - that's a brilliant time for your half and still a PB.   I guess you're only cross with yourself as you know there is more to come and it just didn't happen on the day.  

Slowkoala - that speed is back

Iain - if you take up walking and cycling, both which will use slightly different muscles that won't help your race at all.   Keep stretching, massage too, and short runs at an 'easy' pace, no speed stuff at all.

Keith - interesting injury!

I thought you didn't go on FB!

molly - I have registered with FB as an event I'm doing in July don't have a website and the only way to get the race info is from FB but I am plagued all the time by folk wanting to be my friend, I've disabled as much as I can but I'm still hounded.   I think FB is awful and used by sad and lonely people that like to spend their time stalking others or like 2nd hand living by reading what others are up to.

Had a good run yesterday at Halstead, season's best of 4:56, love this course but have never run well on it.   M25 was a nightmare drive home, made good time after that, home at 9.30pm.   Tired today but have done my recovery run

13/05/2013 at 14:07

Shades - i did a easy pace run yesterday after posting that last message as i was going crazy sitting indoors. My calf felt ok but i was ever so conscious of the injury. As far as the walking goes i am a postie so i walk 5-8 miles a day and i cycle to work.    I'll make sure i do easy runs for the next few days and try prevent anyfurther damage!! BTW well done on your season best time..


13/05/2013 at 14:17

Iain - apologies, I've forgotten what marathon it is you're going for.  Can you remind me?

S3200H - great time by you.  I know what you mean about getting a PB but being disappointed.  I had that experience in March at Exeter where I was pretty annoyed with both the event (there was a late change of course) and myself.

13/05/2013 at 14:22

Big_G its Edinburgh marathon. they say its one of the faster  ones and a good one for a PB. Currently my PB is from Edinburgh last year. Just hope this year isnt as hot.

13/05/2013 at 14:30

My sister-in-law (the one I'm trying to beat at my next Half in June) did Edinburgh last year and she said it was very hot as well.  Fingers crossed the conditions are better this year.

13/05/2013 at 14:39

It was insane. I hadnt counted on the heat and with 7 miles to go i started to cramp badly, it took me 1hr 10min to finish them. what killed me was i was on course for a good for age entry into london this year but missed it by 11 min. . forcast is for 14 deg so hope to have a cooler race. Should be meeting the family around the 9 mile mark where myOH will have a bottle of rehydrate electrolyte juice..still not sure if ill get the time i want but as long as i beat last years time!

13/05/2013 at 14:55

S32 - Yes you should be very pleased with yourself.. you have knocked off 9 mins since the last time you did that race.. AND just after a marathon - Well done!

Shades - well done on your seasons best performance at Halstead.. looks like your ankle recovered completely then!

Did my first race since injury yesterday. Started off badly, up nearly all night with ill toddler who finally went off to sleep at 4am, staggered out of house at 6.30am (after yet again being unable to stomach porridge - don't know how you lot do it) feeling like death. Usually I use a map but have swanky new phone so used GPS instead. Never. Again. Bloody thing had me going back and fore between two roundabouts in groundhog day fashion until I realised what was happening and changed route.  Switched it back on again later as didn't have choice (no map in car) and thankfully found destination. All this meant that I arrived JUST in time to put number on and gallop off after everyone else. As usual.

This course was described as a 13k trail with some "uneven" ground. Either this was a serious underestimation or I need to brush up on my french. I was expecting nice earth paths between vines or along meandering rivers.. but no. Started off calmly enough but 10 mins in warning bells should have started ringing when we had to climb in through a window of a ruined house, run through the (rocky) remains of the rooms climbing out the other side then dancing over stones to cross a stream. The rest of the course involved some nice paths interspersed with other commando type challenges - crossing a river on a log clinging (in my case) to overhanging branches..etc etc. At one point we were scaling the side of this extremely steep bank, in my opinion only possible if you happened to be a goat, when I caught a glimpse of a nice smooth strip of tarmac and I can honestly say a road has never looked so inviting. The main problem with all this scrambling was that this course was supposed to be a gentle reintroduction to running again for my poor knee! I was so paranoid about hurting it again I ended up hopping down steep inclines on my good knee and getting in a right state. Anyway, the last 3k were flat and normal (sort of) and I felt good and managed to overtake a fair number of people which gave me a bit of a confidence boost! Unfortunately they had put the free spicy sausage sandwich man behind the finish line which meant in my excitement to get to them I forgot to stop my garmin......

Results just posted today and I did 1h 17 coming about half way through field. Overall I am pleased as I have proved to myself that I can run again! (mentally snapping Nordic walking stick over knee). My knee is a bit niggly today - WHAT a suprise - so I will rest for a day or two then maybe go out for an easy run mid week.


13/05/2013 at 16:36

Shades - I cant get on FB at work you mean It has its uses not least [playing scrabble with various people like Bridget. Anyway further to what i stuck up this morning the ache is both around the hip (well a little below) on the fornt and also i can feel aches in my bottom too... Roughly opposite the front side one, i think its more of a side ache than front one and assume the backside pain is just referring. This gonna be more an abductor thing than a ITB one i presume espcially as there is no knee pain which is meant to be there for all ITB's

13/05/2013 at 18:17

Shades, congrats on the season's best at Halstead. Can't believe you trot out the recovery runs the very next day. Hope the ankle is OK.

Mamafox, sounds like one hell of a challenging race to choose for your comeback! Diving through windows and scrambling up hills?! Think anyone would feel a little sore the next day. Hope your knee continues to be OK.

I have lost a toenail and have three wobbly ones Ladies, is it OK to just use nail varnish on the skin?!

BUPA 10k pack arrived today. Hoping this one will be the full 10k. Mo is doing it again, maybe he'll just run 5k

14/05/2013 at 06:52

mamafox - that race sounds an absolute nightmare, but you did really well to finish mid way in the field.  Always worth asking someone else about the race before committing, or looking for a race review.

Keith - I think we can now get on FB at work.   I certainly wouldn't use it for games.  And as for gaming I have an ever lower opinion of those that do that than I do of regular FB users.

Slowkoala -  ar the toenails!.  Yes you can use nail polish on skin, if the skin is broken you'll feel it!

Is that the London 10k?   I think they've had a lot of problems in the past with overcrowding etc but if you're near the front you'll be OK.   Stand next to Mo and you'll be fine

My ankle is fine, didn't bother me during the race, just getting a twinge now and then when I'm not running, it's just the tendons, nothing serious.

14/05/2013 at 07:27

Shades, no thankfully it's not the London 10k which is in July as have also heard bad reviews for that. The BUPA 10k is also a mass event but is run by the same team who do the VLM so is well organised. I'm in a faster starting pen than last year so really hoping for a PB. Glad the ankle is OK.

14/05/2013 at 07:53

@Slowkoala - I've heard bad things as well about the London 10km but also quite positive things if you just rock up ready to run.

@Shades - FB is a fickle thing but I like that I keep in touch with friends from the UK for free!

14/05/2013 at 08:16

Slowkoala - That will be a fast and accurate course then.  Good news you're nearer the front too.  Is this on BH weekend?

Emmy - I'd rather keep in touch with friends without the stalkers and snoopers.   All my friends know that I don't want any photos of me on FB and thankfully most of them have respected that wish, unfortunately a few have ignored my request which is disappointing.   Can't do anything about my Irish club but that's not open to all and sundry.

Are you injury/niggle free at the moment?   Next race/next target?

14/05/2013 at 08:25

Hi Shades,

I'm doing my best to remain injury/niggle free. I'm doing lots of cross training (swimming/cycling/gym) to try and build up the other muscles and keep it tension free. I still have a slight niggle in my right knee but the kinesio guy that i've been to doesn't seem too concerned. He said that I can return to full training just taking it easier if I feel any pain and keeping stretching.

The next race is Mittelrhein marathon next weekend (the one that I missed last year) and then the main target is Berlin. I'm trying to work out what i can do to reach my 4.30 target on a training perspective.

14/05/2013 at 08:31

I use FB to keep in touch with friends in the states and south africa and i only post things i want people to know. my private life stays private. it certainly has its uses but for some it causes a lot of bother cause they advertise their lives on there.


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