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14/05/2013 at 06:52

mamafox - that race sounds an absolute nightmare, but you did really well to finish mid way in the field.  Always worth asking someone else about the race before committing, or looking for a race review.

Keith - I think we can now get on FB at work.   I certainly wouldn't use it for games.  And as for gaming I have an ever lower opinion of those that do that than I do of regular FB users.

Slowkoala -  ar the toenails!.  Yes you can use nail polish on skin, if the skin is broken you'll feel it!

Is that the London 10k?   I think they've had a lot of problems in the past with overcrowding etc but if you're near the front you'll be OK.   Stand next to Mo and you'll be fine

My ankle is fine, didn't bother me during the race, just getting a twinge now and then when I'm not running, it's just the tendons, nothing serious.

14/05/2013 at 07:27

Shades, no thankfully it's not the London 10k which is in July as have also heard bad reviews for that. The BUPA 10k is also a mass event but is run by the same team who do the VLM so is well organised. I'm in a faster starting pen than last year so really hoping for a PB. Glad the ankle is OK.

14/05/2013 at 07:53

@Slowkoala - I've heard bad things as well about the London 10km but also quite positive things if you just rock up ready to run.

@Shades - FB is a fickle thing but I like that I keep in touch with friends from the UK for free!

14/05/2013 at 08:16

Slowkoala - That will be a fast and accurate course then.  Good news you're nearer the front too.  Is this on BH weekend?

Emmy - I'd rather keep in touch with friends without the stalkers and snoopers.   All my friends know that I don't want any photos of me on FB and thankfully most of them have respected that wish, unfortunately a few have ignored my request which is disappointing.   Can't do anything about my Irish club but that's not open to all and sundry.

Are you injury/niggle free at the moment?   Next race/next target?

14/05/2013 at 08:25

Hi Shades,

I'm doing my best to remain injury/niggle free. I'm doing lots of cross training (swimming/cycling/gym) to try and build up the other muscles and keep it tension free. I still have a slight niggle in my right knee but the kinesio guy that i've been to doesn't seem too concerned. He said that I can return to full training just taking it easier if I feel any pain and keeping stretching.

The next race is Mittelrhein marathon next weekend (the one that I missed last year) and then the main target is Berlin. I'm trying to work out what i can do to reach my 4.30 target on a training perspective.

14/05/2013 at 08:31

I use FB to keep in touch with friends in the states and south africa and i only post things i want people to know. my private life stays private. it certainly has its uses but for some it causes a lot of bother cause they advertise their lives on there.


14/05/2013 at 08:45

Morning Shadies! I'm back after a bit of a challenge over in Ireland

The clue is in the event company's name "Extreme North"
And it was a bit extreme. So many hills. Here's a link if any one of you want to have a look! I did The Rock and Rolling Ultra. There was about 15 that started the race and the good news is I wasn't last! Beautiful scenery when we could see it as it rained most of the time and in some areas zero visibility. The back runners were monitored though towards the end driving around making sure we were alright. i just wanted to get back before the allocated time which was 7 hours 30.
I was 5 minutes after this so not too bad!

14/05/2013 at 08:48

Friends of mine play the marketing game and change their cities/jobs so randomly. One minute they're working for Burger King in Cairo the next they're working in South America for an oil company. I only post 'publically available' information on there so there's nothing especially private on there.

Saying that - I hate people that post 'everything' on there.... there's no need for it.

14/05/2013 at 09:02

did anyone hear about that marathon up north (not sure which) where the marshals directed the runners thr wrong way so they were 294m short of the full marathon. the only one to complete it was the winner cause he was so far infront the rest of the pack was out of eyeshot.

14/05/2013 at 09:13

I use FB too, and do like it.  I think the main issue for me is mixing work people with real friends.  In a way, I wish I hadn't added work people to my profile, but then what to do about the work colleagues who are friends?  The pressures of modern life, eh?

I did have an issue a couple of years ago whilst I was on holiday.  For me, when I finish work before a holiday I turn my work phone/emails off and that's it until I return (I obviously do a handover of any work to other people before I leave).  Anyway, some issue kicked off at work and a FB friend who was a work colleague contacted me via FB to see if I could help.  I wasn't best pleased to be honest - it was something like "We have an issue on the system - can you call me".  It's not that I was checking FB on holiday, but his message popped up on my phone.

So I think FB is okay but Twitter on the other hand I just don't "get".  I have a twitter account but don't use it.

14/05/2013 at 10:10

Shades - yes, a definite lesson to learn - in future will do more research on new races!

VR - well done on completing what sounds a "challenging" (!!) race.. don't know how you all seem to do a succession of marathons and ultras. I have done one classic marathon in the last 7 months and am in bits - is this something that gets easier with experience?

As to FB, am not on it or interested either - am even bit vague as to how FB or twitter works..

Iain - think that marathon was Sunderland. Must have been a real disappointment, especially if you were chasing a PB or GFA place.

14/05/2013 at 13:02

Big G - I would have gone mental if someone contacted me on FB. I'm quite annoyed if I see people do it.


14/05/2013 at 13:18

Welcome home VR - a good run in difficult conditions.   I knew it was hilly there as I did a recovery run from Molville and couldn't find a single foot of road that wasn't going up or going down.

Emmy - your knee injury will take a bit of time to heal but that's usual for that sort of injury, it will be fine.

Is this next marathon road/off road?

Re training for Berlin and your sub 4.30 goal, no more multiple marathons for a while...they will slow your marathon pace as will ultras.

Iain - yes I heard about that marathon on the BBC radio news on Saturday afternoon.   That's Steve Cram's marathon, I bet he's livid.   All those runners are being offered a discount for next year's race.  I'm thinking of doing that race next year, subject to date, will probably look to fly to Newcastle as it's a very long drive from Devon.

mamafox - yes, you will recover more quickly from marathons as time goes on, it's another element of fitness.

14/05/2013 at 17:12

VR - looked hilly! Shame about the weather as I'm sure there must have been some lovely views. Well done!

SK - I never have all 10 toenails at once so yes, put varnish on your skin. It lasts just as long and is as easy to get off - and no one notices if you don't tell them.

Emmy - my Dad was well chuffed - I showed him his goodies via Skype and he was really pleased.

I'm running home from work every day this week so it'll be my first ever 5-in-a-row. 

I'm in a terrible bad mood, I'm really angry - with the in-laws. I had an argument with my SiL and rather than feeling better for letting off steam I just feel worse. It's making me feel physically ill as I take it all to heart. Moan over

14/05/2013 at 18:14

I'd be fuming if it was a race where it was my last chance for a GFA entry into another race. It is sad that these mistakes do happen but it proves that no matter how well organised, mistakes happen.

Edited: 14/05/2013 at 18:17
14/05/2013 at 18:52

Awww Marathon Molly, poor you, family arguments are horrible. Have a drink tonight and try and forget about it. Easier said, I realise.

Iain, I was cross when my 10k was under, would have felt much worse if it had been a mararhon. Not so bad if the distance is over as they can readjust your times, like they did in the Brighton HM in 2012. 

I don't mind FB, my mum is on it lots so I get to see what she's up to (I do actually talk to her as well ) But never friend anyone I work with until they leave for another job. My 13 yo says FB is old fashioned now and just for biddies!

14/05/2013 at 20:44

omg slowkoala that means im a biddy at 36, shocking. 

Has anyone run or know someone that has run the race the train in wales..saw it on tv and thought cool that looks fun. 



14/05/2013 at 20:54

Sorry VR - only just seen your post for some reason. That looks a tough one! Are you doing the DD?

Marathon Molly - I'd agree with Slowkoala. Sounds like a drink may be needed!

15/05/2013 at 07:10

(((molly)) - sorry to hear about your family argument...try and let it go mentally...but of course stick to your guns.

Iain - a short marathon is not acceptable, it happened when I ran Jersey and although we told the organisers they didn't have the balls to tell their runners, crap commercial company not organised by runners.

Slowkoala - i think your 13 yr old is right about FB being for old biddies...that's obviously why I don't use it

Big G - you fancy doing DD in the future?

15/05/2013 at 07:27
SHADES wrote (see)

Emmy - your knee injury will take a bit of time to heal but that's usual for that sort of injury, it will be fine.

Is this next marathon road/off road?

Re training for Berlin and your sub 4.30 goal, no more multiple marathons for a while...they will slow your marathon pace as will ultras.

It's going to be on road so no issues with uneven ground! Thanks for your advice RE: Berlin training. The only double planned is the enigma double in august and I didnt look at the date when I booked it (i know.... stupid mistake). I read it as July but it's August.

I was thinking of joining hubby this weekend when he goes to a hilly part of Belgium to practice hill running but it'd be on forest track. Do you think it's OK to do?

((Molly)) I also take everything to heart. It's great that your dad liked the presents! I'm lucky that my inlaws don't really talk too much to me (language barrier and all that).

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