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07/07/2013 at 14:33

Manafox, did you do the 11k this weekend?

I must be mad as decided to run the 5 mile race today, after doing a timed 10k yesterday. Was really hot and kept wanting to stop. Time was just under 36 mins, not a PB but all I could manage in the heat. 3rd or 4th woman so pleased with that. And my 6yo won the under 7s 400m! He must have been one of the oldest running it but is thrilled to have come first!!

07/07/2013 at 20:33

Slowkoala - well done on your 5mile race... That may not be a PB for you but still fast in my book! Well done minikoala too... You must be well proud of him!

Yes I did do my 11k run - and was 30s SLOWER than last year aaaaargh!!! Trying to find excuse but there is none I'm afraid. Just not fast enough. Came in as second woman which mollified me a bit but before anyone thinks about being impressed please don't as the field wasn't very big (but that just stays between us..ok?!)

07/07/2013 at 21:54

slowkoala & mamafox - good running - I think you are both really speedy. And right up with the leaders - you should be proud of yourselves and blowing your own trumpets .

So hot today (I'm complaining already ). Left my run until this evening when there was a slight breeze. Went to the woods and ran in the shade the whole time - lovely.

08/07/2013 at 09:19

Slowkoala - you are sooo fast, the word "slow" has got to disappear! well done to minikoala too!

Mamafox - 30 seconds is NOTHING! the heat was definitely to blame. It's amazing how it just saps your energy

Mowzer . I know how you feel - I struggle in the heat too.

I wimped out of my  LSR yesterday  as I had tummy problems but it's only been postponed as I'm finishing work at 6 today and will do it straightafter. Promise!

08/07/2013 at 09:45

Marathon Molly - I too had stomach issues on my LSR on Friday after work.  I was planning 18 miles, but I bailed out after 11.  I must say I'm not enjoying this hot weather from a running point of view either.

I did do a parkrun and got a PB (21:32) on the Saturday, so I was pleased with that.  My wife also got a PB and she was really happy with it as she said she wan't really "up for it" before we started so she surprised herself I think.  Saturday afternoon we went to a nice park with a cool bag, some nibbles.....and a bottle of wine  Saturday evening we had a BBQ, which was great although probably not too good for the waist line....

Yesterday, I did very little apart from watch the F1, TdF and tennis!  

I've got a full week planned this week regarding the running, so I'll see how that goes.

08/07/2013 at 09:55

Big G - That is a fantastic PB and a big round of applause to Mrs Big G.

Yesterday was a fab day for sport, very chuffed for Murray & Team Sky.

08/07/2013 at 10:16

Marathon Molly - yes, Team Sky did great, or at least Froome did.  It was a bit worrying that he was left isolated by his team so we'll see how that pans out over the next couple of weeks.  He did well though and didn't lose any time to his main competitors.

I was really pleased for Murray.  I'll hold my hands up and say that in the past I haven't been a massive fan of him, but he did great yesterday.  It must be a huge weight lifted off his shoulders!  For a few minutes after the match he just seemed shell shoked like he didn't quite know what had happened to him.

08/07/2013 at 16:06

Hello everybody *waves*, hope everybody's happy and well.  First 2m walk/run today (must be the hottest day of the year) after a very long lay off.  Finally, had lady op repairs on 10 April this year, fell over 4-5 weeks ago and delayed healing a bit (in true Flossie fashion).   All went well today and am aiming for just 3 times out this first week.

Bit of suspense here, Flossette is due to have her first baby tomorrow and we are on baby alert.  Yes, me a Granny, can't really believe it, but then so much has happened since I last spoke to you all in more good ways than bad.  D and I have the place to ourselves these days with our new cat, Isabel, who is a bit special needs - sorry pussington, but you are!

Lots of new names here - hello to you all!

08/07/2013 at 16:35

Welcome back - your appearances on here are even more infrequent than mine!

Congratulations on your becoming a granny.

I hate this hot weather -I find it so tiring and impossible to exercise with these temperatures.  Have an appointment to see my G P in three weeks to see if there is anything that can be done to make me sweat!

I am no longer from Worthing- the commute was too long and my wife's health is very iffy so I have moved near to work so I can pop home at lunchtime to check on her.

We're in the country so I'm going to have to buy a head lamp for the autumn - anybody have any recommendations?  

08/07/2013 at 19:32

Slowkoala, you extremely inaccurately named! Amazing running there!

Mamafox, I'm sure the heat completely saps energy - 30 seconds is a tiny amount, and it could be any little thing from heat to not quite enough to drink to slightly tired legs - still very impressive to be second lady, however small the field!

Molly, I had stomach issues today on a very short and pathetically slow run - I think the heat makes it worse  Hope it went better tonight.

Big G, what a lovely weekend  Great time for Parkrun, and well done to Mrs G too.

Hi Flossie *waves*  I don't think we've met - exciting news for you there though!  Hope you are enjoying being out running again

Worthing dawdler, sorry to hear your wife isn't in great health - good that you are able to be close though.  Country life and running comes highly recommended - we moved out of the city about a year ago and love it - can't suggest head torches though as I'm too much of a wimp to run in the dark on the lanes!

I am hot, and my mileage is feeble the last week or so  Really struggling with the weather.  I managed 4 of my planned 5 miles today, and am going to really try for an 8 tomorrow - I think even if I have to run at walking pace I need to get some mileage in so will go for it no matter what.

08/07/2013 at 22:08

Not checked the forecast but since the beginning of the year it has blown pretty much consistently from the north so the likelihood is that they'll be into a head wind for most of the day. When they hit the coast at Cancale (a pretty little fishing village with some really good sea food restaurants) they turn and head west so there is a chance that there may be some cross winds. Looking out of the kitchen window the turbines are fairly whizzing round at the moment but it could, of course, drop overnight.

Although they'll be passing a mere 25kms to the east of my place, I haven't actually ridden the roads they'll be taking for a while so I went for a gentle spin earlier today to check out some of the route.

I did the climb though the forest of Paimpont on one of my first rides with the local club and I remember arriving at the top purple-faced and panting from the effort of trying to keep up with the local grimpeurs. Surely that ought to be worthy of categorisation I thought to myself.  Sadly, my memory was clearly playing tricks.  The sad reality is that it is a steady 2.5km drag with a maximum gradient of maybe 6% for a few hundred metres.

The area around Pampont forest is quite beautiful by the way. Paimpont Forest is supposedly King Arthur's realm Brocéliande.

Oh, and St Meen Le Grand is the birthplace of 3 time TDF winner Louison Bobet and home to a museum dedicated to him. The race will go right by the museum. There was some kind of function going on there today or I might well have gone in to take a look. Despite living just down the road all this time and passing it on numerous rides, I've still never managed to check it out.

09/07/2013 at 08:24

Flossie - massive waves! Lovely to hear from you! Good luck to Flossette hope everything goes well. I can just imagine you running with a pushchair and ultraminiflossie!

WD - Hope the GP can come up with something. Hope Mrs WD is okay, wise choice to move nearer work. As well as checking on Mrs WD I'm sure it'll be a lot less stressful for you without all the travelling.

Madbee - hope you manage to get your 8 miler done and hope it cools down a little.

I ended up walking home. I finished work 40 mins later than I should have so I was rushing. I set off too fast to try & make up time. We have very wide pavements here but what happens is that people walk 4 in a row so I was constantly saying "excuse me please", they still didn't move though so I was weaving in and out slalom style (getting het up at the same time) and after 6k I started to feel my calf tightening. I stretched a bit then carried on but I felt to have a tennis ball instead of my calf muscle. As soon as I got home I was onto Google to find out what to do...and I could only find lots of contradicting advice. So I decided to ice it then I gently massaged it, slept in my compression leggings with my leg raised on 2 pillows overnight.It feels a lot better than yesterday but still painful and "tight". I'm wearing my calf guards at work now and will definitely have at least a couple of days off. 

09/07/2013 at 09:59

Hi all, I haven't been able to keep up with the thread. Work has been manic. 

I only did 4 days of running last week but they were all about an hour long and at 142bpm. I'll keep doing that. Ramadan is starting tomorrow and I will be running while fasting, at the end of my fast actually (just before I break my fast). It will be interesting to see the impact on my pace while maintaining 142bpm. I wonder just how much slower my dehydrated state will mean I run at. I will let you know.

I did manage an epic 70 mile bike ride on Sunday lol. Caused a niggle at the top of my calf on my left leg. Am not going to run today so I give it another day to heal. 

Hope you are all well *hugs*


09/07/2013 at 14:29

Did the 10miler on Sunday morning, first 4 miles were tough and the next 4 easy...last 2 were the hardest though! Still that's the longest run for nearly 5 months so slowly getting back on it. Will be heading out for a 5miler in about an hour, going to be a sweaty one!

Must get back on the bike, just no time at the moment. .

How's shades getting on ? ,multi-marathon in the heat will be tough going.


09/07/2013 at 16:41

Well done KK on the 10 miles. Not easy in this heat.

Marathon Molly, do you have a foam roller you could try for your calves? I hope you feel better after a couple of days rest. Must be really hot sleeping in compression leggings!!

Mamafox, I agree, 30 seconds is not a big deal given how hot it's been at the weekend. I reckon the heat added almost a minute to my 5 mile race, at least that's my excuse!

Big G, you did really well to get a PB in the parkrun in this heat. Do you think you would have been even quicker if it hadn't been so hot or do you run better in the heat?

Khani, running plus fasting sounds like hard work. Good luck with that.

Shades, hope you survived the weekend of races. Can't wait to hear how you got on.

My legs have felt quite stiff from racing over the weekend. May try a short recovery run if it cools down later.

09/07/2013 at 18:55

Shades - just picked up you're doing a 3 in 3.  Lots of best wishes to you and hope to speak to you soon. 

WD - how lovely to hear from you too.  Sorry to hear your wife's health is a bit iffy and that you had to move, also that you have trouble sweating.  Afraid I am quite the opposite and this weather is really testing my pores.  We bought headlamps from the pound shop for £1 each and they were quite suitable for fishing, so guess they might suit your purpose too.  However, am sure others will have some better advice and/or some fantastic gadgets to offer. 

Madbee - hello *waves*.  You sound very fast and lovely to meet you. 

Marathon Molly - HELLO!!!  *massive waves*  Lovely to see you back on the thread too.  Sounds a bit of a nightmare run through all those people on that wide pavement.  Hope your calf improves very soon. 

Rest day today, but out as early as possible tomorrow for a repeat of yesterday in this blistering heat.  26oC again tomorrow!  Yikes


09/07/2013 at 19:03

WD: take a look at these

09/07/2013 at 19:45, I don't like the heat but the course is fairly shady and a 9am start means it wasn't too hot. I reckon there's about 30secs to be gained if I can find a flat course, so we'll see. I may get along to Barnstaple parkrun as that is supposed to be flat and fast. 

I did 8 mile slow yesterday and 12 miles slow today. The runs were ok but I did struggle with the heat. Hopefully I'll get along to the club session tomorrow where I expect I'll either do the 5x1k or 10x400m speed session, and that starts at 7pm so should be cooler than when I've been running (5pm-ish) the last couple of days. 

09/07/2013 at 21:37

Oh shades is doing 3 in 3!!!??? Blimey hope it is going well Shades!

My 6 mile run turned in to a 4 mile run as I ran cross legged home to go to the toilet. This has happened multiple times. I need to find a solution!

09/07/2013 at 22:58

Khani - or perhaps you need to find a toilet . Re-route so you pass a public loo, pub, Tesco or a bush. I can sympathise as that's happened to me before. Do take it easy for the next month - with this heat you could get seriously dehydrated.

((Molly)) hope the calf is ok. Has your brother done his ironman yet?

KKenny - glad you're getting back into the swing of things .

Big G - well done on your parkrun . My eldest (completely grown up) daughter did her first parkrun last Saturday. She hasn't been running much this year and her legs really ached next day. She'll probably do it again - though she wasn't too impressed about being beaten by a couple of 10 year olds

Flossie - **waves** - great to hear from you again and good that you're back running . Keep it up and we'll be able to have another Shadies weekend. Wonderful news about Flossette - can't believe she's grown up that quickly. Keep us posted.

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