Shades Marathon Training

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10/07/2013 at 07:11

Morning all.  Had a great long weekend away but it's good to be home too.   Weather is a bit hot for running, was 29 for most of the journey home from Birmingham airport yesterday and 27 here in Devon.  

But it was hotter in Ireland and more humid, very tough conditions for running. Monday was the hottest and was 31 degrees when we started, the tar melted on the roads (I need to scrape that off my shoes) so I walked round the course as it was too hot to run.  But the purpose of the weekend was to complete 295,296, & 297 and that's done and dusted.

10/07/2013 at 07:17

Emmy - enjoy your holiday and good luck with your relay

KK - good to know you're back training, calf OK?

Keith - has your injury healed?   You'll soon ditch the weight now you're back running

SK - I'm pleased that you got your GFA entry form.   Poor soul that is dealing with 3,000 GFA entries, all anxious runners too chasing their entry forms.

mamafox - 30secs is nothing over that distance and well done on 2nd place, the others didn't even make it to the start line.

Big G - well done on your PB and to your OH as well

(((((Flossie)))) welcome back, so good to hear from you again and especially that you are starting back running again.    Congrats on just about to be a granny

10/07/2013 at 07:20

WD - a good idea to move nearer your work.   Re running in the dark, can you shorten your working day in the winter, then you can run in the daylight and still have time to  spend with your wife.  

Hope the doc sorts you out, you have to sweat in this horrible weather

Sorry to hear your wife's health is still not too good

Madbee - this weather will pass, so just do what you can in the hear but don't try and push it

Khanivore - so be careful you don't dehydrate during Ramaden.   You do need to look at your diet re your runner's trots problem

molly - hope the calf is OK, this may have come on after all your speedwork.

10/07/2013 at 08:08

Congratulations Shades!  Just 3 to go now then!

10/07/2013 at 08:34

Shades - so far so good, albeit doing a park run at pace (well relatively at pace nowhere near peak performance at the moment) was perhaps not the best way to return Achy quads oh yes...

So it was park run sat in 25:44 not to bad really, did 3.5 later in the after noon. a bit further on sunday. Monday did 8 miles odd on the bike in the evening, yesterday did 4 miles before work.

Tonight i shall go out on bike for a while then tomorrow its 5 miles with someone from work. Friday i shall go off on bike somewhere during the day then sat its park run time too espcially as Vrap said she may well go. If anything seems odd i can always get a sneaky second opinion

10/07/2013 at 08:35

oh not looking forward to tomorrow and friday as i cant hide in my aircon office at work being i'm having them days off

10/07/2013 at 09:44

Hi all, hope you are all well, been away for a week and then playing catch up at work.

Well done Shades, what are your last 3 going to be?


10/07/2013 at 10:32

Shades - wow! well impressed. 3 in 3 - and in this heat! Hope you're feeling okay and going to rest for a few days

Flossie - any baby updates?

Big G - lots of good, consistent running going on at your end - well done

Mowzer - yes, he did the IM without any problems. he said he felt worse after doing Manchester marathon as he really pushed himself to get a sub 3.30 whereas at the IM he just "ambled" round. Jammy or what. Your daughter's done more than I have - I've never had chance to do a Parkrun 

Khani - it must be tough running during Ramadan. It might be a silly question but could you not run at the start of your fast rather than the end?

Keith - hope it's not too warm for your 5 miler today


10/07/2013 at 10:37

SK - I don't have a foam roller but I gently massaged last night, slept in my calf guards with my leg elevated and it does feel a lot better. Another rest day today and hopefully run after work tomorrow. On Saturday I did a Jillian Michaels DVD which may have contributed together with 2 months of speedwork.

It's 32° here and although I'm "used" to it, it still takes it out of me and I'm a lot slower. My ideal running temperature is around 12°. 

10/07/2013 at 14:45

Take it easy with that calf MM. Foam roller really helps, I don't use mine often enough.

Well done shades , 297 wow!  sounded tough.

Think the calf is ok, still get odd little twinges. Think I'm just super sensitive to anything in that calf at the moment, no pain at all and started doing my usual hills again (not specific hill training ,just not avoiding them). Doing 3 runs a week at the moment, will need to add in a 4th run in the next couple of weeks.

My planned 5 turned into 6 last night mostly off road, with a spot of getting lost in the woods, really enjoyed it. Don't really mind the heat until I stop and then instantly turn into a big sweaty mess!

10/07/2013 at 15:32

Well done Shades, the word 'awesome' is overused these days but 3 in 3 is truely awesome! Just 3 to go now! What happens after 300 - do you keep going to 400 and then 500 or will you want a different challenge?

I'm doing the Olympic park 5 mlie run on 21st July and am apparently due to get a race pack tomorrow. They want everyone to wear the same blue t shirt that they provide. Luckily it's a technical one. It actually seems to be OK organised with runners starting at different times depending on predicted times. Will be a tad different to the summer league 5 mile race I did at the weekend which had a field of 200!

10/07/2013 at 17:02

Shades – lots of hugs to you too (((((()))))) x  You’re absolutely amazing.  Nearly 300 marathons.  One hell of an achievement.  Yes, back at it and have been out today, but have put on a bit of weight that needs to be burned off. 

Mowzer – *waves* lovely to speak to you again too.  Flossette has changed a lot since I last spoke about her on this thread – all for the better though.  That sounds like a stonking good idea – another Shadie weekend.  Need to get in a good winter’s training.  Starting from scratch again here.  Lovely to see you’re in the 100 Club – many congratulations! X

Molly – no baby yet, my love.  It was 35oC here yesterday.  Crazy that it’s warmer here than where you are – we expect it to be the other way round and feel absolutely clobbered when it’s not.  Agree with you about running in 12oC – lovely temperature

Well, did the 2m again today, but used 100 walk, 50 run and cut a minute off last time.  Have to say that 48 hrs after last run was a bit ouchy this morning.  However, I know that perseverance will override this minor ouch.  Yet again, it was very warm, the clouds are now building up as well as a hot wind. Phew!


10/07/2013 at 18:16

5 miler is tomorrow its meant to be bike ride today albeit its bloody hot out and i cba right now

no harm in not bothering it is just a different form of burning some calories and i intend to go for a longer one friday

11/07/2013 at 06:47

Keith - glad to hear the injury has healed.

S3200H - I have Tenby, Waterfront Ultra and then IOM marathon

molly - how's the calf now?

Not much rest for me as Tenby marathon this weekend, but I still haven't been able to run as I have a sore blister on the ball of my foot

KK - I think once you've had a calf injury you become sensitive to the little twinges there.

SK - I intend to just keep going but not number chasing like I've been doing this year.   I want to do marathons and ultra as long as I still want to.  But apart from Clonakilty Back2Back there will be no more doubles or multiples, I don't enjoy them and they do nothing for your fitness.

Yes, I remember seeing the photos last year of that race where everyone was asked to wear the same shirt....I don't like the idea at all, prefer to wear my club vest.  And you are small, so might be too big for you, they're not vests either but tech shirts.   Most of my tech shirts I get from races I can't wear for training as they're too big which makes them uncomfortable to run in.

Flossie - I can tell you are determined to get back your fitness by getting out in this weather to start your training.  Would be great to meet up again.

11/07/2013 at 07:28

Morning everyone - thank you all for your kind words regarding my extra 30s.. Made me feel much more positive!

Shades - Well done for getting through those 3 (3!!!) marathons in that heat and humidité. Can't have been easy at all. Countdown's on now! Good luck for Tenby. I love that part of the coast. How did your HADD test go by the way? Is your fitness improving with all the racing you do or does that have a negative effect?

Fab 10k run this morning. Really enjoyed it, lovely and cool with a breeze and base training definitely working. Only had to walk one really steep hill to keep HR in range whereas on week 1 of my training I had to walk a LOT more 



11/07/2013 at 07:54

HI all.

I didn't get to the club session last night as there was a late change of training route to one I don't especially enjoy, so I did a 5x1K session by myself with plenty of recovery in between (plus 2 mile w/u and 2 mile c/d).  It had cooled a bit, but it was a tough session and the stats for the efforts were:  

Time         Av pace
4:09.7       6:41
3:58.0       6:25
3:56.4       6:21
3:54.5       6:18
3:59.7       6:23, which is an average pace for the 1K efforts of 6:25.

I'm relatively pleased with that as I felt strong on the run, but also disheartened as I did the same session (the only difference being that it was with the Club and not by myself) back in March and the average pace then was more or less the same (6.24), so I seem to have plateued a bit

Rest day for me today.....

11/07/2013 at 10:24

Shades - I don't know anyone in the whole world who has done so many marathons - it's mind boggling. 

Flossie - my most vivd memory of Flossette is her being stuck on a bus and having to be rescued!

mamafox - it's a great feeling when you see improvement like that on hills 

Big G - I think you did very well to do the same pace on your own. It's so much easier when you do it with your Club.

I'm going to run home from work this evening. No pain at all but I'll be taking it very steady.

Before work I nipped into a sports shop and got a new swimming costume as I'm going to book individual lessons starting next week, can't wait to get started.

11/07/2013 at 13:15

mamafox - Tenby is a lovely area and a traffic free course too with spectacular views, so I shall potter round and enjoy it.   I think it's going to be hot again but I should be OK as I've had my warm weather training!

Your base training is certainly paying off

Big G - I think you're being too harsh, in March it would have been cool conditions with low humidity and that would have made a difference in your average pace.

molly - good luck with the swimming lessons.   Glad to hear the calf seems Ok

I know lots of people that have done more marathons than I have, but I don't see it as a competition.  

In this world there will always be somebody fatter, thinner, richer, poorer, and has run more marathons than any of us

11/07/2013 at 14:18

Shades - I know it's not a competition and you do it solely because that's what you want to do - but I don't think you realise what an achievement it is, seriously! I'm well impressed 

11/07/2013 at 15:12

you are correct Shades, but there are plenty more that have never done anything, so well done you, I am also well impressed.

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