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30/07/2013 at 08:23

Shades - lol dont worry the doc will get a bit of a grilling later on what i can and cant do. Not that the doc said last time but i assume some sort of ITB exercises would help with this? Not least because thats probably the bit that 'hurts' during the day being its the outside of my leg not the middle which is where it goes. Fairly sure they had it right first time with the point of injury and what not as ITB pain is meant to hurt in the knee and mine doesn't.

30/07/2013 at 10:30

MM - Thanks for the advice.  It was something that I had always wondered about!

Shades - I bow to your mega knowledge!

Like I said last weeks runs did seem to go better with the weather being a bit cooler and I think that I set a better more achievable pace so I will continue working on that.

Has anyone got any information on interval training or fartlek that could help me improve my fitness? 

Any tips would be welcome

30/07/2013 at 16:25

Shades - "As Molly says, don't compare yourself with others" to be honest I'd pinched that idea from you a couple of weeks ago! A definite case of plagarism on my part. 

I ran yesterday without pain and I'm going running again this evening - only 7km though as it's 42°.

I've put in for my first tri on Sept 7th - 650mt swim in the sea (which didn't sound too bad until I worked it out in lengths) - 16km mountainbike off road - 4.5km run. I think I'm going to have to breaststroke the swim.

30/07/2013 at 16:56

Big G, I think in most parkruns, there are more male than female runners and without generalising, I think you get a greater proportion of female runners who don't take it as seriously, perhaps just running once or twice a week. I know this is the case for my club, too where there are some female runners who just do one club session a week and don't run much in between. But saying that, isn't the age grading done from the best time (i.e. world record) for your age category and gender? Parkrun also have a ranking system via run Britain where you can compare your PB for parkrun with other parkrunners of your age and gender... The runners from Bushy Park seem to be very speedy so think I will stick to my local one! Not that we should be comparing but I love stats!

30/07/2013 at 22:05

SK - I like the stats too

I think you're right. The elites are obviously top class in either gender, but maybe there isn't the depth there in the 'masses' for the women? I mentioned my wife is 62% and has come first in her age category twice at parkrun, but I can't imagine a man coming first with that kind of percentage. Certainly the ones I've been in have been won by men at 75%-ish for my age category.

Interesting stuff. 

30/07/2013 at 22:47

Big G, I'm not sure that there is always such a difference in percents by gender... I won the 40-44 female category with 72% and the equivalent male had 76%. On the other hand, the winner of the 60-64 female category had 89% (very impressive) and the equivalent male was 79%. But as you say, doesn't seem to be much competition in the female 35-39s (the winner was 25 mins with 59%). She was slower than the women winners of the 40-44, 44-49,50-54,55-59 and 60-64 categories! Just shows that women get better with age  I do really have other things to do right now apart from sending all the Shadies to sleep!

31/07/2013 at 07:21

Lesley - if you're still doing some of your runs with your OH and therefore having to push yourself quite hard that will count as a speed session (tempo running).   So I would suggest that if you do an extra session that you do an easy run at your pace, this will help improve your aerobic system and give you a stronger base fitness.

Keith - generally ITB pain is in the knee area but can radiate above or below the knee, more commonly up the outside of the quad.  Doesn't sound like an ITB problem especially as you've cut your running down a lot.

molly - how exciting your first tri

42 degrees

SK - those stats are really interesting.   I think different races attract different types of runners and sometimes there seems no consistency in the quality of the runners.   But I know from when I had my running club, women are far less interested in racing especially if they are fairly new to running.  They seek the other benefits of running, health, feeling good about themselves etc.

Big G - anyway Park runs are on Saturday mornings and everyone knows that's when we women partake of our other favourite sport....Shopping


Very humid today, like running in a sauna


31/07/2013 at 07:49

Shades - Aye its def same as before, the doc looked like just left med school too so i must be getting old now Physio with the different approach of he will sort the appointment out so its with the senior physio who can do the steroid injections too with the intent for both physio and injection.

31/07/2013 at 07:58

SK - thanks for that.  I hadn't looked at the other age categories at all, so that is very interesting.

31/07/2013 at 09:31

Molly - That's similar to what we had during ITLR. On the Friday it hit 44'c whilst I was receiving medical care in the van (I managed 6 hilly km in 39'c heat but couldnt do much else!). I'm really impressed that you can even run in this temperature!

I'd love to do a parkrun and i've even looked into setting one up here but they're not taking new countries at the moment.

We're 'lucky' that it's still cool here - the temperature gauge is being turned up tomorrow I'm doing a 100km cycle ride this weekend with hubby's friends and the temperatures are looking to be 'smokin' 

31/07/2013 at 09:56

Shades - I only run once a week with my other half and thats when we do a long run.  I tend to run a mile or two longer than him so I do also have this extra time at my own pace.  I do two one hour runs during the week and then an interval session at the gym and a few weights on a Friday so hopefully this will be enough for now to get me in shape.  I am thinking about joining the local running club next week and doing a Park Run as I think that could help.

I want to add a fifth training session in really but am not sure if that would be too much too soon and would result in overtraining.  I feel good and dont ache all the time or anything.  What do you all think?


31/07/2013 at 13:22

Lesley - if you want to add an extra session, make it an easy run until you're used to training 5 times a week.

A Park run would be a good idea and if you did one every few weeks it would be a good way to measure your improvement.

Emmy - eek, that is too hot for anything never mind running.   Did the heat make you ill? 

31/07/2013 at 14:13

Emmy and Molly, hats off to you for even getting out of the house in those temperatures. I suppose at least for training runs you can get out early or late but I guess for races you dont have any choice.

Lesley, I've only done one, but I would really recommend parkruns. Such a simple concept and no faffing around for ages at the start or finish. And a great atmosphere with all types of runner welcome and encouraged. Emmy, I'd love to set one up in my area but I think you need a big team of volunteers plus cash upfront (which I think local councils often fork out for). I guess it could work if you had a number of local running clubs involved so you didn't have the same volunteers each week. 

Keith, I had IT band problems last month and the pain for me was at the side of my knee. I didn't even bother with the GP but went straight to physio. Luckily he was able to sort within 2-3 weeks and I only had a couple of sessions. I've a feeling it will come back to bite me in the future though. Good luck with yours.

31/07/2013 at 18:59

Shades - looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. 

31/07/2013 at 19:30

Hi Shades, yep - the heat definitely weakened me. It's strange as I didn't notice it until the cyclist said: Jesus - its 39'c! It's also weird that 3 days later I ran in hotter temperatures in Belgium and handled it even better and enjoyed it!

01/08/2013 at 07:12

SK - great idea to set up a Park run in your area, if you could get a team to help.   I'm sure once it was established more volunteers would be available to help.

Flossie - looking forward to seeing you too, it's been ages.   My number arrived yesterday 321.   I will be running round at an easy pace, so no rush to get there!!.

Emmy - if it's humid too that sort of heat just wipes you out.   One of the guys that DNF' d the 10 in 10 in Ireland is still not right now.   He's still running but I think the heat caused him stomach problems.  I know in the heat I struggle to take fuel on board too.

Have taken a rest day today as was feeling really tired and still have my foot and hamstring niggles.  Had a really good sleep and feel a lot better for it.

01/08/2013 at 08:34

I went out for a 10K with my club last night, for a "reccie run" for this weekend's Totnes 10K that the club organise.  I hadn't done it before, and it's a nice little course.  A load of us went back to a pub for some food, which was nice too

I'm marshalling at the event, and the club have 3 kegs of beer at the end so I'm hoping to help with the effort to ensure those 3 kegs get sold.  I'm just doing my bit for the club, you understand.  

The chief marshall sent out the marshalling positions the other day and one person has got the job of "Herding cows in first field"

01/08/2013 at 10:23

Shades - I think you're right. I really felt for the Irish 10-in-10 crew. They had such extraordinary temperatures

Glad to hear that you're feeling rested.

I've done another 4 gentle easy miles with pooch. He's begging for longer as he's still overly excited when we get back but i'm being cautious with him as his muscles are still growing.

01/08/2013 at 13:14

Emmy - have you just acquired a four legged running buddy?

I'm pretty sure there is going to be a 10 in 10 in Ireland next year.

Big G - if I was marshalling I'd love that job of herding the cows

01/08/2013 at 13:50

Hi Shades - Yep! We are now the proud owners of a 1 year husky called: Boyska.  He's a lovely little thing - needs quite a lot of training but he's a good little lad.

I'm considering some/the 10-in-10 next year but I need to work out my race plan/goals. I'm not sure what to do yet.

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