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09/09/2013 at 22:48

Lol! Keith!

I won't be there at Langdale but you can expect a good kicking at DV 

10/09/2013 at 00:33

Great running from everyone this weekend

Molly - loved your report

Did Great Barrow Challenge and had a great time. I remember most of their courses now, so didn't have to bother too much with the instructions. The going underfoot was good (no flooded stream this time of year) and the weather was fine - although rather hot, hot, hot on the first day. Lots of walking as well as jogging but came in feeling relatively ok each day.  . Countryside and the villages we went through were all very calm, peaceful and relaxing. I really like this event.

Emmy - haven't done A20 before but have signed up for this year.

Don't read this next bit if you're squeamish! The scab on my leg from my fall at Kent Coastal is not healing well. Last week every time I bent my leg the scab split open and oozed . After each run it looked like I was growing crystals out of my knee . I've tried antiseptic solution, dry antiseptic spray and lavender oil - none have worked very well. Much drier today but still feels very tight. Any cures?

10/09/2013 at 06:58

Khanivore - welcome back

molly - well done, you did brilliantly and especially your 5k time, very speedy.  

Emmy - no, never done the A20 race, it clashes with one of the best marathons of all, the Cornish

SK - no, I most certainly can't remember every mile of the race, hence why I'm taking a bit of think time before finishing my report.

Keith - no, not doing Langdale this year, doing New Forest that weekend.  I love Langdale but it is a long drive

10/09/2013 at 08:19

Molly - Well done on the tri, is there more to come now ? ...I lol'd at the bike stand bit, on a new bike I take everything off that I possible can and check the weight each time I remove even something like a sticker, convinced it feels much lighter! Bike stand would surely be dangerous on a rocky trail, handy at transition though

Hello Khanivore, get back on it. Have you entered any races as a target to aim for ?

Shades - Great time for a 50, must be so hard to pace & very difficult mentally.

Mowzer - You're just as nuts as Shades, just read up on the Great Barrow. Not sure about the knee, all you can do is keep it clean but being on the knee it will keep opening up, esp when doing multi day events!

Emmy - Great pic , so you don't drink ? and you did the Bacchus marathon..hmmm

Langdale is on my list, just need to get round to booking and doing it, never falls on the right weekend for me. Have done a fair bit of Mountain Biking round there so know the area quite well.

10/09/2013 at 08:30
Keith M Stuart wrote (see)

So er whilst entering DVM my finger slipped and i am er doing langdale full in a few weeks. Anyone else there to kick me round the hills?


Forget langdale... New Forest is where all the cool kids play!

mowzer wrote (see)

Emmy - haven't done A20 before but have signed up for this year.

Don't read this next bit if you're squeamish! The scab on my leg from my fall at Kent Coastal is not healing well. Last week every time I bent my leg the scab split open and oozed . After each run it looked like I was growing crystals out of my knee . I've tried antiseptic solution, dry antiseptic spray and lavender oil - none have worked very well. Much drier today but still feels very tight. Any cures?

That's a reason in itself to do it! I'm just trying to plan it.

RE: The oozing knee - have you made sure that there's nothing still in there? like a piece of dirt/stone? Are you keeping it covered or well aired?

KingKenny wrote (see)

Emmy - Great pic , so you don't drink ? and you did the Bacchus marathon..hmmm


Oh - I drink! But I was driving home straight afterwards and i dont drink and drive. I did Medoc last year and got very very merry. It was nice to actually do the course and enjoy it. There are some beautiful trails around Guildford/Dorking.

10/09/2013 at 08:37

Nah Langdale is where the macho men play :P Worlds toughest road marathon my t shirt says. That and its the godfather steve edwards 600th marathon too

Now naturally i now have a bloody sore throat.... still should vanish before a round roadford 15 miler on sunday. Although golf at some point before hand with the brother could be er fun.

11/09/2013 at 07:12

KK - Langdale is a wonderful race and the race organiser is a real character.

Keith - Steve will be combining that with the 10 in 10 annual dinner on the Sat night.    Have you put an entry in yet for the 10 in 10?


Chilly this morning for my run, wore a vest and I was too cold.

11/09/2013 at 07:19

mowzer - I skipped past your post yesterday when you said about your knee and then forgot to respond !

Maybe you need a dressing for your knee.

Did I ask you if you'll be at New Forest?


This is the reason I love to go to Ireland to run....this is from the race director of Connemara


11/09/2013 at 08:03

Best not tell Shades, but I went out for a 9-miler at my target half marathon pace last night.  I know this is against the plan and isn't particularly helpful but it was a bit of a confidence booster after the weekend, so I was happy

11/09/2013 at 08:18

Big G - that's OK, I'll let you off.   But that means your next half marathon I will expect you to get that PB, doesn't it?   Can you find one to do before your marathon?

11/09/2013 at 08:32

Ha ha - I walked into that one  On the right course I'm sure I can dip under 1hr40 but as I haven't actually done it, as they say, "talk is cheap".  I don't currently have any other halfs planned before the marathon and when I last looked a couple of months ago there was nothing really suitable/driveable.  In fact, I was vaguely thinking about dropping Dartmoor Vale down from the full to the Half to have another crack at it there, but I know that it isn't really the best course for a PB and I'd like to see if I can do the marathon anyway.

11/09/2013 at 08:59

Shades - No i cant afford that yet Best wait another year then its in the affordable realm. More popular now so probablyt harder to get in as they'd be more likely to go for those who can get mega sponsorship than me. Besides i am still under physio instructions you know. Still gotta do my stretching and next review date is week after DVM.

11/09/2013 at 22:02

Hi everyone - have been meaning to write up the trail run I did a week or so ago and only just getting round to it now..

I had decided to enter it as it fell on the weekend when I had intended on doing a long run anyway. There was a 12k, a 20k and a 32k circuit. Idea was to enter for the 32k, not race it but treat it as a long run... yeh forward to the Monday after and me coming down the stairs backwards again!!

Anyway, quite calm as I arrived only to be shocked at the amount of people entering this event. Turned out there were about 450 runners and God knows how many Nordic walkers doing some other circuit. Made my way to the entry tent and fought my way through to the 32k table which was strangely deserted. Those warning bells started to chime when I realised that only 33 runners had entered for this class - and only 4 other women. Hmmmmmm...... Warning bells positively clanging when on milling round the start only other people with the same bib on as me seemed to be hardened army types with water backpacks on and a handful of lean and mean looking women. I myself am not lean and mean looking, more round and friendly really. Managed to calm self down by repeating mantra "Just accept you are going to come last and treat it as a long run". We were informed that everyone would set off at same time then the course would split into a 12k circuit and a 20k circuit. The 32k runners would do the 12k loop first then follow immediately the 20k. With an enthusiatic fanfare from the group of bagpipes (bagpipes?? we are in France???) we were off!

Determined to take things easy I set off at a comfortable jog with the 12k runners. Realised I might be taking things a bit TOO easy when realised that the nice man on his bike by the side of me that I was chatting away to was actually the Sweeper person! Picked up the pace a bit and overtook a fair few people then really started enjoying myself. Lovely twisting and turning forest paths, a few scrambly steep bits and running through river beds. Found myself whooping at one point as I ran over a series of fallen tree trunks (there was nobody else around). Had quite a confidence boost when overtook a lot of people struggling towards the end and realised I was feeling great!

Bit of a comedown starting the 20k circuit on my own though and realising I was not even half way round and most definitely the last runner. Things started off pretty calmly with a couple of km of forest paths, these seemed to get narrower however and before I knew it I was reaching a sheer bank and was looking at... a rope. Two marshalls heads poked over the top and with Gallic cries of encouragement urged me up and over. Another km or so after this I suddenly spotted a human form ahead of me.. realised I was running stronger than him, managed to catch up and overtake!! Unfortunately had to keep up pretend fast pace up until was out of sight and could stagger round and recover a bit. Following this a couple of windmilling armed marshalls directed me towards a flight of shallow steps, realised I was dropping down into a "gouffre" (great hole in ground), got to bottom, scrambled over a load of boulders and met up with.. another rope. This was however really steep and long to climb out of. I mean there were people at the top with cameras which I thought was uncalled for. The next ten or so km were made of forest paths/ boulders/ steep inclines and drops and parts where I didn't see anyone for what seemed like ages. I managed to overtake a few more people but by the last few km I was absolutely on my nose. Another bout of rope climbing at km 26 nearly finished me off. Struggled the last two km with nothing left in the tank and crossed the finishing line in 3h34.

I ended up getting called up for a prize  as f

11/09/2013 at 22:07

Sorry! Going on a bit!

Got called up for prize as fourth woman to finish (out of five remember) coming in 16min behind first woman and 30min behind overall winner.

Although I was in bits after and has taken me a good week to recover I really, really enjoyed this race and feel pretty pleased with myself for finishing it

11/09/2013 at 22:43

Great report Manafox! And 30 mins behind the overall winner is a brilliant time too. Sounds quite tough though, with fallen trees, big holes and ropes. More like an obstacle race only you had to run 20k too! Makes my 5 mile race on Sunday on dead flat road seem quite inviting What did you get for your prize? You should feel very proud.

11/09/2013 at 23:22

Really enjoyed your report Manafox! so you should feel proud! Sounded tough! Ropes!!! Lol!

Me and Big G did the recce run tonight for our clubs Ladies 10k race on Sunday. Well, I only saw him once! 

12/09/2013 at 07:04

Mamafox - a great report.  The race sounds fun!

VR - it was a good run out last night.  I was trying to keep up with a couple of young whipper-snappers  I think there were 37 in our group and Chair mentioned there were 20-odd in the other group so a good turnout.

12/09/2013 at 07:10

Keith - the godfather won't be pleased, Brathay have just cancelled our reunion dinner held after the Langdale marathon.   Rescheduled for November, but I won't be going.

mamafox - brilliant report, what a race!   More like an adventure race than a trail race.   Well done on your prize, well deserved.

And as for the bagpipes, I personally think they shouldn't be let out of Scotland...I hate them

I'm still working on my race report, I'm back in training now, circuits last night, Kettlecise tonight and running every morning, aches almost all gone

VR - LOL, are you marshalling or doing the race on Sunday?   I've decided not to run it as I'm not in PB shape, will watch Mo on telly instead

12/09/2013 at 08:38

Mamafox - what was this race?! I must put it on my bucket list! Really great race report!

12/09/2013 at 08:55

Mamafox - What a great report and a brilliant race, thats sounds great.  Well done on getting 4th women

Shades - I thought you were watching me on sunday never mind Mo  Look out for a brunette with long legs, beetroot face in a Get Kids Going T-shirt and that will be me

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