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28/07/2014 at 14:19

Shades - well done on your Hadd test . Do you stick rigidly to a training plan?

Big G - enjoy your week off

S3200H - shame about the bottles . Either someone mean or desperate.

I bumped into Auranya when I was running along the river the other day. She said she was now targeting Brighton next year, although I saw on another thread she said she was aiming to run Stort 30 later this year. There seem to be quite a few runners around now who want to move from nothing to long distances very quickly without building a strong base first (or perhaps you don't need to?). The river (New River - man made) was also quite clear and I saw this enormous fish swimming upstream. Don't know what kind, but he was at least 2 feet long (60 cm in new money) . The ducks got into a bit of a flap as he went past.

Round the Reservoir on Sunday. First 3 laps were ok and about the same times as previously, but then I became really tired and slowed down (not intentionally) for the last 3, and people I had been running alongside quickly sped off. Calves and glutes in particular ached and breathing was quite ragged. Surprisingly I didn't need to nip to the loo (in the hotel by the water stop), but I drank gallons and even needed to take a full bottle out for the last lap as I didn't think I'd make it without a drink. Pleased that I ran the little hills on every lap, but I did have to walk a bit elsewhere on the last as my legs just wouldn't move. 4:42 at the finish and still feeling washed out.

Watered the plants again in the evening and of course it rained heavily overnight . Needless to say I slept through a massive storm in the early hours .

28/07/2014 at 15:19

Shades - I'm trying to aim for 2 weekends a month so just using this time to take it easier, rest and avoid any possibly injury. I've found that if i dont run every day - my legs really ache for the first few km.

Mowser - I've noticed this. A friend that started running in january is already aiming for a 50 miler in the autumn  I cant even contemplate that yet! I'm doing stort 30 in october. The day after Beachy Will you be there?

I heard that someone cheated on round the reservoir yesterday? It was reported to the RD and they didnt get a time on the results. Quite sad really

28/07/2014 at 17:05
E mmy wrote (see)

Mowser - I've noticed this. A friend that started running in january is already aiming for a 50 miler in the autumn  I cant even contemplate that yet! 


Mowzer/Emmy, I agree that people want to jump into the longer distances too soon. I think it's because 'running a marathon' is seen as an achievement in itself, regardless of the time. I love marathons and can't wait to train again for one soon (I think) but in a way I see it as a blessing in disguise that I haven't run one this year. I've really enjoyed racing more 5k and 10ks and feel I have learnt more about racing as a result. I don't like the idea that as you improve as a runner you have to go longer. But I think lots of non runners judge you by how far you run.

Steve Way is everywhere today! Definitely time for him to write a book. Agree with comments about commentary, they even missed Susan Partridge coming in live. But Shades is right that the commentators get little info' on splits. I remember it was the same with the Olympic road race for cycling. Poor old Chris Boardman had to try and work out the splits for himself!

No run yet today - too many kids in the house after work today - three 7 year olds and three teenagers.

28/07/2014 at 17:35

S3200H - bad news about getting your drinks nicked, maybe it was the fancy drink bottles that they were after?   I always use ordinary water bottles if I'm hiding stuff in the hedge.   But in that heat must have been awful, I guess nowhere to get water, houses, churchyard, shop, garage?

Nothing wrong with changing your targets/goals for Chester, better to be realistic but if you're already up to 20 miles there may be less work to do than you think.

mowzer - My training plans are fairly fluid but I find that if I do too much out of the correct range of heart rate then I don't make any improvements so 90% of the time I do stick to the plan.    I will now be doing one or 2 runs a week at 77% to 80% to start working on improving my sub lactate threshold .

That's a huge fish!, I wonder what it was.   I saw fish when I was running my race in Ireland, the water was shallow and sand with clear water, I think they were eels, (big fat ones) but I forgot to ask any of the locals.

I find it odd too that newbies are so keen to run ultras when they still struggle with a marathon.

Tough day at the Reservoir, well done.

Emmy - I hate to hear of anyone cheating.   Do you want to name and shame them?

SK - double the amount of children in your holidays!

I think it's a shame new runners trying to just do longer distances, I guess these are maybe not runners that join a running club.   In a club you find yourself doing all sorts of races and distances and it's fun and builds strength and experience.


28/07/2014 at 18:02
SK, I'm not convinced that BF didn't have the splits. A couple of times he said something like 'information coming into us shows...'. Also, people on other forums had access to the splits and were relating them in real time. It's how I knew Steve was on for a PB.

Also, there were cameras and bikes on the finish straight so they could've shown more. Instead they showed slo-mo repeats of athletes who had just finished.
28/07/2014 at 19:17

5 Miles yesterday and achilles felt fine. Was always aware of it but afterwards it didn't feel any worse. This morning it felt very slightly stiff but I could have run on it today. Going out again for another 5 tomorrow. 

Is there still time to do a sub 4 at Chester?

28/07/2014 at 21:18
Evening all. .Hope you have all had a good weekend running. . I've been on the bike most of last week but thought I should head out and go for a run do I did a slowish 14 miles yesterday and a fairly quick 6 this evening but that was due to eating a yoghurt that had been left on the side and I had to get home asap..

S32 - When I do my long runs (10+miles) I take a camelbak with me. It took a little while to get used to carrying 2ltrs of water on my back but now I'm used to it and I wouldn't go without it now. .worth looking into.
28/07/2014 at 21:56

No Shades I was in the middle of nowhere, so nowhere to get any water.  There was a river but decided against it   

Iain, I am used to carrying the 4 bottles, but they seemed to be bouncing about a lot more than they usually do and were getting on my wick.

mowzer IMO that is why so many people get injured, doing far to much far to soon.    

nice 5.5 mile recovery run tonight 

28/07/2014 at 22:55

S32, that's so mean of someone to take your water bottles! And how soul destroying for you when you were expecting to be able to quench your thirst. Having only ever trained in the winter for a marathon, I've never needed water on my runs. But im this months temperatures I can see that it's a must on 20-milers.

Big G, you are probably right re the splits. And give how sometimes they struggle to fill the time, they could have included them.

Desperate for a run - it's so much harder to fit in during school hols.


29/07/2014 at 06:45

I got a ride in yesterday that included a hill up from Bovey Tracey up to Haytor on Dartmoor.  I'm told it's one of the top 100 climbs in the country and it nearly finished me off, but I got up there without stopping.  

What I am finding odd about cycling is that I seem to recover much quicker in comparison to running.  Talking to other people this is usual, but at the top of the hill yesterday I had absolutely no concerns about getting home and after a few minutes I was fine.  I even got a PB on that section I've been chipping away at, and this was after climbing a massive hill where my legs were really burning.  There is no way I could have done something similar with running.  On that bit, I'm now up to 59/369, so very pleased with that!

29/07/2014 at 07:19

Big G - The TV coverage was for all of the nations of the Commonwealth not just the UK viewers and I'm sure Steve Cram and BF would want to see how the home athletes are doing they are not in control of the cameras. Most viewers want to see who is winning and are not that interested if a runner is on for a PB.

That's a tough climb and a route I've run a few times.   Re your recovery, I think you have to cycle something like 4 times the distance to equal the same effort in a run and plus as cycling is not weight bearing you would expect recovery to be a lot swifter.

Lee - that's great news.  Re Chester, let's hope so, but don't rush back into too much running, go by what your achilles tells you.

S3200H - the river is a last resort I think!

Iain - you have sensitive gut then!

Have you any races planned soon?

 SK - hope you manage to get out for a run soon

Had a lovely run this morning, weather much fresher

Edited: 29/07/2014 at 07:21
29/07/2014 at 07:33

Shades, I know all that about the coverage not just being about UK viewers.  I just think it could have been much better for all concerned especially in such a small field (I.E., the guy who lost 10th to Way probably had supporters who were wondering how he was getting on) but let's agree to differ then, and that's fine

I was wondering about the difference between running and cycling in terms of effort/mileage required and I had come to a similar conclusion whilst googling.  One other thing that I found tough yesterday was coming back down the same hill; I was covering the brakes all the way down and my hands and arms were aching, but I'm told this gets better with practice.

29/07/2014 at 07:56

S3200H - That's happened to a friend of mine when they were training for their last ultra. They had left a plastic bag filled with sealed food and a drink and it had been nicked. They managed to run 30 miles on just water though!

Shades - I don't know who. It was on Plodding Hippo's (Ruth) status on Facebook. I've heard it was someone who gets a little disorientated? You saw EELS!? and didnt run in the opposite direction!?


29/07/2014 at 08:24

Emmy - I had one of my electrolyte drinks nicked one day when I was doing the 10 in 10 and they also took one of the other runner's sandwich, but left the cling film!

There are some runners that do get disorientated and also think they are better runners than they actually are, and think they're having a brilliant day!   Whereas I know by my time if a course is short.

Well I only think they were eels, they wouldn't have jumped out the water and chased me...would they?  Might have done a better PB if I'd thought that.

When I was a child my father had hung a huge skate up in our garage and I walked into it and the wings sort of enveloped me....shudders at thought.

29/07/2014 at 15:06

Very slight stiffness in the Achilles this morning but a bit of a stretch and another 5 miler done slightly too fast. Feels ok at the moment. It's a strange one as my Achilles strains previously have been higher up. This one was down near the ankle.

A fraction over nine weeks to go until Chester and typically next week is going to be tricky for training as I'll be in Las Vegas for our Sales Kick Off. Will be able to gym it on Sunday but Mon-Weds will be tricky. I'm back on the Thursday so will need to get out then.

Shades, assuming the Achilles is good to go with careful management, what does the plan look like for building to Chester? I assume the taper may be less than the norm? I currently have a 10k race 2 weeks before Chester.

29/07/2014 at 20:17

Double Post 

Edited: 29/07/2014 at 20:18
30/07/2014 at 07:16

Lee - that refresh button is a nuisance.

Next week when you're having a ball in LA it might be a good thing to just continue to rest and stretch the achilles.   Then when you get back on the Thursday get out for another run and depending how your achilles is we'll rejig your training plan from there.   Ideally I'd like you to be able to do 10 miles on the Sat or Sun, then maybe 12 to 15 the following weekend.

A 10k race 2 weeks before Chester is fine, will be a good sharpener

Lovely morning, had a great run, saw a fox

30/07/2014 at 08:47

Moring all... Day off today so I hope to fit in a longish run this morning depending on how hot it gets. So far it feels comfortable with a light breeze..

shades - I was surprised the that yoghurt upset my stomach like that. I do know I have to be carefull what I eat the day before a long run but didn't think a warm yoghurt would affect me like that...(note to self : don't eat leftover dairy)

begining to start really focusing on Chester now have spoken to a few people that have run it before and they all say its a great race for a PB. Feeling excited about meeting everyone and with the positive year so far feeling good about how my training is going...just need to be careful on my bike ride 2 weeks before, a good start to my taper weeks though...

30/07/2014 at 12:01

Going to finally dump my very old red trainers (both pairs) . Out running yesterday evening (much cooler with a slight breeze) on a stony path when I thought I had trodden on a very sharp stone. Ran on just a little but then stopped as I thought the stone must be stuck. No stone stuck where it hurt, although there were two other stones stuck elsewhere. I even took my shoe off to check inside. Carried on running on grass for a bit but still painful. Now hurts when I put my weight on it, but not otherwise even if I put pressure on it with my fingers . Hope it's just a bruise. When I got home and told my daughter I was going to throw out my trainers she said 'Those with the holes in the soles?' so I guess I'm just going to have to let them go.


30/07/2014 at 13:04

Iain - yes, normally you would think of yogurt as something that settles the stomach.

I haven't run Chester before (did the first one but it was a completely different course) and I've heard the same reports as you have, not pancake flat but a great PB course.   I too am looking forward to meeting everyone

mowzer - ouch and in the bin for those shoes, I bet you've done a lot of miles in those.   I'm sure that's just a bruise, should ease in a day or so.

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