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31/07/2014 at 21:29

Going to buy replacement orthotics tomorrow. Mine are quite old now, so need to make sure that I look after the bunion area on my right foot properly.

Yesterday at 07:08

Big G - walking at a brisk pace for a fair distance can easily niggle the achilles as walking has more of heel striking action, irrespective of your running style.

Moore - there's no hope for you now, you are a confirmed marathon addict...congratulations

You must be knocking out a few miles now so wearing out the shoes and orthotics.

I have already started my 2015 race spreadsheet and pencilled in a few races

Very overcast here this morning, hopefully we will get some rain.   Had a tough but enjoyable run incorporating a good Devon hill, ran to a local village and the village green is now longer green but burnt grass....bring on the rain

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Yesterday at 07:52
SHADES wrote (see)

Big G - walking at a brisk pace for a fair distance can easily niggle the achilles as walking has more of heel striking action, irrespective of your running style.


What can I say....I'm too tight for a taxi  Another lesson learned, though.

Yesterday at 08:14

I'm not suggesting you should have got a taxi at all just that a walk would niggle the achilles a bit.

Yesterday at 08:24

Whenever I read other people's tales of injury woes on RW or hear them at the club, I often think the advice of "rest it and stretch it" is very straight forward, and also blindingly obvious!  So when that advice applies to me, why did I walk 5 miles the other day?  I don't know, but to be honest I didn't even give it a second thought when I set off and it was only when I woke the following morning that I realised that probably the walk wasn't the best idea.  Muppet.  

I think what it is is that I feel reasonably fit/healthy and am still at a good weight, and sometimes "forget" about the injury.  "Forget" isn't quite the right word as it's on my mind a lot, but somehow I didn't equate a brisk walk (which I obviously feel I'm easily able to do) to anything to do with my injury.  I'll say again....muppet!

Yesterday at 10:24

Big G my worry is that Achilles tendonitis is listed in the top 6 injury's suffered by cyclists, so it must get stressed.    

Although it may not hurt while riding, you may still be damaging your achilles. As you have not run for a while and a walk is causing problems, I would sadly suggest that you are. 


Yesterday at 10:45

Big G, if it makes you feel better I would never have guessed that walking could aggregate the achilles. It's an odd injury - my achilles has been a bit tender this week but it seems to feel worse when I get up after sitting at my desk for a while. So you can't win really! I rested for a couple of days but did 4 miles this morning which felt OK. My problem is that if I rest for more than 2-3 days I start to feel lazy and less inclined to run anyway. Going to Spain tomorrow with hand luggage only- I can only take one pair of running shoes and can't decide what to take!

Yesterday at 10:52

Big G/S32, from what I have read, moderate cycling (whatever that means) can be good as it builds up the muscle around the achilles. But the above link says that cycling uphill can aggregate it.

Yesterday at 13:07

Big G - I think it's a very good thing that you 'forgot' about your achilles injury.   That shows that it may be healing and also that you are not stressed about the injury and it's always on your mind.    One day you'll suddenly realise that your injury has gone (healed) when somebody will ask how your achilles is and you'll look at them in a puzzled fashion.

SK - have a lovely time in Spain.   Good luck with the packing, I don't do hand luggage only!

Yesterday at 21:15

Shades, have you seen this one for next year. I'm going up there for it. Lorna has said she should be running it too!

Today at 06:49

Moore - no, haven't heard of that one.   Not for me though as it's off road.


Rest day for me today.   Lovely to wake up this morning to the sound of the rain

Today at 06:55

Thanks for the comments about the achilles.  S32, I am really hoping the cycling isn't doing the injury any harm, but I suppose time will tell.  I went out for a 40-miler yesterday and this morning the achilles seem ok in comparison to after the 5 mile walk.

In terms of running I have said to myself I'm not running for at least a month (which ends on 9th Aug) and if still not right, it'll be another month (I've written it here and black and white as well, so if I deviate from this you can all berate me ).  I've found this approach easier as it stops me constantly checking and wondering if I'm okay to run or not.

In other news, we had the second antenatal class yesterday which was all about breast feeding.  It was all going fine until the lady running it handed out a load of "knitted breasts", and there was a group snigger from everyone.  

I'm marshalling at a Trotters race tomorrow - the Totnes 10K.

Edited: 02/08/2014 at 06:56
Today at 07:13

Big G - knitted breasts...LOL

Stick to your plan with your achilles recovery plan.   I think you're doing well.  But when you do run again I think you should have a very gradual return to running, perhaps half a mile on the first day, couple of days rest then a mile, might be worth finding a schedule or writing your own.

Very popular race the Totnes 10k, I used to help out with that event when Sean was the RD, that might have been before the Trotters took it over.

Guess I'd better get my entry in for the Women's 10k, I find these short races a bit scary

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