Shades Marathon Training

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Yesterday at 16:06

((slowkoala)) - so glad your news was good - a great relief . Enjoy the shoes.

lily - sounds like a very nice weekend

Yesterday at 16:25
Thanks for all your virtual hugs and nice messages. Lily, I can understand how your daughter felt like she was starting again, it really makes your appreciate things and people more (well at least for today!) I feel very lucky and have a renewed respect for everyone I know who has been through cancer. Not ordered the shoes yet as can't decide between some racing adidas adizero adios 2s in bright pink and silver (already have in red and don't really need another pair yet) or some new Saucony's which I need. Hmmm.

Emmy, hope your mum is doing OK at the moment. Is she still having treatment? Your racing plans sound really fun - how many marathons have you done to date?

Mamafox, really hope your knee feels better soon. Hopefully you have nipped it in the bud early.

Shades, could you try freezing the cheese pieces so they don't melt too much when you are racing? Hope the toe feels better soon.

Big G, Paula will always my biggest hero in the running world (aside from Shades if course). It's such a shame that she never got an Olympic gold as her marathon record will won day be taken from her, although it is of course testament to her that it has survived so long. I read her book a couple of years ago and was really inspired. A couple I know were in the same year as her at Lougborough uni and say you could set your clock by her presence on the track on set days and times - even back then she was known for her dedication and discipline as much as for her talent.

Lee - really sorry to hear that you won't be doing Chester in October. Hope your achilles starts to improve soon.
Yesterday at 17:17

Slowkoala - she's finished radiation but in recovery. Its rather frustrating as she's quite stubborn and wont accept help (cant see where i get that from ). I've done 64 marathons so far. I'd go for the saucony

Mamafox - it's one in Holland that does a "theme" every year. This year its "once upon a time in the west" so cowboys. I'm trying to find a good outfit!

Shades - this may sound a little silly but have you got a mini cool bag? that could keep stuff cold whilst you're running.

Lily - welcome back and great to hear you had a good time

Today at 07:15

mamafox - hope you didn't get bitten, horseflies are evil beasts

SK - have fun deciding which shoes to have

I can't freeze the cheese as I'm away from home, but I can buy cheddar in mini sealed portions so will buy one of the stronger ones, less likely to melt I think.

Emmy - I could only use a cool bag if I was doing a race with laps.

Congrats on your 64 marathons, any tentative plans when/where for your 100th?

BTW BM was so happy with all his Facebook messages at Longford, he kept checking his phone! 

6 miles for me today, pain in foot down to a 2 and the swelling is reducing.

Today at 08:05
Morning all...
Emmy - 64 marathons wow . Just shows I'm still a novice at 4. Chester will be my 5th.
Shades - glad the foot is feeling better, must be a relief with your next race just days away.

Yesterday I headed out for a run and decided to bring my 10 yr old with me but on his bike so he could keep up.. Well I spent most of the run telling him to watch out for other people and to hurry up..extremely frustrating. At one point I got into a very comfortable section and decided to completely open the taps. I was running at 5:26/mile and I looked back and my son was wayyyyy back so I had to ease off otherwise I would of lost him grrr. In the end we did 10 miles and at least he did get back to the car. Think I'll take him out more till he gets fitter..
When do we get our race pack for Chester?
Today at 08:53

Shades - Cathedral city do little packed cheeses. I've seen a colleague bring them over. They're roughly 10-20g per pack and lovely to snack on.

No idea about 100 so far. I was hoping it to be one of traviss's but i need to work out my calendar for next year. if everything goes to plan (touch wood) i'll be at 81 by the end of the year.

Iain - that's amazing pacing per mile. Its lovely to run with your son - did he enjoy it? Perhaps keep him to the shorter stuff until his fitness improves. I know my sister used to take one of her son's out for 4-5 miles on his bike but had to bribe him with an ice cream at the finish!

Today at 08:55

bah Emmy....

already nominated i see, struggling to find others to nominate being i gets the er ice bucket challenge in a little while

then its head down to MK for enigma reverse double weekend end and to decide whether i wanna give one of the two days a faster run or not

Today at 08:59

Keith - I was one of the first

Hope you have fun at the lake. Do i see a lot of family sized desserts in your near future?

Today at 09:02

Emmy - er doubtful not staying at a prem inn but the MK central TL instead so will prob head back soonish after saturdays and i am intending to go more or less straight back home after sundays as i have work monday

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