Shades Marathon Training

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30/08/2014 at 07:04

S3200H - I think Emmy has 'seen' Khanivore on FB, we need to get him back on here and get him to do some training (if he's not been running)

Iain - LOL at the banner, your poor long suffering OH

Lily - you may well surprise yourself at GNR

mamafox - a boa constrictor I would have sprinted off.

Keith - would be good if you could make dinner at Chester

SK - what a performance re the bike, not very encouraging to get folk to cycle, you'll have to write to Boris.

I've not had any problems with RW site but it's often a bit wobbly and seems more so when I'm using my phone.  I wrote a long post at Dublin airport and lost the whole thing, most frustrating.

Jugula - good luck with tomorrow's run.  


I've cut my run short this morning as my foot is sore again.   Yesterday I didn't have a single twinge and noticed later that the swelling seems to have all gone.  But when I woke this morning it was a bit sore but still no swelling so went out for my run, pain level up to about 2.5 but wasn't happy so cut run short and came home.  I will rest tomorrow and then assess on Monday, may have to DNS Dingle

mamafox - no it's not an injury I've had before but I have had the odd twinge there when starting a run now and then over the last few months, but literally for a few seconds.  

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30/08/2014 at 07:58
Mamafox - I didn't consider 10 miles on flat ground a tough cycle for my son but that might be me basing it on my ability. I'll take him out on shorter runs till I know he can keep up..

Shades - I guess it's a good thing my OH loves me and the promise of relaxing in a spa helps.

Next Sunday I have organised a fundraising event for myself to help with my charity cycle end of September. I'll be setting up a static bike station with a turbo trainer, (outside the BHF store) and with help from a local bike shop who will donate the equipment for free advertising, I'll be on the bike from store open to store closing. Thankfully its Sunday hours but that would have to replace my LSR for that day.
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30/08/2014 at 09:59

SK - I've just had to Google Boris bikes - didn't have a clue what you were on about!

The snake (Could actually have been a python - didn't hang around to find out) was round a man's shoulders as he was trying to drum up interest in his circus. Not sure what he was planning to do with the llamas though.

Jugula - Good luck with your long run - a scenic route sounds like a good idea!

Shades - That is annoying regarding your foot. Do you know what exactly you have done? - I mean is it a "recognised" injury or anything?

Iain - That sounds a long time on a stationary bike  good luck to you there.

No running for me today. I have a 10.4km race tomorrow in which I always end up half dead at the end so am hoping that a day off will make a difference (Yeah right). This year they have decided to hold the village fête at the same time as the race. Should be interesting! 

30/08/2014 at 13:04

Very nice 15 mile round Ladybower this morning calf seems fine after a couple of days rest. 

Iain great idea with the banner 

Shades perhaps you should try sending him a pm see how he is

30/08/2014 at 19:26
SK glad you got your son's bike back but what a hassle.
It is my first GNR. Amazingly got in on the ballot the same year as VMLM! I think half is my favourite distance. Feel quite relaxed about it. Need to sort logistics of the day but tend to leave that to long suffering hubby. We will be going up in the morning. It is a bucket list run, probably just once
Good luck in your race tomorrow MF
31/08/2014 at 07:17

Iain - I think maybe 10 miles without stopping is something your son isn't used to?   Kids tend to cycle a bit, stop and regroup then on again, unless they cycle with a club I don't think they're used to doing distance.

That's a great way of helping the BHF and a bit of publicity too, hope it doesn't rain, an amazing effort from you.

mamafox - good luck at your race today

No, I don't know what my injury is, I've refrained from trying a diagnosis on the internet but I have a lot of paperwork/emails to do today so I expect I'll have a look at the internet.  I have an 'advisor' that I email when I pick up an injury or want some advice, he's more or less dismissed a stress fracture but he did mention the word arthritis.

S3200H - Good news the calf seems to be OK now.

I'll pm Khanivore and I have his email address if he's not on RW at the moment.

Lily - I think the logistics for GNR can be complicated if not using their transport.  It's amazing how they cope with all those runners, but of course the penalty is that it can take an hour to get over the start line if you're in one of the pens at the back.  Mo Farah is running too.

Domestic day for me and paperwork.   Must make cake too, have run out

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31/08/2014 at 07:32

MF, good luck with your race!

Shades, sorry to hear about your injury.  I know you like that race so hopefully you'll still get to do it.

I yesterday had a glimpse at what my life is going to be like in the near future.  I was "invited" to a kid's birthday party with about 20 2 and 3 year olds.  *shudder*  ;)  I say "invited".  I tentatively said to my wife that I'd drop her off and come and collect her later (so I could get a bike ride in, m'lud), but she gave me "the look" and that was that.  Ha ha, only joking; it was a nice afternoon with lots of cake to eat

I did get a ride in yesterday - somehow I've managed to "chip" my rear wheel rim so the brakes are rubbing under braking.  A bit of googling suggests I can just file it down, and someone has confirmed that on here so I'll do that later and hope to get out for a ride later if I can.

The midwife made a home visit on Friday, which is normal so nothing to worry about.  All is fine and Mrs Big G is doing well (she's suffering from sore hips though) and as she's low risk she has an option of what hospital to go to.  From our house, there is a new birthing centre (Newton Abbot) 10-mins in one direction and the main hospital (Torbay) 10-mins in the other, but I think she's opting for the birthing centre as it seems nicer (she's ruled out a home birth).  We're going to go and have a look around it today, as long as it's not in use....  

Obviously she can change her mind on the day anyway, so nothing is set in stone  It was just nice to know that as she's currently still deemed low risk she has the option.  Options are good - I like options!

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31/08/2014 at 07:51
Shades I am in the second to last pen I think.....will prepare myself for a long wait!
Hope you can get to the bottom of your niggle and start to get better.
Glad all going well Big G.
31/08/2014 at 08:49

Big G - Newton Abbot hospital is lovely...although obviously I have no knowledge or experience of the birthing centre!  The hospital is really restful and clean and great coffee in the café!  

Lily - just make sure you have some warm throwaway clothes (they are all collected for charity afterwards) if it's a bit chilly.

Just spent an hour on the internet diagnosing my injury, I think my friend is right, a sprain or arthritis.  It feels less sore today and I was on my feet for about 4 hours yesterday.

Treatment for arthritis....engage in exercise! LOL

31/08/2014 at 08:55

18.5 miles done yesterday, pleased to get it done and it was challenging as some of the ground was very uneven and some hills too.

After about 10 miles I can feel my hips getting increasingly tight, the muscle right around the hip joints, is there any stretches or anything I can do to ease this or is it just lack of fitness at longer distances?

31/08/2014 at 10:17

Jugula - well done on your long run.   Hip aches are not unusual when upping the distance.  

You need hip flexor exercises, do them daily as they are important

31/08/2014 at 12:11

Shades, thanks.  I've heard good things about Newton as well, so I expect she'll plan to use that and then decide where she wants on the day itself

A beautiful morning here today.  I got a 44-mile ride in and I really enjoyed it.

Shades, looking ahead to the 9th Sept I reckon I'm going to be up for running again.  I really do think I could run now, but I'm going to stick to my plan of waiting until the 9th and keep doing the stretches until then.

The 9th is a Tuesday so I was thinking about doing 1-mile Tuesday, 1-mile Thursday or Friday, and then a gentle jog around a parkrun (5K) on the Saturday.  There will be cycling interspersed with this as well.  Obviously if at any point I feel the injury is coming back, I'll stop but how does that look like for a plan in that week?  Too much, too little?

I have been using my running shoes for normal day-to-day stuff since the injury, which in hindsight was a bit stupid so I'm going to have to start running in a brand new pair of shoes.  They're a brand I'm used to and I'm hoping it wasn't the shoes that caused the injury in the first place, but I really don't think it was.  There's not a lot I can do about this really, so I hope this will be okay.

31/08/2014 at 12:13

'ello folks....hope you are all fine and dandy..

i woke up this morning with the "not in the mood to run" attitude but after breakfast i got ready and went out and after 5 min i was glad i did. In the end i did 21.3 miles which i was really pleased with. I tried a new hydration formula. Normally i have my camelbak on with just water and i keep a couple of gels in my waist pouch but this time i filled my camelbak with 500ml water, a sports lucozade and a gel and it certainly did the trick. At no point did i feel excessively tired although i was glad to get home.

Shades - I know putting miles in the bank is necessary but how would doing limited mileage effect training..The training for chester has difficult so i have only been averaging around 25 - 30 miles a week most of which are done at the weekend (LSR) Todays 21.3 miles was done in 2:44:20 and it did feel slowish but upping the weekly milage all that important or is my cycling helping me.

31/08/2014 at 12:36

Big G - your 'come back' schedule looks fine to me.   Shame you've been wearing out the life of your running shoes with non-running but I don't think it will do any harm to run in the new shoes straight away, at least you'll know the cushioning is at it's maximum for the shoe.   You'll need to run on the flat and in a relaxed manner, easier said than done!

Iain - well it's not advised to do such a high percentage of your weekly mileage as a long run but I think for you it works well.   You do a lot of walking in your job and with your cycling too that keeps your training at a good level.  I think in the past you've trained with too many short fast and hard runs and this time you've done the opposite and the relative comfort that you are now finding in your long runs is showing your endurance is improving.   How are your legs feeling generally now?

Right signing off for the day, fed up with computer, emails and paperwork.  Going to make some soup and cake and watch the triathlon on telly.

31/08/2014 at 13:18

Shades - Legs are ok slight tightness in my lower right calf but that started feeling tight at about 5 miles but it isn't painful will stretch it out. Will head out later with the family for a cycle so more exercise..

31/08/2014 at 13:22
Shades, thanks. As it happens there is another new parkrun nearby (they're like buses...!). It's very flat ran on the paths in Exeter so I may do that one if it all goes to plan. The other two parkruns nearby are hilly off-roaders.
31/08/2014 at 14:49

What is your number Lily mine is orange 2255 

I am getting the couch and run service from Carlisle.  It is a good way to do it saves a lot of the hassle   Rest of the family stay at centre parcs. 

31/08/2014 at 20:25

Back from Enigma double weekend, 5:09 and 5:23. Hotter today and despite legs working better this morning it took its toll. Happy enough although leaving milkshake in car was a mistake being it was kinda solid by the time i finished...

Stopped for KFC on the way home instead Pretty sure i have earnt it.

Got home to Boston results and i have gained a mile so i managed 53 miles 843 yards which will be a small PB

31/08/2014 at 21:50

11 miles today,. Just a couple of shorter runs in the week before Kent Coastal next Sunday. Hoping it won't be too hot on the day, next to nothing in shade

Well done Keith on your double this weekend.


31/08/2014 at 23:30
Shades, I hope you recover quickly. Isn't arthritis usually hereditary? I know my mum and gran got it quite early in their fingers so it's likely I'll get it too. Hopefully yours is just a sprain and you've caught it early.

Big G, well done in being so patient with your achilles. Sept 9th not far off now so I'll have everything crossed for you. FWIW I had one baby in a hospital and two in a birthing unit and the birthing unit was much more relaxed and friendly. But it doesn't make much difference in the end, the hard part is the next 18 years or so!

Iain, how did the cycling outside the shop go?

I hope your race went well, Mamafox and that you beat Jocelyne

Well done on the double Keith, but I think you deserved something much nicer than KFC!

10 miles for me today which went OK, although feels a long way as have mainly being doing shorter runs over the summer. Not ordered any shoes yet as can't decide between Saucony Phoenix or Saucony Guides. I'm rubbish at making decisions.
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