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Today at 11:19

Lily, I will see if I can spot you at the finish.  No need to feel daunted, it is a big race but very well organised, get there early, get rid of your bag onto the bus and enjoy the atmosphere, don't forget to take something to keep warm on the start line.        

I am really looking forward to it, it is a fantastic race, 

Today at 11:36

Emmy, yes Fizz is getting into tris.  I think she did two sprint tris in two weekends recently, but the half ironman has been her main focus this year I think (after the four marathon in four days, and the DD earlier in the year...!).  That woman never stops - I follow her on Strava and she always seems to be up to something.  I have heard her utter the words "Full Ironman", so we'll see.....

She's still really involved with the Trotters though, as she's the "temporary race director" for the up-and-coming Ladies 10K and she's on the committee.  She's also one of the 12 people chosen to do a "Trotters guard of honour" at our club mate's funeral this Saturday.  I think there will be a lot of Trotters there (myself included), which the family are encouraging.

Edited: 02/09/2014 at 11:36
Today at 12:03

Big G - that's great that shes getting so involved. She was a force to be reckoned with at the Quadzilla!

Feel free not to answer but do they know how your team mate died? just in case it runs in the family?

Today at 12:55

mamafox - well done on your race and your podium star spot .

keith - well done on your double last weekend . How many have you done now?

Shades - shame about Dingle but seems you've actually come up trumps with Tralee. You know your own body best so probably right to be cautious.

LOL at Shades trying to stuff Keith full of carbs. Don't you know he has hollow legs?


Today at 13:07

Shades, everybody - Thank you so much for all your lovely words of encouragement

Shades - You were right about the cheese voucher - that got plucked out of my hands pretty quickly with mumblings about it being "wasted" on me! Tralee marathon it is then - sounds likeyou've managed all that transfer hassle and come out on top the other side.

Emmy - "In it to win it" - dead right there  Think I'll start using that as a motto along with that other one from you I like: "Bank energy not time"

All this Chester talk making me v jealous. My family have now all decided to descend on ME for mum's birthday on the 4th Oct so fat chance of me being able to disappear off to GB for the weekend.Tempting alternative mind you!


Today at 13:30

Emmy - I believe Tralee is a good marathon and a fast course judging by last year's results.   Why not come along?

Big G - HA is amazing, a natural sportswoman. 

You and Mrs G could have had your ultrasound scan together.   I agree, decline the injection unless essential.

If Khanivore doesn't come to Chester it's up to him what he does with his room, if he paid full price you can cancel quite close with no charge.

I still don't know which Trotter sadly passed away, I guess I'll see the notices this week.

Iain - don't be tempted to do a burn up at club tonight, you need those legs fresh for Sunday 

mamafox - oh what a shame, I was hoping to tempt you up to Chester as you should have been in Wales that weekend

Today at 13:39

Hi Emmy, I'm afraid I don't know the root cause of the club mate's death and I wouldn't really want to speculate as it could have been anything.

Today at 14:51
Mamafox, big congratulations on your podium place and a great race report. You are running so well at the moment, it must bode really well for your GFA attempt. How French to have a cheese voucher as a prize?!!

Shades, I'm sure you made the right decision re Dingle but must be frustrating all the same. Is the pain getting any better?

S32 and Lily - very jealous of you both doing the GNR, hope you both have good races. Some of my club are doing the Maidenhead half this weekend. I'd like to do another half but have really neglected the endurance side of things over the last couple of months. Really need to start building up my LSR.

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