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Today at 07:11
Iain Love wrote (see)
Shades - I'm a typical aries, not scared of a challenge or setting sights high but I won't rest until I reach them. . And I want them now. .I know it takes many runners years to jump that hurdle but because I know I can do it and I will push myself hard to get there. . I must admit though. I have enjoyed the slower paced long runs.


Iain - good for you, I'm a great believer in goal setting and striving to achieve those goals.   It's good that you like the slow paced runs as they will be part of the plan to get those faster times.

Thanks Lily, unfortunately my hamstring origin injury is quite sore today, I have been stretching and last night got out the tennis ball to treat it.   Am hoping it will be OK by this weekend for Hereford, but I think I'll maybe have to DNS, would be wise to give my foot another 2 weeks recovery really as I want to have a good run at Chester.

Big G - any news?

Edited: 16/09/2014 at 07:16
Today at 08:11

Shades, no news.  All is back to normal like the weekend never happened.  Mrs G had a standard check up with the midwife yesterday (pregnant ladies get seen every couple of weeks or so in the last few weeks) and there are no concerns currently.  However, Mrs G didn't get much sleep again last night but is in bed napping at the moment, so hopefully will get some sleep today.

Today at 08:57

Thanks Lily/Iain/Shades

Shades - It's definitely up there as a weird prize. I cant wait to see some of the pictures. I didnt aim for such consistency but I think once your legs start its easier to put them on autopilot?

Big G - I hope that Mrs G gets some rest. Three colleagues have had their babies in the last week. It seems to be the time of year for it!

Today at 11:52

Emmy - Fabulous running from you - I know it's a cliché but I honestly don't know how you do it  Congrats on your prize - I'm guessing it was the Cowboy themed mara to have a prize like that!

Iain - Eye wateringly fast running from you as usual. Amazing - and great to hear you felt comfortable and enjoyed that sort of pace. Just don't do it again and risk buggering it up for Chester!

Big G - You must be on a roller coaster there - so exciting - Hope Mrs G is getting some well earned rest.

Mowzer - Thank you for your congrats re my PB (and Jocelyne!) but I feel a real humbug next to your achievements. Well done - That must have been incredibly challenging and to top it all it sounds like you were camping as well. You are an inspiration.

Shades - That's going to be a disappointment if you miss Hereford, it would have been a good opportunity to see if your foot holds up too. However.. it would be unthinkable for Shades to DNS the Shadies marathon at Chester!

Still not feeling great so no running today. Was supposed to be doing a HM on Sunday but at the moment just the thought of it makes me feel tired so I think I'll be giving it a miss.


Today at 12:56

I fancied an extra run this week but wasn't sure I'd have the time so extended last night from 5 to 8 miles, the 1st 3 were awful but the last 3 progressively quicker.

Running in the evening seems more tiring at the moment.

Most of my long runs have been early morning but the marathon is at night so I'm thinking of trying to sleep in the afternoon to prepare for it, probably be too nervous and excited though!

Long run this week is only 12 so I might try to do that after work on Friday.

Today at 13:10

Big G - I hope Mrs G can get some rest today.

Emmy - I hope it's quite a sizeable cactus that you won.  I take it they didn't expect any winners to be travelling home by public transport, could have been tricky.

mamafox - I took some painkillers this morning after breakfast so I've not felt any twinges this morning, I will decide on Friday.   But I don't want to be injured for the rest of the year so I may have to be cautious.

Sorry you're still feeling a bit poorly.

Jugula - that's going to be tricky starting in the evening and you will have to plan your eating too to fit in with an evening start time.   I have done an ultra that started at 6pm and I definitely had a lack of energy when it got to the time that I would normally have gone to bed, that lasted for an hour or so and then I was OK.   It might be worth your while seeing if anyone that has run it before has some tips on the sleep schedule that would be best for you pre race. 

Today at 13:18

Shades - Linda and Pauline won them as well but had to give them away as they were travelling back on easyjet!

This was the picture. It was rather large!


Mamafox - thank you! yes - it was themed as wild west so lots of cowboys!

Sorry to hear that you're still not feeling well

Today at 13:29

Emmy - OMG, they're huge!

Today at 13:40

Emmy - Fab pic!! That is one serious cactus - LOL at the thought of getting on a plane with THAT

Thank you - I will be fine soon - just being a bit of a drama queen!

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