Shades Marathon Training

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Today at 13:35

big_g - Good to see the running is going well. Could do without the probate stuff though, must be frustrating.

jugula - That's not a good experience, I hope it hasn't put you off. It's finding the cause of the problems that is sometimes frustrating, look at your diet/hydration in the days leading up to the Marathon, maybe a bug etc.

Cracking 10 mile time SK

Iain - Probably still recovering from Chester & not specifically trained for a 10k. I'm not keen on the faster shorter stuff either but something I want to improve on, just feels like I'm hanging on for the entire race & lungs & legs hurting!

Hope the foot rights itself Shades, good move on withdrawing I think, good luck with Dublin.

Abingdon is on my list as well, mainly as it's a local one for me (well not now but I grew up in Oxford and know Abingdon well), you haven't inspired me to do it though

Had a nice 7 miler along the River Dee on Friday & then had a very lazy weekend, did plan a couple of little runs but they never happened. I'll head out tonight for 4-6 & a few tomorrow (looks a bit windy tomorrow!)

Snowdon on Saturday which I feel massively under prepared for so no time pressures which is good although I'll be upset if I don't beat last years time, 4:56.

Today at 13:46

Shades/KK/Iain- talking about the shorter stuff I genuinely think I'd get as much satisfaction of going under 20mins for a 5K (for example) as I would getting a marathon PB.  For me, when a 5K or 10K goes well I find it really enjoyable (does this make me odd?)!  

I think it's because you're on the edge of your ability so have to be very realistic of what your ability is.  A few seconds a mile too slow and then you know you haven't got the time you're capable of, but a few seconds a mile too quick and you can detonate making it a very horrible experience indeed!  For some reason I quite like that about a 5K in particular....!!  However, I know even if it all does go horribly wrong I know I can finish a 5K whereas for me there is that element of doubt going into a marathon which adds to the stress.

If/when this injury clears up properly, I have been thinking about trying to do some 5K specific training, but I don't real know what that entails at the moment.  Please don't banish me from this thread!!!  ;)

Edited: 20/10/2014 at 13:47
Today at 15:22

Big G, I'm with you on the sub 20 5k, it's definitely high up on my wish list! My 10 mile time in McMillan gives a 20:07 5k, but that feels a long way off what I could manage right now. It's weird how people differ - a club mate who easily bashes out sub 20 5ks was 3 mins behind me in my 10 mile race and another club mate who always beats me in our timed miles was almost 10 mins behind. And yet I've run a lot more timed miles and 5ks versus 10 mile races but for some reason just can't find the speed! Can I blame being a girl?!

Today at 17:47

Just got home, stomach hurts again, I think I may have had a bug which would have gone almost unnoticed in normal circumstances but I also need to look at my fuelling prior to and during the race to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Any advice greatly accepted.

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Today at 17:58

SK, funnily enough my 5K, 5M, 10K and Half times were more or less in line with Mcmillan.  My marathon time is pretty weak though 

My 5K time is 20:36.  I'd love to get that time to below 20:00 but we all know that knocking 37 seconds off a 5K takes a bit of effort.  37 secs off of 3.1 miles sound easy, doesn't it?!

Today at 18:16

Big G, my parkrun PB is the same as yours (20:35) so any training tips appreciated!

Today at 21:36

Shades - I've pinged you an email!

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