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Yesterday at 15:22

Hi Shadies - just catching up on all your news from the last week.

Shades - 300+ marathons.  Wow   That's super impressive (and hugely dedicated). At my current frequency, I'd need to live to be 600 years old to achieve that...

Loved the report Mowzer. It's great reading stuff like that.  Thanks.

Had a half-term family day out in Brighton yesterday. It's a lovely place.  Would be keen to snag one of the new batch of places in next year's race when they become available.   Anyone else doing it already ?

Yesterday at 16:06

mowzer - it's not a cheap sport when you factor in all the race fees, petrol and hotel bills

I saw Martin B on Monday he's on 700+ now and he doesn't drive so his trips must take some planning.

But we're not that mad, there was a guy at Dublin that has just finished running round the world 50,000km, I have met him before and I passed him during the race, he looked very thin and tired.

SD - if you live to 600 years that will make you far more famous than any marathon runner.

Khanivore might be doing Brighton, he's done it before, not sure if he's entered next year. 


Yesterday at 16:45

Shades - I've heard of that guy - very impressive. Did you get the chance to meet Rob Young (marathon man uk) -  A very humble guy and a lovely runner.

SHADES wrote (see)

Emmy - I forgot to ask the guy how many miles I'd get out of that shoe, I'll email him as I have his card. 

Shoes don't cause PF, unless they're the wrong sort for your foot type, which could be any shoe not giving the right support.   I'm finding it very hard to find any shoe manufacturer to class their shoes as high mileage, I have seen some Mizuno's as high mileage though.

I think that's what it was. I've heard a few people saying that they're having to replace their hoka's after 3-400 miles. That's just too short in my opinion. I can get easily 6-700 out of my brooks.

mowzer wrote (see)

Keith - congrats on your 50th and good luck for tomorrow

Emmy - I've never done Beachy although I did enter it once (against my better judgement). It was the year I'd fallen off the stile and my back was still bad. I decided to go anyway and try to walk a bit of it. However I got lost on the way there (didn't have a sat-nav then and couldn't see my AA instructions in the dark), then gone completely lost in Eastbourne. Couldn't find the start, which had been and gone about an hour before, so just had an enjoyable, gentle - and flat - run along the coast in the opposite direction. I think it was a lucky escape as I'm sure I would be the one to get blown off the cliff .

Shades - I'm hoping (and praying) to avoid my annual, enforced, injury related holiday this winter, but there aren't that many marathons around then anyway. I have just one for January and two for February. My bank balance tells me that I need to cut down, especially as I seem to be booking more and more overnight stays, but there are so many I want to do - many of them now 'favourites'.

Don't think I want to try Hokas - I'd have to lift my feet up even more

Hokas' remind me a little of clown shoes but they do look very comfy! Will you be at Thames Meander/Stevenage this weekend?

I know what you mean about directions. The organisers dont make it easy on you as they dont give you the postcode. I ended up heading for eastbourne and following running looking types... it could all of gone terribly wrong!

Yesterday at 21:39

Emmy - I think it's safe to say you suffered more than I did Sunday - congrats on another (tough) double. There's just no stopping you

Shades - You really love your Irish races! Great to hear you enjoyed your weekend and well done on seeing your race through in spite of the pain from your foot. How's it feeling now?

Mowzer - A cracker of a race from you and I really enjoyed reading your report too.

Nothing really exciting to report here. Did my first ever two runs in one day yesterday. Usual morning run then another one later on only because I had to see someone and my car has broken down so didn't really have much choice!

Today at 06:43

Emmy - No haven't met him, does he always wear a kilt?

I just googled the mileage for Hokas and it's just as variable as other shoes, one guy say's he's done 1100 miles in a pair, others are talking about 700 miles.   But I'm not so concerned about the mileage I want the cushioning effect.   I'm not a 'heavy' runner on my shoes but the cushioning is gone in my Brooks by 450 miles.

mamafox - my foot is Ok, just a few aches now and then, but I can't run now as I have a stinking cold

Well done on your first double yesterday

Today at 07:32
Shades-I had a few pairs of adrenalines and really liked them but the last pair, the 14's seemed harder and less cushioned so I switched to nike structure triax which have a softer feel. Have you found this change in the brooks?
The nikes don't last any longer though!
Today at 07:37

Mamafox - It took a lot of stubborness to get out this week for runs with Boyska!

Shades - Yep... always wears a kilt but there are shorts underneath (i've checked )

Jugula - I noticed the same thing in my pair of 14's. I thought it could just be the breaking in but they're definitely a harder shoe.

Today at 08:20

Jugula/Emmy - My newer GTS's which are 14's, I've only run 5 miles in them.   My last 2 races I've run in the GTS ASR's but I think they're a 2013 model, not sure.   They don't feel hard though.

Jugula - that's probably the only Nike shoe I could wear as their other models don't suit me, most are too narrow and the last is the wrong shape.

I've just emailed the Hoka rep to ask about mileage and to remind me which model is suitable for me, as I've forgotten what he told me.

Emmy - don't like men wearing kilts

Today at 08:49

Shades - please let me know what model he recommends... i'd be interested to see what he responds about mileage.

Today at 09:52
Morning folks...
Another wet and miserable day in Scotland but hey ho...still not run yet as what started out as not feeling too great has migrated to my chest and throat so I've got my sexy husky voice on.. Going to rest and hope to run soon..

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