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Yesterday at 11:45

KK, well done on the PB.  When I got my PB earlier this year (on a flat course in perfect conditions) the splits were 6:33, 6:48, 6:40 with an average of 6:39, so you can see that my first mile was the quickest as well, although I did finish at 6:01 pace for the 0.1 so I suppose that means that I finished strong and hadn't totally detonated.  When I read my splits back afterwards I was disappointed with that 2nd mile, which I did find very tough!  Usually when that happens, I end up getting slower in the 3rd mile but I remember I was in a group of other runners and I managed to hold on to them in the third mile and finished quite strong.

I remember really trying to not let the first mile be the quickest, as my previous attempt had been like it as well.  It's hard though, and I suppose pacing correctly comes with practice.  On previous attempts I had gone out waaay too fast and ended up with a poor time, but then other attempts I held back a bit in the first mile but then felt I hadn't got the time I was capable of.  It's a juggling act isn't it?  I think that's why I like the distance so much actually.  I think I've said before, but I'm obviously never in any danger of not being able to complete the 5K distance (unlike in a marathon, where I always have that doubt that I may not complete the race) but the results can vary massively depending on how I run it!

Sorry, I pressed "send" too early.  Regarding warming up, my best results have come at a 5K when I've done a decent warmup similar to what you've done.  I.E., a mile or two of easy running, with some sprints and plenty of high knees, bum flicks etc.  When I've just turned up and ran a 5K with no warm up (usually because I'm running late) the results aren't as good.  I like to get to the start line with a bit of a sweat but breathing normally if that makes sense.  Even that can be hard to gauge I find, but that's what I try and do.

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Yesterday at 12:08

In other news, I have discovered that I am now called a WAYWOK.  Sounds like something out of Star Wars, doesn't it; Widowed and Young Without Kids.  Marvellous!

I have come across this Widowed and Young group though and I think it's going to be helpful to me.  They meet at a pub regularly and the people there are all in a similar position to myself, so I think they "get it" a bit.  My friends and family have all been great, but of course they don't understand what I'm going though.  This isn't a criticism, but they don't understand; how could they?

I'm usually okay with words I think but I am struggling to get my thoughts across to people.  I say things like "I'm missing her terribly", "she was my soulmate" or "on occasion, I just feel very lonely".  These words are just words though, and they don't convey what I'm trying to say.  I think if I'm with people who have been through it, they may know what I'm going on about even if I can't actually find the words.

I have had what I think is atrocious service from various people, even government people.  I got the results of the postmortem which meant that I could then register the death.  I was asked to ring and make an appointment, which I did.  I had built myself up to do it and I was sitting at the desk holding back tears when the registrar said that she couldn't do anything as she hadn't received the paperwork from the corner's office.  So a) why on earth did they book an appointment if they knew they didn't have the paperwork?  b) why hadn't they got the paperwork when I was told they would have?  c) why hadn't the person whose job it is to send the paperwork to the registrar done their job?

It's all incredibly frustrating and I am not going to swear on here but I was very angry/upset; not with the lady in front of me as it wasn't her fault, but just with the whole situation.  They booked another appointment for me two days later and it was all sorted then.

I did get a letter from the coroner's office saying he was very apologetic and that it shouldn't have happened.  It was nice he took the time to write to me apologising, but people basically aren't doing their jobs and it's driving me mad.  When I think of Claire who was so diligent in her work, it's making my blood boil that the people dealing with her are so incompetent.  I know to them it's just a job, but we're dealing with someone who has died!

Anyway, rant over.

Yesterday at 14:38

King Kenny, well done on smashing your pr target, I'm sure you'll easily go sub 22:30 soon. My parkrun splits always have mile 2 as the slowest one. Miles 1 and 3 are usually quite consistent and then the extra 0.1 is usually the fastest bit. I find that I always slow a bit in mile 2 however fast or slow I start.

Congrats too to Clag for first lady, sounds like a tough course with the wind.

Khani - 26 miles in training, that's just mad! What did you eat/drink? I had a few jelly babies in my pocket today but I really struggled to pick them up as my index finger had gone numb!

Big G, that widowed and young group sound like a great source of support for you. It must be of some comfort to talk with others who have gone through the same thing. Grrrr to your difficulties registering the death, you would have thought that these people would have been better trained and more sensitive.

16 very wet miles for me this morning at a comfortable 8:30 pace. I did feel like I could have carried on, which is a bit different to how I usually feel at the end of a long run.

Yesterday at 16:07

Shades - That plan has race day at the end of it so the training is for 20 weeks and the has a lot of hill sessions in it and the speed work is in the final 10 weeks. I might start to follow it once my next 10k is out of the way and ill see how i get on. I did wear my HRM for my last 10k and i got to a max rate of 183 bpm but averaged at 176. ill look into various different training options.

SK - glad the slower paced run went welL despite the "lovely summer weather" lol. 

Big_G - It astounds me how some professions are able to be so incompetent specially when dealing with very sensitive matters. You would think that the years of training would help them understand that its peoples emotions that are being effected.   

Yesterday at 18:04

I did my club's handicap race today and really, really enjoyed it.  I've never done a handicap race before, but basically people submit their times for a 5K or 10K and then the organiser works out what their handicap is, with the slowest runners starting first and the fastest runner starting last.  In theory it should mean everyone crosses the finish line at the same time, or at least within just a few minutes of each other.

Anyway, I surprised myself.  It was 3.8 miles on an out-and-back route (this was good because you could see the slower runners running towards you, but when I turned I could see who was chasing me down).  The route was uphill on the way out so downhill on the way back, but it is runnable.  My splits were 7:14, 7:34, 6:33 with the 0.8 at 6:38 pace, for an overall time of 25:58.  I'm really pleased with that and I felt pretty good as well, so something to work on.

Then it was to a pub for Secret Santa (I got a bottle of wine, which suits me just fine!) and I had a carvery as well so no cooking for me tonight, although I am making a bread and butter pudding at the moment

Yesterday at 18:11

Big G - that group sounds just the ticket. Just being in the same room as those people will be comforting I imagine. Just knowing that there are others who have been through the same thing will give you tremendous peace of mind in terms of knowing that there are people who know how you feel. Keep at it bro... 

Fastkoala - Training will go up to 30 miles. Remember, I am going much slower than you. I bet your 22 mile training run is harder than my 26-30 mile training runs! I took a gel at 1hr, an s-cap at 1:30, I had half a shot block at 2 hrs, and I had half a peanut better and jam sandwich at 3 hrs. I was going to have another s-cap at this point but i didn't think i was sweating enough to make it necessary. The food wasn't enough. I could feel myself starting to go at 4hrs so i took a gel. However, I know from experience that if I get bad enough to feel that way it's not going to be good after I get home. Sure enough, after I got home I felt sick. I really MUST start to eat more regularly. I will do more sandwiches on the next one. I need to get used to moving with big food in my gut. Apparently the fruit cake at the checkpoints of the Thames Trot are very nice

I've started using Gu gels because that is what they will provide at the checkpoints too. It's much much thicker than the high 5 stuff i'm used to but it's quite tasty. Especially the espresso one! Salted caramel isn't bad either.

Oh and if anyone has issues with blisters between their toes, I can recommend Injinji socks. I've started wearing them - very nice. 

Also, I did my entire 26 mile run/walk in my OMM waterproof jacket. It was so comfy and didn't get in the way or make me feel like i was being boiled in a bag and sweaty. Brilliant purchase.


Yesterday at 23:54

I spent 8 hr 50 min running this week. I really hope I'm training correctly. I'd be gutted to be spending all this time running to see little or no improvement in speed.

Need to sort the diet out. Am gaining weight while running 50+ miles per week Impressive huh? 

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