Shades Marathon Training

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Today at 07:18

Big G - please could you email me the spreadsheet of the P & D plan too?

Iain - you can do both of those half marathons, they are 2 weeks apart.


Cold this morning, hate the cold weather, I need to win the lottery so I can go warm weather training for the winter months

Today at 07:30

Morning all, A wet mild one here. Absolutely pitch black when I went too... quite a tough run out there!

Today at 08:17

Emmy - same here, dark when I went out and just as dark when I got home. 

Today at 08:20

Mama I don't have a time goal for the ultra. I just want to get it done before the cut off lol.

I think I might do my first ever parkrun this weekend. I really need to find out what my 5km pace is so I can judge what some of my other training paces should be (for intervals for example). 

Today at 08:26

Morning all,

You'll love parkrun, Khani. I've not been for a couple of weeks but am down to do the teas at my club's Saturday session.

Cold here too but at least I have a couple of days off work now. Was thinking I might start Xmas shopping. 

Today at 08:56


Cold and dark for the whole of my run - very pleased to do 4.27 miles this morning and enjoying it a lot.  Trying to slow done but very difficult to do.

Today at 12:04

Hi Shades, I've just sent it over to you.

I got 8-miles in at a steady pace yesterday.  I was going to go along to the club session in the evening, but a friend invited me out to see them in Exeter in the evening so I ran earlier in the day.

I've got this track session tomorrow morning.  Apparently it's going to be a "pyramid session", but I'm not 100% sure what that means at the moment.  I guess it will be something like 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 600m, 800m with recoveries, and then back down again, but I suppose I'll find out tomorrow.  I'm kind of looking forward to it  

Regarding Claire, it's really strange things that seem to tip me over the edge.  Today, Claire’s car is now officially my car after I transferred it to my name, and the log book has been returned showing me as the "registered keeper".  Practically/financially it totally makes sense as her car is a nicer car than mine and I obviously don’t need two cars, so I'll be selling mine.  But, I still see it as her car.  I have made the right decision in keeping it, but every time I drive it (or even when I see a similar car on the road) I think of Claire, but it is currently bringing me sadness and not happiness.  I'm sure that will change in time though.

Today at 13:11

Khanivore - and if it's your first 5k race you are guaranteed a PB

SK - oh no, the dreaded shopping

WD60 - do you get a few days off over Xmas so you'll be able to get some running done in the daylight?

Big G - thank you for the spreadsheet, will enjoy looking at that later today.

Cars do remind you of people, I'm sure Claire would have wanted you to use and look after her car.

I think you can start planning your 2015 race calendar now.   You'll enjoy the track session.

Today at 13:27

Regarding P&D, what are people's thoughts on the "Recovery" pace?  I've always thought this seems very slow compared even to the long run pace..

Shades, yes I have been having a look around for races next year, maybe to include a marathon in the Spring.  I'll see about that.  I think it was too much racing that contributed to my achilles issue so I'll need to be careful as well, but I do need to start looking ahead at races and thinking about slowly building the mileage up as well.

I yesterday registered for Stoke Stampede which is a 10K held between Xmas and New Year.  I did it last year and loved it.  I'm in the "First Chance 10K" in mid-January, which sold out quickly so I got my entry in straight away.  I've got nothing else booked, but I have thrown my name in the hat for one of the club's London Marathon places.

Today at 14:44
Hi Shades
You kindly emailed me your plans a while ago which I used for London last year.
I'm in for Paris next year and wondered if I send you some recent race times, please could you help me out with training paces? Thank you
Today at 15:32

Not too sure if I can reproof my jacket as it's supposed to be the actual fabric that's waterproof. Will try to find the manufacturers website. I only bought it last winter - and had hardly any wear out of it then due to injury. It seems to keep me dry in very light rain or showers. I've worn it twice in heavy/persistent rain - once in May in a prolonged very heavy downpour and last Sunday - both times I ended up soaked to the skin and also could feel the wind through the sleeves. I saw on Wiggle that someone had complained that the pockets are definitely not waterproof. I might try  spraying water on the jacket (without me in it) and seeing if it really goes through.

Scary moment on Monday evening as I was driving to work along a very dark country road in heavy rain. Stopped in a queue of traffic at the bend just before the railway level crossing and noticed that when the cars came through in the opposite direction they were steaming/smoking. Then we moved off and straight away we were in rather deep water. Couldn't turn around as there were cars behind and anyway couldn't really see what was ahead. Water got a bit deeper and there was an abandoned car half on the narrow verge which we had to drive round. At that point the water was rushing across the road and cascading down into a ditch and then into fields on the other side . Thankfully I managed to drive slowly on without stalling, but with youngest daughter's words from the weekend ringing in my ears : 'When your stuck in a river or flood you have to wait until the car fills right up before you can open the door' .

This morning we had fine, sunny weather. A friend and I went for a 45min slow run around the grounds of Forty Hall (no jackets needed). Then we had coffee - and in my case, cake, and looked around the gift shop. Then we got a guide leaflet and spent another half hour meandering around the 'hall' which was a 17th century country mansion/estate recently restored with Lottery money. Civilised or what?   

Today at 16:12

As ready as I can be for my double attempt at the weekend. Core training has been going well but not got in as many long terms as I would like liked.

Thanks for the advice Shades and Emmy. Will be running even slower than usual but hoping not to have to walk. 

See you on the other side 

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