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26/02/2015 at 11:09
Thanks Shades, I may try that for GNR. I'm always realistic when putting expected times down on forms for the pens but it seems that a lot of people put a faster time. Perhaps this is the way to go as you can always move back pens but not forwards.

Big G - that's really sad re Suzy. I would have thought she'd be desperate to keep connected given you have so many memories of Claire and given how special you were to both her sisters. Is you being weird with Steph's BF too? I agree with MF, can't see how it should affect your relationship with your in-laws.

Mamafox - sorry to hear about another fall but glad you are OK! Too late for champs start this year - shame, I would have loved a selfie with Paula
26/02/2015 at 16:08
Mamafox, take care on your muddy trails - good job it was a soft landing and just the dogs that saw you!
Mowzer, loved your race report, and how fab to be in same event as Steve Way, he's such a talent.
SK I did Worcester 10k last year with 'Paula' - got several photos OF her, but sadly not WITH her!
Big g, hope you dad is recovering well, that's quite a major op to go thru, but should give a great improvement.

Thank you all for your confidence boosting suggestion that it's best to take the risk and go flat out for sub2 - do you realise how old my legs are??!!
Shades I've put my 5m time into various race predictors - (looking for the best one!) sadly I can only come up with 2:03, so bit of a gamble. Am also keeping an eye on the increasing wind speed...currently on 26!
26/02/2015 at 17:26

SK yes contact GNR they should move you and like you say if for any reason you want to move back you can

my next race is the Yorkshire half formally the Sheffield half on the 12 April.  It is going to be very hard and very slow.  My traing pace is back at 9-9.30 min miles lost so much fitness, but serves me right for being lazy

Yesterday at 07:17

Big  G - Glad your Dad's op went OK, hope he's recovering well now.

I find AGM's quite intense, all those folk crammed into a small room, easy to feel emotional in that situation.

What a shame about Suzy, maybe it's her way of dealing with her grief by shutting you out, but that's her loss by not sharing with you.

mamafox - LOL at the dogs laughing while you fall flat on your face in the mud!

SK - most runners are optimistic about their finishing time (including me), especially when sitting at the computer 6 months before the event, some runners are totally unrealistic though.

anniesophie - at least the race predictor won't leave you disappointed if you don't break sub 2, but you have been doing a lot of endurance work so you never know, hope that wind drops though

S3200H - you'll soon get your fitness back, you did need some time off anyway after having your eye treatment.

Cold and a little frost this morning, but the wind has dropped and roads nice and dry. 

Yesterday at 13:12

No running for me this weekend as Just about to set of to freezer camp with 80 Scouts.  Should be fun  

have a good weekend everyone.  

Yesterday at 13:13

MiL and FiL are still fine with me, so that's a good thing.  They've both said they want to stay out of mine and Suzy's situation, which is fine with me.

I met a friend from WAY for tea and cake earlier, and I'm off down to Plymouth shortly as a few of us are seeing a band called Royal Blood tonight.  They won an award at The Brits this week, and are "rocky", which I like.  Loud guitar and drums - can't say fairer than that  I like them a lot but I expect my friends and I will raise the average age of the audience somewhat 

Yesterday at 19:51

Big G - hope your dad makes a speedy recovery. Enjoy your night in Plymouth

mamafox - at least you had a soft landing . Just remember to tuck your arms in.

I attended a course on blind runners a little while ago at our club. The thing that struck me the most was that if you are the guide you need to be much faster than the person you are assisting - not so you can drag them along, but you need to be able to talk almost non-stop and still be well within your comfort zone.

I did the Marathon Day Marathon yesterday (26/2). Almost had a disaster as when I arrived at my b&b it was closed due to a bereavement. Thankfully late rooms managed to find me alternative accommodation. The race was 5 out and backs along the seafront at Walmer and Deal. I enjoyed it much more than Dymchurch as there was plenty to see along the sea front, from dog walkers to workers resurfacing the beach road, from many different styles and colours of houses to a fisherman selling his freshly caught fish, plus of course familiar faces to encourage/congratulate on every lap. There was a VERY strong headwind on the back bit each lap and although it started drizzling a little the heavy rain held off until I was safely back in my car. Stopped on laps 2,3 and 4 to nibble fudge at the water station (mocha or white choc & cranberries? why not have both), a quick loo stop on lap 2 and a longer (6mins) one on lap 4 (thank goodness for public loos) -TMI. Finished in 4:23 so well pleased with that .

Today at 06:32

S3200H - hope the weekend with 80 scouts goes well, I bet that's exhausting (but rewarding)

Big G - hope you enjoyed the band.  

mowzer - another good marathon time, it seems your 3 weeks off and all the training with the dog has improved your fitness, although you were race fit already. 

Bit of a panic re the closed B & B, even with a bereavement they should have let you know.

I didn't know there was such a thing as a course on guiding blind runners.   I took PW round Dartmoor Vale marathon one year, had a sore arm for 3 weeks after as I had to drag him up the big hill (that we run twice) and he is a faster runner than me (but lazy). 


I'm planning to go and do Budapest marathon this year in October but so far not had much luck with finding suitable flights etc.  But by chance I spotted in our local paper an organised holiday flying from Bristol and spending 2 days in Prague, 2 days in Budapest, 2 days in Vienna, back to Prague to fly home, amazingly the 2 days in Budapest are the day before and the day of the marathon so I'm going to spend some time on the internet today checking it out

Today at 07:31
Hope you enjoyed Royal Blood, Big G. My older kids like them but must admit I hadn't heard of them till I saw them perform at the Brits.

I had a nice 4 mile run last night to where we go swimming with my 13 yo and his friend. They started off a bit speedier than I would have liked but then slowed down a bit. Going to my club session this morning as not been in a while.

That local paper holiday deal sounds ideal Shades. Would you do the whole holiday then, going on to Vienna and Prague?

We have a couple of blind runners at our club but I've never guided them for anything. When I gave out the tokens at the end of a race once I wasn't sure of the protocol re giving just one to blind runner+guide or whether they should get one each. I'm still not sure as the blind runner seemed to disagree with the race organisers on this.

S32 - enjoy your weekend! Sounds very exhausting. Are you under canvas?

Another great marathon, Mowzer. Do you never suffer from DOMS? I've only just recovered from my half?!
Today at 10:22

Hi all, yes the band was very good and we had a great night.  I feel I've abused myself though - I had a McDonald's on the way home.  I haven't had one for probably 10+ years, and I won't be rushing back!  I got a text from my mate this morning saying that his mouth feels like he has been chewing on one of Gandi's old sandals.  It's an accurate description, but I can't see Maccy D's using it to replace their "I'm lovin' it" advertising slogan  

Edited: 28/02/2015 at 10:23

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