Shades Marathon Training

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Yesterday at 07:21

SK - you could try just a piece of tubigrip, even a bit of light support can help especially when you're not running so maybe not wearing such supportive shoes.   Double up the thickness of the tubigrip gives a stronger support.  I use a stretch self sticking type bandage, I get mine in the pound shop!

Anniesophie - maybe time to find another Spring half marathon.  I'm doing Hogweed Hilly Half at the end of the month but not a PB course more like a max HR test, great race though.

Big G - LOL at the eggs, bet the dog can't wait to visit you again!

Jugula - LOL at the lurcher and the curry!

You must have felt awful doing that long run, I'm not going to tell you off as I think you've suffered enough.   But next time you're ill, rest.   But you'll bounce back and you will soon be feeling fine again.

Getting brighter every morning by about 5 mins, I love Spring, just need it to warm up a bit.  After months of my foot getting better and barely a twinge since Christmas, it's a bit achey this morning.


Yesterday at 12:24

Keith - well done on your Grizzly . Didn't you opt for the hose-down at the end?

annie-sophie - well done on completing your half , even though you weren't enjoying it . Your time was still very respectful so you shouldn't feel too bad about it.. 

S32 - camping out in this weather???

slowkoala - I don't usually get DOMS (cross fingers). I like a hot shower as soon as possible afterwards, then an hours nap with feet raised on cushions. I also sleep that night with feet raised. But I don't go anywhere near your speed and I think that might have something to do with it. That's not to say that I don't feed tired

I did have sore calves after Mill Hill marathon on Sunday - but it wasn't the muscles, it was my skin!! There was SOOOO much mud it plastered my legs from toes to knees, dried out and got wet again each time we went round the 5 loops  I stupidly picked off the larger dried lumps at the end - and suffered for it afterwards in the shower . That must rank as one of the muddiest (if not THE muddiest) runs I've ever done. Lots of thick, slippery, gloopy (and sometimes smelly - there were farms around) mud which was quite deep in places. It was sometimes less risky to 'run' through the dirty stream cascading down the middle of the track.  And at one point a very large completely water-logged field! I know how the winning guys go so fast - they lapped me a couple of times - they just 'float' over the ground and their feet barely touch the mud. Hmmm - that doesn't exactly explain how they get mud splattered all up their backs while lesser mortals manage to keep that bit relatively mud free . Anyway there were also some parts on drier paths and a bit of road work where we could at least make an effort to go a bit faster. I managed to take a wrong turning once ( my own fault - my eyes were so fixed on the ground just ahead that I missed the tape tied to the bushes ). That was on the 2nd lap and I also kept thinking 'I don't recall this bit'. Had to back track so added about another 10 - 15 mins. Lots of the usual suspects, well stocked water stations (2 per lap), really good weather , lovely RD and her wonderful family - so I guess I actually enjoyed it . Turned the 2nd to last corner near the end and saw 5:57 on my watch, so I did a sprint finish (helped as it was slightly downhill, but hindered by a family spread all over the pavement - I had to hop out into the road and back again)and my watch time was 5:59:55, so hope it was under 6hrs!

Yesterday at 13:06

mowzer - you don't half find some challenging events, that sounds like a really tough one, especially with the mud burn

Yesterday at 19:29

That one sounds fun too though Shades/Mowzer Nothing wrong with some mud in a race.

Oddly my legs are aching far worse than after the quad..... I dont recall them hurting this much after last years grizzly...

Whiteout blizzard conditions going past Tebay on the way home yesterday which was er pretty interesting driving.

Today at 07:10

Keith - I expect it's the hills that do the damage to your legs.

Hopefully that may be the last of the winter weather, cold here this morning and a bit of black ice too.

My foot is sore again today

Today at 08:06

Ah yes my left foot has been aching a little too from early on in the grizzly. Assuming it was a stand on stone causation for now rather than anything else.

Today at 11:34
Shades - thanks for the tubigrip tip, we have a 97p shop here so I'll try there!

Where does the foot hurt, Shades? Have you got a tennis ball you can roll it on or do you think it needs rest? Hope it gets better soon and the same to Keith's.

Mowzer, I swear I get DOMS just reading your race reports, your level of fitness must be incredible!

12 miles this morning in lovely sunshine. Wore my adidas boosts and my tendon seemed OK although there is still a small lump there. Going to pnysio in a bit to get it checked out. I spotted on the P&D plan that I have 18 with 14 at MP next week. So I think for Finchely I will do this session, so 20 with 14 at MP. Hopefully MP will feel easier in a race. Does this sound OK?

Did anyone watch the ITV4 documentary on Paula Radcliffe last night? Definitely worth a watch, I think you can catch it on the ITV player.
Today at 13:07

Keith - hopefully your foot is just bruising.

SK - 97p shop!  We only have pound shops here.

My foot pain is just a reoccurrence of last year, it's a chronic problem and just has to be managed, pain is in joint below big toe.

That's a good idea about Finchley, you should find MP a lot easier in a race. 

I've recorded the programme about Paula, just happened to spot it and set the recorder.

Today at 13:36

Hi all,

I apologise for the lack of contact - they've blocked the forum at work

Mowser - The race on sunday sounded fab! I heard that Anna did a great job for her event!

SK - a 97p shop sounds good... what can you find in there?

Shades - how are you getting on?

Today at 15:04
Shades - the recession has obviously hit us harder in the South East, a pound is just too much! Emmy (hello!) - you can get everything from the 97p shop including sets of birthday candles that open up and play tunes.

Best physio visit ever - they only charged 21 quid (for initial assessment) and she said I have a build up of tissue on my tibialis anterior which is a dorsiflexor of the ankle. Probably caused by lacing too tight. Good news is that I can keep running but should avoid long walks (as the tendon is used more in walking). She massaged it quite hard and used the laser thing. I have exercises to do and should massage it daily (ideally until it's numb).

Hope you are able to manage your foot issue, Shades. I find it hard to massage myself if it hurts as the natural reaction is to stop when you feel pain.

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