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Yesterday at 18:44

Big G - I hope the hospital are being helpful and there is someone (maybe your GP?) who can answer any questions you might have regarding the reports. It must be very upsetting going through it all though (())

Emmy - Hope your "fun"(!) double is going well.

SK - I would not be able to sell on HCBs.. would eat the lot. Personally I would go easy on yourself for this taper - would be a nightmare to pick up an injury now. What did you decide to go for with shoes in the end? Hope mini koala recovers soon - aren't you supposed to eat loads of ice cream for tonsillitus?

KK - French? lol!!! Born in Neath and brought up in sunny Porthcawl me! That is a fantastic goal for your stepdaughter - she is so young too.. brilliant.

Iain - I can't believe you're finally running slowly

Shades - I hope your race goes well tomorrow. I remember reading your report on it last year and how much you enjoyed it. I guess with all those hills you won't be running to HR though?! Enjoy the cake after

I've had a pretty good week running. Things seem to be coming together a bit. I was actually 2min faster on my 10k hills run this week which gave me a bit of a confidence boost. I was going to do it again next week but I think I'll give it a miss now and quit while I'm ahead. Just know I'll have a pants run and be wracked with insecurity again..

Other news is that another dog has ended up on our doorstep! A puppy Springer Spaniel about 2 mths old was found in front of our drive. OH reckons word has got out on the dog grapevine that I am a soft touch.. Anyway, the shelter man came up and the puppy had to be wrenched from my arms by my daughter who told me we have far too many animals as it is. She is right but he was dead cute. (The puppy not the shelter man) I have had a quiet word and we can have first refusal on the dog for 10 days... you interested SK?!


Today at 11:10

Hi everyone

((Big G)) thinking of you.....that meeting sounded so tough, hope you've got some good friends around for support.

Shades/Emmy, hope you don't get blown away away today, it's wild out there!

Iain, great that you're out running again, it must be quite a challenge for you to run slow!

Keith hope you're feeling better

SK agree with mf....take care!

I've been struggling with groin ache all this week, so haven't run, in fact Thurs could barely walk as pain radiated right across the front - made the eyes water a bit

 It has eased, and have been doing little walks. Managed to get to see a physio yesterday and she reckons its tight adductors at top end, so actually feel relieved that it's not more serious, as my head was conjuring up all sorts of scenarios - was thinking GP (female!) visit might be needed. However, it's exercises, ice, ibuprofen, roller, etc, so that's much better. Went for little 'jogette' this morning, and apart from the 'running through treacle' feeling, managed 3m without any aches at all.


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68,541 to 68,542 of 68,542 messages
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